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I woke up late one morning got up and opened the curtains to see my sister and her two friends sunbathing topless by the pool. My sister is short 5’3″ large breasts 38d slim waist that nobody ever see’s because she wears frumpy jumpers. Her friends body’s looked amazing they were lying down but the tits barely fell side ways the blonde one named claire was about a 34b and the brunette was a 36c called cheryl. They were all 19 and had just started there holidays from college.

I already had a hardon, the one i woke with but it seamed to grow just looking at these incredible bodys im 21 and just finished with my girlfriend because im to highly sexed im not overly muscley but have six pack and an 8in cock which looks bigger because ive got a skinny waist. I have to masterbate 4 times a day just to feel as though ive dented my sex drive for the day.

I have started wanking at the window looking at these body’s when cheryl got up saying to the others do you want a drink no was the answer but she went and got one for herself. I was getting to the good bit when there was a creak behind me i knew it was my door opening. I had nowhere to hide and i sleep naked and couldn’t cover myself.

I look over my shoulder and see cherly, she’s covered her tits with a towel she says sorry i thought i heard somthing your sister said you were out i turn around and say thats ok she stares at my cock as i goto my drawer to get some underwear i put it on but she is still staring i ask is there something wrong she says ive never seen one that big before. I jokingly ask if she wants to touch it she comes in and shuts the door.

She comes towards me i said i was only joking and she said im not cups my balls through my boxer shorts with one hand and strokes my cock with the other i cant help but let out a moan she says do you like that, a groan is my only answer. The towel she was wearing was only held up by her arms and it falls to the floor i see her tits and reach for them i weigh them in my hands as i use my thumb to rub her nipples they react instantly and there big.

I bend my head and lick her nipples and run my tongue between her breasts it’s her turn to moan i lift my head and kiss her we kiss softly to start with then she tells me she has always fancied me and if she knew i had somthing this big she’d have asked me ages ago for a date.

She licks down my body to my boxers removes them then reaches up and runs her nails down my stomach the feeling is amazing on my tight stomach she licks around my shaft and balls before taking the head as deep as posible into her mouth she sucks a little then breathes hot air on my cock head and tongues my glands under the head of my cock her other hand is on my balls, the palm of her hand is massaging my balls while one of her fingers is rubbing my bum hole it feels great im about to blow my load when she stops.

She stands up and removes her bikini bottoms to reveal a shaved pussy with a little tuft at the top.

I grab her waist and move her over to the bed i lay her down and kissed down her body to her feet then i lick up to the joining of her legs, i lick all around her pussy and blow on it without touching it she is wriggling about then she grabs ny head and pushes it right into her pussy.

I stick my tongue right into her to taste her it’s like honey i take my time with her but can feel that she is racing to an orgasm she reaches over her head and takes the pillow and bites it hard and screams into it she almost throws me of with her bucking up at my face, she pulls me up her body and kisses me and licks my face to taste herself she pulls my cock into her and tells me to go slow as i m really big and she wants to build herself up again.

I go slow to start with then i build up the speed she lifts her legs so her ankles are against my ears, im going deep now she lifting her shoulders of the bed and arching her back she’s moaning dangerously loud for the others to hear now so i kiss her but my body going between her legs with them high causes me to go deeper then she starts cumming hard i kiss her hard to try and dull the sound but its making me really horny and i can’t help cum deep inside her this prolongs her orgasm and her pussy milks my cock, she rolls me over and with her ontop of me she tells me that claire and her are staying tonight and she is going to need more of my big cock. At this thought my cock starts to rise again inside her she can feel it and moans, i think im going to need that cock all summer she mumbles and gets of me, she bends and sucks my cock clean getting me really hard again turns wiggles her tight ass and walks out of the room back to her lounger by the pool. I can only dream and think how im going to satisfy them both without my sister knowing or my parents for that matter. Can’t wait……….i’ll let you know how it turns out.


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