Sunset In The Mountains

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Sunset, I walk to my window, the view that greets me is an orange pink light between the mountains in the distance. This time of day always does something to me, the fading light, the colors in the sky, the thoughts of him. I feel the wetness between my legs and my hand slides from my hip up to my breast. I begin to softly caress my hardening nipple, rolling it between my fingers, I let out a low moan. My other hand moves down across the lower part of my belly, intentionally avoiding my pussy, it travels down my thigh, squeezing and rubbing through my jeans. I think of him, his mouth on my neck, licking, sucking, biting gently. He moves to my mouth. I feel his lips on mine, his tongue slipping past my lips, I open them to him eagerly. I’m hungry for him. I want to taste him. I want him to feel the affect he has on me, my hand becomes his, it roams back up my thigh to my dripping wet pussy, it’s path blocked by my jeans. He tears at them wanting them off of me now. I step out of the goddamn pants, kicking them across the floor, wondering why I put them on in the first place! His hand finds my spot, his fingers find my button, he pushes it. Oh yes! My hand reaches for his hardness. I have no trouble getting his pants off. I can’t wait to touch him! We lay on my big soft pink fuzzy carpet, kissing and touching, desperate to know each others body. His hand finds me again, fingers inside me, thrusting, wiggling, trying to feel every inch of my soft pink flesh. I take his cock in my hand, slowly pumping the shaft, it’s so hard and soft at the same time. I fondle his balls. I want him! Suddenly he moves away from my hands, where the fuck is he going? I feel hot breath between my legs and I know, I close my eyes and smile. He parts my pussy lips as I bite my other one. I reach for him, his hair is soft, I run my fingers through it fighting the urge to shove his face into my aching pussy. I feel his tongue, flicking my little nub, it makes me jump then a finger slips into my pussy then another, scooping up my juice and pulling back out. I feel him rub my wetness on my asshole, a finger slips in that tight place and he replaces the other in my twat. Now he’s finger fucking both holes and licking and sucking my clit. I arch my back in an effort to get closer to his mouth and from the pleasure running through my body. He moves faster, sucks harder, he moans, I moan. OH GOD YES! I start to see the blue, black and pink sparkly colors that come just before I cum. I can feel it rising up my legs, my body trembles. OH! “Yes baby!” I hiss through clenched teeth. My body arches up, I grip his hair, my head thrashes from side to side. It’s there! I feel it! OHHHHHHHH! YESSSSS! GODDAMN YES!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!
As the waves of orgasm subside I wake from my fantasy. I turn to my side on my big soft pink fuzzy carpet and watch the sun finish setting.

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