Sunset Over The Ocean

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I’ve always wanted to see the ocean if only for one day but lucily I’m here for an entire weekend. I needed a vacation, my best friend knew it so being the dear she is, she bought me a trip to Cali. I’m set up for two days in a little beach front cottage. The flyer said “All cottages are fully stocked with everything you need for your stay. You’ll never have to go out for anything.” I smiled and wondered if there was a hot, oversexed stud waiting for me there too.

After I arrived and settled in I decided to take a walk along the beach. It was totally deserted and more breathtaking than I expected. I thought about all the movies I had seen with lovers rolling in the sand, kissing passionately. I felt a stab of lonliness at the thought of having no one to share this with. I walked for what seemed like hours and by the time I got back to the cottage it was almost dark and I was hungry. I took what was supposed to be a quick shower but there was a massaging shower head and the water pressure was excellent. I started letting the hot water beat the aches and pains of the flight away. I felt by body relaxing and started fantasizing about Him. It seemed no matter where I went I couldn’t get him out of my head.

I thought about all the times he and I crossed paths back home. The way our eyes would meet, locking us to one another for a brief moment that seemed like forever. We’ve never spoken, I know nothing about him just that he has been the subject of my fantasies since I first laid eyes on him.

The hot pulsating water became his strong talented hands, massaging my body. I brought the shower head to my breast letting the water thump my nipple. My free hand caressing my other breast, sliding down my body, over my belly, down my thigh. I layed down in the massive tub and closed my eyes then he was there. My hand became his hand, the water became his tongue, touching, licking, rubbing, caressing. I brought my knees up and spread my legs as his hand slid between them. Gently stroking my pussy with his finger, stopping every few seconds to lightly rub my clit. I felt his lips on mine, hot and moist, his tongue parting my lips seeking mine. I open my mouth to him, his finger presses on my clit and I feel the jolt throughout my body. He slips a finger in my pussy, hot, wet and throbbing. His mouth moves from my lips to my neck, kissing, licking and sucking the spot below my ear making me shiver. He moves down, planting light kisses along my chest, stopping for a moment to flick each nipple with his tongue then continuing down across my ribs and belly halting on my mound. I feel his hands under my ass, lifting me slightly before running his tongue along my wet slit. I hear myself gasp and moan. Gently he sucks and nibbles my clit, alternating between that and slipping his tongue in beside his finger which he wiggles inside me, hooking it to hit my spot. I grab his head and push his face into my pussy, he sucks my clit harder, fingers my pussy faster, I’m so close to cumming but I want to feel his cock inside me. I push him away from my throbbing cunt and pull his face to mine, kissing him and licking my juices from his mouth. I grab his face, look into his eyes and whisper “fuck me”. Without a word he plunges his rock hard cock deep inside me making me scream with pleasure and passion. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling myself closer to him, finding his rhythim and matching it. He is relentless, steady, in the groove, pounding my pussy. I hear our moans and grunts mingle with each other making a strange erotic music. I see the blue, black and pink sparkles that always preceed my orgasms, my back arches and I cry out…”Oh yes fuck me! YES BABY!! OOOHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSS!!!” I feel the waves rush over me, I feel him cum inside me, thrusting hard to go as deep as possible, grunting thru gritted teeth. I feel his body jerk and hear his sharp intake of breathe everytime my pussy spasms.

I open my eyes, my body trembles and I become aware once again of my surroundings. I finish my shower, dress and go to the front room of my little cottage. The sun is setting over the ocean, the sky full of the most amazing colors which reflect off the gently lapping water. I wonder what he’s doing right now and smile because deep down I know he’s wondering the same about me.

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  1. woodii

    That was so beautiful. I wish I could have been his hands

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