Surprise Part 1

I’m at a club with some friends. I’m a little drunk,
and am acting a little crazier than usual. It’s the
4th of July, so everyone is in a good mood. The club
is packed when you get there. You don’t realize it’s
me your looking for, but you know you are looking for
something, or someone.
There I am in the middle of the club, dancing with one
of my good girl friends. We are rubbing against each
other with the beat of the music. Her hair dark, my
light. Her skin dark, mine light. You recongize the
differences immediately. You stand on the sidelines
of the dance floor and watch as we start to kiss, just
to tease the group of people watching us. We get lost
in the music and I feel her hands start to roam up
under my shirt to cup one of my breasts in her hand.
I moan against her lips, but it’s lost in the loud
music. We break the kiss and continue dancing yet
You decide it’s time to make a move. You come over to
us, and smile at me. The other girl, not paying much
attention to you, continues to grind against me. You
lean down to my ear so that I can hear you and ask me
if I’d like a drink. I tell the dark headed girl I’ll
be back in a minute. I walk in front of you to the
bar where we find a place to order and chat for a few
minutes. It’s crazy to feel that I’m getting a little
bit moist between my legs, just watching the way your
eyes changed when you looked back to see her watching
us. It turned me on to think that it was a
possibility we would be leaving with you.
The bartender asks me what I’d like and I tell him
Vodka and Sprite. You order something as well and
start a tab. We start chatting about plans for the
4th, friends we were with, and the weather. I tell
you that I’m here with my friend and that’s it. The
other people that we were hanging out with had left a
few minutes before. You smile at that and I see your
eyes travel down my body, then back up.
I tell you that I think you are a very good looking
guy and we exchange names. I take your hand and lead
us to the dance floor, back to where my friend has
been dancing. She looks at me and smiles, then looks
at you and asks me who you are. I introduce the two
of you as she starts dancing again. I move against
her, as you move against my back. I feel you start to
swell with each move of my hips. Side to side, then
back against you. I reach my hands around to grab
your hips. You whisper in my ear that you want us to
leave with you.
I tell her and we grab our things while you pay the
tab. She and I get to the front door to wait for you
to pull the car to the door. You get out and open the
car doors for us. She gets into the back, and I slip
into the front. You get into the car and smile at
both of us. I slip a little closer to you, so that my
hand can move up and down your thigh. I feel your leg
tense as my fingertips get a little closer to your
thickness. I move back to my side of the car as we
get closer to your place.
You pull into the driveway and open the car doors for
the two of us to get out. You take our hands and lead
us to the door. When we are inside, you turn on the
music in the livingroom and head to the kitchen. She
and I stay in the livingroom, looking over
photographs. You come back into the livingroom with 3
flutes of champange. We each take one and start to
sip on it. I’m a little nervous, as I feel I’ve known
you forever. I felt like you had been looking for me
a long time. You break the silence when you ask me if
I would kiss you. I almost drop my glass since it was
almost excatly what I was thinking. I move towards
you and our lips lock. The kiss is gently, no
pressure at first. After the first little moan our of
my mouth, you deepen the kiss, make it more urgent. I
answer the kiss with the same urgancy, forgetting my
friend is sitting on the other side of the couch. I
then feel her hands on my body as I continute to kiss
you. Her hands lift my shirt over my head as we break
the kiss, each panting and wanting to get at each
other. You stand up and help me up. You take my
hand, and I take my friend’s. You lead us up a flight
of stairs into a darkened bedroom. You turn on a lamp
beside the bed as my friend takes off her shirt,
exposing her lovely breasts to our eyes. She knows we
are watching so she slips her tumbs into the waistband
of her short skirt, slipping it down her hips to a
puddle on the floor. She then slips her panties off,
leaving herself bare from the waist down. The only
thing she has on is her black lace bra that matches
mine. I start to take my clothes off, but you stop
me, wanting to wait till she is done. She then
unhooks the front clasp of her bra letting her breasts
fall free. Her nipples are erect and I reach out to
rub one between my thumb and forfinger. Her eyes
close as she feels nothing but pleasure from my gentle
touch. I run my other hand down your body, feeling
your growing thickness. I massage you through your
pants and hear a little gasp as my fingers squeeze a
little. You then move my hand away from you, as well
as away from my friend so that you can undress me.
You bring your thumbs up my sides as you start to
bring my shirt up. You graze the sides of my breasts
as you continue pulling my shirt off. It’s off and
I’m in my jeans and black lace bra. I am flushed from
excitement, and my nipples are hard as pebbles. You
bend your head and suckle a lace-covered nipple into
your mouth. I arch my back in pleasure and let our a
moan. She comes over and starts kissing me. Her
tounge and mine meet for a little play while you start
kissing down my body. You quick fingers have undone
my jeans and started slipping down my legs. You tell
me to lift one leg, then the other so that you can
pull them off. You then cover my mound with your
hand, feeling the heat and wetness. My knees almost
buckle when you move aside the thin material of my
thongs to slip a finger inside my treasure. I had
shaved that morning so I was soft, wet, and very, very

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