surprised by my wife…and her friends

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There are many dreams and fantasies that one comes up with in the course of a lifetime and, if you’re lucky, you may have the chance to live out a few of them. If you have a loving and caring partner you may be able to live out more than most.

I am one of the lucky ones, for my wife is just as “twisted” as I am; she has a very wild imagination to go along with her very large sexual appetite that I just love.

One of my fantasies goes like this:

I get a call from my wife. Normally she’s very calm but, on this day, she sounds very anxious for me to get home. I jump on my motorcycle and break all kinds of traffic laws to get home as soon as possible.

I open the door to find her sitting in the recliner, facing the front door, masturbating. I stop dead in my tracks, mesmerized by what I see. She beckons me with her finger and I make my way toward her. When I reach her she says she is horny for me and wants to be serviced like never before.

I start to undress and kneel down to lick her pussy. I feel someone watching us and start to turn around and she stops me, urging me to continue with what I’m doing. I continue to lick and suck on her delicious pussy, forgetting about my senses.

This continues for 30 minutes or more, during which time my wife has 3 earth-shattering orgasms. After her last one she stops me to catch her breath and tells me that she hopes I have more energy because she has a surprise for me. That’s when I hear her friends behind me.

When I turn around all 3 of them are completely nude and fighting amongst themselves as to who will be next. My wife scrambles to the desk and pulls out a deck of cards. She tells the women to each pull a card and that the high card will go first and on down from there.

The first woman draws the Queen of spades. I ask her how she likes it – slow, fast, wet, dry…She says, “Surprise me”. I start by licking and sucking on her small, firm breasts. The nipples are nearly 1 inch long and begging for more attention. Just as I get down to licking the woman’s pussy my wife pulls out our video camera and starts to tape the action. The woman gets off quickly with my tongue.

The second one is anxious to get her turn with me. She pushes the first one out of the way saying “I’m next! I’m next!” I, in turn, reply “relax, no one is going away unsatisfied”. This one spends a lot of time in the sun and has great tan lines, which I love. She’s dripping pussy juice that runs down her thighs.

I ask her what card she drew – it was the 10 of hearts. I tell her to get on her hands and knees and I lay on the floor beneath her with my face aiming at her dripping snatch. I barely touch her with the tip of my pointed tongue and she lets loose a pint of juice, flooding my face and the floor beneath me.

The third girl says she had the Ace of diamonds which, in our house, is the lowest card. I know that she’s nervous yet ready for anything I’ll offer up to her. She is the most athletic of the group (and also the smallest), so I tell her to stand up in front of me. I then pick her up and twirl her upside down so she’s looking straight at my hard cock as I spy at her tight little pussy and asshole.

I hold her at her waist; she is the first to get a taste of my cock, and the other 2 are jealous of the fact. I lick her good and make her cry with desire, begging me to put my hard cock into her.

I look at my wife and she moans “fuck her good, baby”. I didn’t think that my cock would fit but, with enough lube and a lot of persuasion, I get in all the way. I pick her up and walk around the room with her impaled on my cock.

I know I couldn’t cum because I have to service the other 2 who are, by now, threatening me with bodily harm if I don’t fuck them as good as I am the one my cock is now fully in. I can feel her cunt muscles tightening around my cock and know that her orgasm is starting. Sure enough, I feel her muscled rippling as she lets out a loud “ahhhh” and feel her shudder. She then slides off my cock and drops to the floor, moaning.

Moments later, the first one comes up to me. I have her down on her hands and knees and position myself behind that cute ass of hers, placing my cock at her pussy entrance. She is very wet and anxious to feel my cock inside of her.

I just hold back, letting her feel just the tip. She pushes back and I pull back. I want to tease this one as a pay-back for threatening me. “I’m going to make her beg for my cock and, when it’s time I’ll give it to her all at once, sending her into orbit” I think to myself.

When she starts begging and pleading with me to fuck her hard, along with tears of frustration rolling down her face, I know that it is time. I squeeze her hips and plunge my hard cock into her tight, wet pussy over and over again. She cums with such intensity that I’m worried she’ll rip my cock off!

After she calms down a bit I stand up and look at the last of the three, patiently waiting her turn. She says she wants something special for her time with me. I looked over at my wife, who is desperately trying to get all of this on tape while frigging her clit, juicing all over her hand.

I lay her down on her back, pick up her feet and hold her ankles together with one hand while placing my cock at her love canal. Being so wet, I slide in easily. I give her all 8 inches, real slow. By the time I am ¾ of the way she is tugging at her nipples and shaking her head from side to side, screaming and telling my wife how lucky she is to have this “big, fat cock” every day. My wife just smiles, snaps her finger, throws her head back and says “yessss…”.

After about 15 minutes of deep, hard pounding (and about 3 more massive orgasms from her) I have all 3 women kneel in a semi-circle in front of me. I proceed to cum all over all 3 faces and tits, telling them that they can’t use their hands at all to clean up. They pair off and proceed to lick my cum off each other ’til they are all cleaned up and shiny with saliva from each other’s tongues. They are all glowing with excitement from just having the kind of sex you only dream of. I’m surprised at myself – I actually gave 3 women multiple orgasms all by myself!

I am equally surprised that my wife set this up to be a total secret to me. She never keeps secrets from me. She even video-taped the entire thing so that we can relive it!

All 5 of us go out to the hot tub to drink wine and relax. How could I relax? Here I am with my wife and 3 sexy women that I just had sex with…and not just normal sex – sex with the 3 women in front of my wife!

After a couple bottles of wine, good laughs, and 1 ½ hours in the hot tub, I am ready to call it a night. The girls are staying over in the guest room on the king-sized waterbed, so I excuse myself and go to bed knowing that, because the next day was Saturday, I would see the girls before they left.

My wife enters our room and wakes me up, saying “I want mine!” Of course, I always give her what she desires.

I give it to her every which-way, taking my time with her nipples, exciting them until they are hard and standing at attention. We have the best sex that early morning…

Later, we hear moans coming from the guest room. When we peek into the room, there they all were, masturbating each other while watching the video my wife made of the previous night’s events. We stay in the dark, not letting them know we were there. I like to watch…and enjoy being watched, too!

Well, it’s time for the girls to leave; they all smell and look terrific. They all give me a kiss and squeeze my cock as they walk toward the door. Then they all kiss my wife and, one-by-one, hand her an envelope, asking when they could do this again. My wife answers, “soon – I’ll let you know”. They then leave.

I am in the recliner when she walks back i
n, all smiles. I ask her what the envelopes are all about, and she proceeds to pull out $750 in cash. I ask her
what the money was for. “For your services on those 3 women”.

I sit straight up in the chair…”YOU PIMPED ME OUT?” “Yup” she replies, with a grin on her face “and, if we keep this up, you’ll pay for our next cruise, and have fun doing it!”

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  1. blowhard

    Nice story!! I like the twist of your wife selling your tongue and cock.

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  2. handsomeboy2075

    excellent and dreaming experience

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