suzanne and steven

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shrimp dick come here suzanne said, lick my boots, as he was licking suzanne pick up the phone and started to ring steven hart, hi its me she said what time are you picking me up big cock, o.k see you soon bye big cock, well shrimpy how do i look, shrimpy looked up and said you look great suzanne, suzanne looked down and spat in his face, yes i know shrimp dick , and i can,t wait to suck steven harts massive cock, then the phone rang, answer that shrimp dick, hello he said, it was claire suzannes work mate claire said whos that, its me claire, oh that must be shrimp dick, shrimp dick put suzanne on now you little shrimp dick wimp, they were talking when the door bell went, suzanne looked at shrimpy, go and answer it shrimp dick, as he opened the door steven hart was standing there he pushed passed shrimpy, suzanne came out went up to him and staeted kissing him, next she fell to her knees and started to get his massive cock out, see shrimp dick this is what your girlfriend needs and he laughed he looked at suzanne beg to suck my cock bitch, suzanne said please please steven let me suck your big hard cock, suzanne looked over at shrimp dick, look shrimpy watch me such this big cock next steven said bend over the table i,m going to fuck you from behind,

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