Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

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Candi was sleeping in her bed when she felt the mattress lower from the weight of another body.The springs creaked. She noticed she was cold and she realized the blanket was not on her at all. She felt the heat of another body press slowly up against hers.That body would rub against her and then just stay still. The body heat was intense.

She laid still and quiet not sure how to react. Then she felt her pajama bottoms being pulled down over her hips and rounded smooth soft ass, it was a very slow pull down like as if the person did not want her to awaken. It felt silky and forbidden and horny.

The bottoms were pulled down just below the
crooks of her knees and just left there. Candi’s ass felt the coolness of the air,her ass was still warm from being encased in her pajamas and from the blanket. Now that new sensation of the cool air caused her pussy to get wet, it too was warm from being covered up, but it also heated up from whomever was desiring to bare her ass. She just laid still trying not to breath too fast. The body moved away, she did not know what that person was going to do next, she laid still,lying on her hip, her perfect white bare ass exposed. She felt a hand just graze over her round firm now warm ass cheeks, it did that a few more times and then it just rubbed her cheeks, over and over just totally sensitizing her bare ass skin, she trembled to that sensation, and then a
finger went in her between her ass cheeks and down the crack it went up and down that crack pressing against the skin, giving her asshole a few firm circular rubs and a slight insertion then withdrawal,then a few more insertions and withdrawals then it stopped. She laid quiet and still. The hand then slowly worked its way to her pussy, from underneath her ass, from behind it rubbed right by her pussy hole, Candi’s lips were closed tight so that finger wiggled in between the lips it found her hole and poked at it, then in and out very very slowly, her pussy responded by tightening around that finger she knew she was dripping out her excited juices, that finger seemed to like feeling her silky wet heat and tightness because it just kept plunging in and out of her pussy. Candi’s clit was stiff and sensitive, she wanted to touch it, but she did not want that person to know she was awake so she laid there feeling that stranger’s finger glide in and out of her coochie. The finger did one long slow last pull out then stopped. The mattress weight shifted so Candi did a quick rub on her clit, she almost moaned but held back.

The mattress did a few squeaks as movement was happening on the bed. Candi felt a warm, now completely nude, very soft skinned
body pressed up against her bare silky soft feminine ass, it’s knees went deep into the crook of her knees. It felt so conforting, she noticed it was not a cock on her ass, but a bare hairless pussy,a wet one that was rubbing up and down on her ass. She had never felt a woman’s body on hers. She could feel breasts pressed on her back, but she had her pj top on so it was just a cushiony feeling.

Whomever was in bed with her, pulled back and Candi felt that person reach around her and lift her pj top up, it was pushed up to her chin, it was a tighty stretchy shirt so it stayed right there. The woman shifted again and was again hugging rubbing her ass with her pussy and pelvis. The wetness was like lotion, warm soft ltion that was getting all over her naked ass.

Candi felt those hands reach around and play with her breasts,it was a delicate,
yet sexy feeling, the nails grazed on her nipples,then the soft palms rubbed her round firm breasts.

She felt that unknown woman’s bare breasts pressed up against her back now, they were really big and cushiony and the nipples felt long and hard, like two firm pieces of licorice candy. The woman rubbed her wet pussy and big breasts on Candi for what seemed like forever the sheer horniness in the air was overwhelming, they were both releasing their sex scents and body heat and juices. That bed was filled with lust and sex.

Then that woman’s hand reached around and again caressed Candi’s breasts, but also pinched her nipples, first the top breast’s nipple,then the bottom one. Candi reacted by barely rubbing her soft, nude
ass,that was silky with lust,back against the woman’s pussy and pelvis, so the woman kissed her shoulder using her tongue and lips. She sucked on Candi’s shoulder, Candi’s pussy ooozed out more wetness in response to that and that woman’s pussy moved nearer to her wet pussy and humped it. All the while she sucked on Candi’s shoulder.

Then that woman’s hand worked its way to Candi’s pussy from the front of her, forst that hand rubbed her breats a few moments then slid down over her ribs then near her belly button then right to her target Candi’s horny slick pussy and she rubbed on
Candi’s swollen pussy lips and then in her slick hot slit, her finger just pressed and rubbed and felt all over Candi’s hot passionate pussy. Then that anonymous
woman used her slender finger and masturbated Candi’s clit,round and round and up and down that woman’s finger worked that stiff excited satiny wet clit. She rubbed it to a nice horny, hot, throbbing,wet orgasm.

The woman expertly plunged her finger in Candi’s pussy while she humped Candi’s ass with her own hot wet pussy. As
she finger fucked Candi, Candi kept her thighs tight together so that woman really had to struggle to get her finger into that
slippery, steamy, narrow hole.

After Candi’s orgasm she laid there quiet. The woman licked horizontally across Candi’s shoulders and then ran her tongue down Candi’s back, down the spine, she worked her pointy wet soft tongue down
and she licked her ass cheeks and kissed them with her full moist lips, she then took her hands and separated Candi’s ass cheeks and tongued all around Candi’s asshole getting it wet as hell and causing it to pucker.

Then again a finger was inserted in her soaked well licked asshole,but another finger was in pushed deep into Candi’s pussy, those two fingers worked in and out of those holes, finally after yet another orgasm of Candi’s the fingers stayed still feeling the rhythmic grips on them and they
pulled out. Candi’s heart was pumping wildly and her body felt super sexual. She laid there letting her body go through waves of pleasure, she always had super sensual after effects from her orgasms, her skin was electrified, her pussy hot and swollen, her breasts felt fuller and hotter.

She felt her shirt being put back down, then a hand just rubbing over her ass, feeling that soft satiny smooth skin,
then her pj bottoms were pulled back up,
then the covers pulled up and over her and then the mattress rose up from the body leaving the bed. Candi laid there reveling in all that sexual sensuality she had felt and went to sleep.

She awoke the next morning and did not know if it was a dream or real, but after that night she slept in only a shortie nightgown, hoping her home visitor would return for a repeat performance

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