Sweet Moment Alone

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Close your Eyes and your partner MUST read this slowly and emtionally to you! Take some time to calm and concentrate!!! You must visualize the SCene!!!

You are standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the valley below you. You see the warm ocean on the horizon.

You feel the warm wind in your hair. The wind is blowing gently, making you feel fresh. You’re in a place of peace.
You hear the chirping of the birds in the distance. You let off a tear, because you’ve never been in a place like this. A place so beautiful and full of peace!

You see more forest and dense shrubs, covering mountains. It looks so tropical. It’s like paradise!

All you see is nature. You are in a place of solitude.

You close your eyes and feel the presence of God in the nature. You feel at ease. You take in the surrounding sounds of nature, the sounds of the trees and bushes, the sounds of distant wild animals, the chirping of the birds. You take in the aroma of the fresh mountain air and the aroma of the forest!

You feel peace and freedom!

With your eyes closed, you feel warm air that’s going gently down your neck. You feel the presence of another person behind you. He holds you firmly against his body.
You don’t turn around. You feel safe in his strong arms. You feel protected. You feel like that nothing can touch you now, because you’re protected!

You feel the soft and sensuous kissing on your neck. You open your eyes and see the peaceful valley in front of you, the you close your eyes again, enjoying that kiss on your neck.

He holds you more firmly. Still kissing your neck, he unbuttons your blouse in a sensuous manner, unbuttoning each button slowly. While unbuttoning your blouse, he progresses to kiss you deeper and harder.

He’s unbuttoned the blouse and proceeds to kiss your firm and sensitive breasts. He progresses upwards back to your neck, still fondling your sensitive breasts.

He lays you onto the soft ground.

He kisses your neck again and places his hand on your skirt. He slides his hand into your panty and starts fingering you. Softly and gently, then shortly, he progresses to move faster and deeper,

Faster and deeper and faster and faster!

He stops and starts kissing you from your sensitive breasts down to your vagina, kissing the way there sensuously.

You feel a some sort of climax, then before you have your climax, he stops, prolonging the sexual pleasure. You want more and more, but he’s in control of your body. Your body is his slave, he’s in control of your body!

He starts kissing you lower and lower, kissing your thighs and starts to proceed to kiss your vagina. He starts kissing around your vagina. He starts nibbling your vagina sensuously, gently enough to give you that peak of climax again. Then he stops!

You want more and more…

He starts kissing you on your vagina harder and faster, then deeper and faster, then harder and deeper. He stops before your climax.

You again want more and more.

He proceeds to play with your clitoris, sending you that orgasmic sensual feeling. He then proceeds to lower his tongue to your clitoris and starts kissing your clitoris.

Again, you’ll get that sharp sensual feeling!

You’re screaming and moaning because it’s so nice. You never want it to stop.

He then firmly hold your body and lifts you upwards in his strong arms, making you sit on his huge penis.

His penis is penetrating your sensitive vagina, sending you that thrill. He then maneuver you on his penis, in and out, in and out
Making powerful love to you.

He maneuvers you more and more.
He then lays you onto the soft ground and starts penetrating you again.

He’s pushing it deeper and harder, then slowly and gently, then again deeper and harder.

You’re reaching you climax, then he goes slowly and gently again.

You want more…

He proceeds to make powerful love to you again. It’s so hard and wonderful. You’re reaching your climax. Your arms and hands are scratching his back. You hold on tighter and tighter. You can’t take it anymore, the orgasm is too strong for you!

He still proceeds to fuck you harder and harder. You’re letting off that primal scream. Sweat is drenching from your wet body onto the ground.

Harder and harder…

You’ve orgasmed so many times. He then has an orgasm. A deep and powerful orgasm. You both are drenched in sexual sweat. You both then lie down and go to sleep with deep sexual satisfaction!

You’re sexually satisfied!

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