Tanya & Veronica Part I

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Veronica has just heard wonderful news. “Oh my God! Tanya is coming to South Beach tonight with us?!” She had a towel wrapped around her naked body (she was going into the shower) as she overheard a phone conversation, Ryan (her stunning boyfriend…) was having with her best friend Tanya, in Fort Lauderdale. “Yes… oh really?… That’s great Tanya!…Yeah! I cant wait!…great talking to you…okay…. See you tonight.. .Oh yeah, she’s excited too,” Ryan said smiling looking at Veronica with his chocolate eyes. Veronica smiled back with joy. “,that’s fine Tanya… okay, bye.” Ryan walked up from the chair he was sitting in naked, and walked over to Veronica.
“Tanya says she’s got a boyfriend now…” he said seductively walking to his girlfriend. “,looks like tonight has just turned into a double date.” Veronica smiled, and dropped her towel to the hardwood floor of the apartment revealing her full-c tits, and clean shaven pussy. She laughed while cupping her breasts in her hands, and said “Have you met the twins?” Veronica knew she sounded stupid, but Ryan walked over to her anyway, and said “Have ‘the twins’ met my little friend?” while squeezing his 8.5” dick with his right hand . “No, but I’m sure they liked to…”. Veronica walked over to Ryan with a sexy smile on her face, and pushed him on their waterbed. She then caressed his feet and made her way up to his chest stretching her entire naked body onto his. The waterbed shook from side to side making the moment more intense. Then she stretched back down to where her hands were on his abs and her knees were on his thighs. Veronica dangled her huge tits over his dick until his dick got hard. She squeezed her jugs together, and pushed his hard cock into her breasts to where it came out of her cleavage. “oh yeah baby, that feels so fucking good gimmie some of that pussy.”
She rolled over onto her back, and waited for him to get on top of her . He squatted over her, and held her wrists above her head as he shoved his cock into her pussy. “Oh yes baby… oh yes! YES! YES! YES! Oh yes! Yeah baby, fuck me harder fuck me so hard, fuck me HARD!” He talked dirty to her as she moaned in ecstasy. “Ooohh…. Oh yes… oh, oh! oh! Oh yeah fuck me you son of a bitch.” Veronica rolled over onto her back, and moved her silky brown hair out the way, and got fucked in the ass doggy style. “Roll over you dirty whore…” Veronica rolled over when Ryan let go of her wrists. He got closer to her mouth. He ejaculated cum all over her face. “Open your mouth you fucking bitch”. Although She was stunned by the dirtiness of the comment, she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. He cummed into her mouth until she couldn’t even close it without cum dripping down her cheeks. Veronica closed her mouth and swallowed the juice in 2 gulps. “open your mouth bitch…” Veronica wasn’t liking the dirty comments Ryan proceeded to make throughout every sexual position they transitioned to for about 5 hours (even though, it was the best sex veronica had ever had!).
During intercourse, Veronica glanced over at the alarm clock next to their bed, and exclaimed “oh my god! Ryan! Its 10pm! Tanya is probably at the café right now! We have to get the fuck out of here!” She moved to the side, and out from under Ryan and his “little friend”. Veronica was slipping on her dress, and did it without a bra, or the sexy black satin thong Ryan gave to her on her birthday. Veronica thought to her self while straightening her hair, “Maybe I should just go without panties… or a bra”. Under her skimpy red back-lace dress, she felt free.
She raced into the passengers seat of Ryan’s gold Honda convertible, and sped off down urban south beach. At a stoplight, a pick-up van (full of lawn maintenance workers*) was in the lane next to Veronica and Ryan. They whistled and chanted things in a foreign language, and laughed like a pack of hyenas. Veronica looked at them seductively with her Chanel oversized sunglasses and lustrous red lipstick, and pin straight brunette hair. Thinking she’d eye-fuck them speechless, they continued to hoot and holler. She pulled down the front seat mirror, and checked her face for embarrassing blemishes, or shit in her teeth. Nothing, she bumped the mirror accidentally, so that it pointed into her lap. She looked in it, and realized the wind from the convertible had blown her dress up around her thighs, and having no panties on, her pussy was out in the open starring her in the face. The light turned green, and they sped off. She could still hear the stupid fucks laughing uncontrollably.. She didn’t bother to tell Ryan who had eyes fixed on the light the whole time. “Ryan stop! Here it is!” she said. They saw the café called “Tout est beau” Which in French means “Everything is Beautiful”. They parked the car right next to the entrance to get there quicker.

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