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At that time I was living nothern part of india with my family at the age of 18.We was live as a tenant.Our land lord have a single son,he was married.His wife’s who’s age was 22years.His wife’s behaviour was very good and attract me.One day my family went for long tour and fortunatly land lord also went for business porpouse with his wife and son and said look after the daughter in law.
At that night landlord’s daughter came to me and invite me to see blue movie,because she love it.I went at night daughter in law first uncovered herself.She put off bra,panty,blouse,peticout etc.I saw her tighty boobs,big pink tits,juicy/hairy pussy like orange,beside its she on the blue-movie.
First I was starting to suck and chew her sweet nipple was very tasty and smell of nipple was so attractive.After this I was starting to licking her greeny/haity pussy.In few minute she released water like tap water and my 6inch/hairy cock released white fluid entering her hole.Woh what a feelings.
After some month she became pregnant and i was startint to dring her tasty milk everyday and night;I am very lucky that I drunk ladies milk which was very tasy and healthy than a cow milk.I also snaped her Nude,sexy body line.Her boobs was so sqeeazable.
Now I am a happiest man in the world.
So I will say drink regular womens milk in lieu of cow milk.

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