Tatiana and the Soldier

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The 18-year-old blonde Tatiana stood with her forearms resting on the windowsill of the small, rectangular opening serving as a window in the concrete bunker. Only her head would be visible to anyone looking in from outside. Her facial expression was aloof, almost lazy. She gazed out at the vista of misty fields beyond the jungle forest where the bunker lay. Seeing only her head, anyone looking in from outside wouldn’t know that she was naked from the waist down. She wore only a white tank top and sandals to protect her feet from the cold concrete. Tatiana was very pale with long, straight, naturally blonde hair. Her creamy, snow-white buttocks were covered in gooseflesh in the cool shade. There were a few beams of sunlight from holes in the roof, but they’d slanted away now, leaving her whole body in shadow. Outside was still warm and sunny, while inside the floor was covered in dust and leafy debris that had blown in. Earlier she’d masturbated by lying on her light-pink dress. It had felt so good, lasting for two hours. First she’d rubbed her breasts for fifteen minutes before moving onto her clitoris. Afterwards she’d lain on her stomach to enjoy a warm beam of sunlight on her bum, before getting up to stand by the windowsill. The soldier had said he wasn’t sure when he’d be there, if at all. He’d asked her what she wanted this time, so she’d written back saying that she wanted him to fuck her in the bum. About a year ago some of her female classmates had talked about their wild experiences after parties, so now she wanted to experience it for herself. She’d fantasized about nothing else whenever she thought about sex. She didn’t overhear much of what the other girls gossiped about, but sentences like, ‘in the bum’ and ‘it felt so good I screamed’ stayed in her memory. Her best friend spoke of love, how good it was to be in love. Tatiana even received a Valentine card from a boy, but she couldn’t forget what those other girls had said. In the bum…Oh it felt so good I screamed… ‘Fuck love, I want this other thing!’ she said to herself. ‘It slithered up my bum like a hot snake,’ another girl had said. ‘It felt so delicious’ Delicious. Tatiana wanted to scream with ecstasy, the same ecstasy those girls felt. Love could wait. Marriage and babies could wait another twenty years for all she cared! Before her long walk to the bunker, she’d gone well to the toilet in preparation. Her vegetarian diet would also ensure an easy entry. Other tips she’d read about included keeping the bum relaxed, and first inserting phallic objects for a few weeks to get it used to penetration. All these preparations had gone well and inserting objects had even given her considerable pleasure, but now she was more ready than ever to be fucked for the first time. In the bum… She knew it would go in easy, and she knew from what she’d experienced with the objects that it would be ecstasy if a boy fucked her in the bum. Now, as she leaned with her forearms on the windowsill, she thought of little else. In the bum…in the bum…in the bum… She wanted it in the bum so bad, especially now on this lazy, late afternoon! That is why when she suddenly saw the soldier outside the bunker, a thrill of excitement shot through her spine like a jolt of electricity. She couldn’t believe it – he was actually here! He smiled at her then went round the back to enter the bunker. Tatiana felt faint with excitement. Her breathing grew deep, her heart started pounding. When she heard him come in she rested her head on her forearms and sighed. Already her nipples grew hard under her white tank top. She started to shuffle her feet and move her legs, squirming in anticipation while keeping her bum as relaxed as possible. When his hands cupped her buttocks like a chef cupping two mounds of dough, she gasped then leaned her head back. She looked a bit like Anna Kournikova did at 17, only paler, less sporty. Her milky white buttocks were so soft, the soldier’s hands so hard and dark by comparison. ‘Are you ready?’ he asked. She was so aroused she could hardly speak. ‘Yes…’ she finally said in a faint voice. When he parted her buttocks with his fingers, she moaned with lust. Her eye was so deeply tucked away that when he finally exposed it, it was a delicious sensation… She wanted to be fucked now more than ever! ‘Please… Do it now, please…’ she begged him. The soldier unzipped his camouflage pants then took out his swollen dick. Tatiana looked over her shoulder. ‘Oh god…’ she said, so excited at the thought of where it was going to go. She rested her head on her forearms again and waited. She moaned again as he inserted his dick between her buttocks, then he let them come together again with his dick sandwiched between them. She gasped dramatically when, after sliding a few more inches, the head touched her eye. She felt it spread deliciously when he pressed his dick against it. She felt it widen, slowly giving way. Just as it was giving way, he shoved it in. It went in easily, like something hard bursting through a hot, overripe fruit. Tatiana cried out in ecstasy. After a brief pause, while still cupping her buttocks, he shoved it in a few inches deeper. This time she had to scream, it felt so good. After another pause, he drove it in a few more inches. She moaned in ecstasy, feeling it sink in so deliciously. Deeper, deeper, deeper… How deep would it go? How long could this delicious pleasure last? Almost to the hilt, he ran his dick in the last few inches. Tatiana just hung back and gasped, then let out a high moan. The soldier withdrew his dick until it was almost all the way out, then shoved it in again, and so the fucking began… She enjoyed it for a long time, until every part of her was dying to explode. Her breasts, her vagina – the labia, the clitoris – everything had been throbbing for a long time, and now she was dying to come. She wanted out of this sweet torment, to be released, so she turned around, letting him suck her breasts and rub her clitoris. Then, on the verge of orgasm, she turned around again to rest her head on her forearms once more, then told him to leave. After he left, she came. It was so big, all she could do was hang her head back, letting out a long moan. It was the best, longest orgasm of her life. When she came down from it, her face was flushed, with tears streaking her cheeks. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined it would be like this. Her bum still aching from all the delicious fucking, she knew she must experience this again soon. She’d let any boy fuck her bum now, to feel that pleasure again. Already she thought of that 15-year-old boy she’d rejected because of his age. Now she knew she’d take him to the woods tomorrow, then beg him to fuck her bum so slowly, while the birds sang in the trees… He probably wouldn’t last long, maybe only a minute or two, but she didn’t care. If he could just push it in once, just a few inches, that was enough. Later he could use his finger, or his tongue… She thought how exciting it would be to feel a wet tongue run over her eye…

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