Teacher’s Last Day
by “Evan Deason”

Another school year came to an end. The teachers had just waved goodbye to the buses transporting the kids home to start their summer vacation. To me, it was more than just the end of another school year. It was the end of an era. Two weeks prior I had received a job offer from another school district. I accepted. It was going to be difficult to leave Twin Ridge Elementary for many reasons. Three years ago I began my professional teaching career there fresh out of college as a 22 year old, bright-eyed youngster eager to work. This school was the first step in my career. As the only male educator out of 30 or so teachers, I was playfully teased and known for my good sense of humor. Several teachers took me under their wing as someone to whom they could pass on their years of teaching knowledge. Some of the older teachers considered me someone they could “mother” now that their children had grown up and moved away. Yes, there were many things that made it difficult for me to part with Twin Ridge. But the greatest reason was blonde and taught in room 102.
Jessie was a 30 something mother and 2nd grade teacher. My first day at Twin Ridge I was immediately attracted to her. She was by no means a super model but she was definitely a beautiful woman. Maybe it was due to the lack of competition (considering the number of older and/or unnattractive teachers at the school) or maybe it was her mannerisms and personality. Whatever it was, something about her turned me on. Although we were both married, whenever I was around her I found myself trying to impress her by
making a joke or bringing up a story about one of my students. She never knew that she drove me absolutely crazy with desire. The old saying goes:
“you can look but you can’t touch.” There were so many times when I just wanted to pay her a simple
compliment like “Jessie your hair looks nice today” or “Jessie you look beautiful in that new dress.” But I was afraid she’d see right through me and my lust for her would be revealed.
So there I was, back in my classroom for probably the last time, cleaning out the last of my remaining items. I had said most of my goodbyes
already but I knew that I would need to make the rounds again. I was a respectable, well-liked member of the staff. I wanted to leave with class. My mind dwelled on stopping in Jessie’s room. Would she be happy that I stopped to say goodbye? Would it be too awkward? How should I say it? Should I thank her? Thank her for what? My mind raced when suddenly there was a knock on my door. My heart skipped a beat when I realized who it was.
“Hey, can I come in?” Jessie asked with a smile. Oooh, that smile!
“Of course. I was just finishing up a few things,” I replied, trying desperately to look calm and cool. Jessie moved to one of the students’ desks and sat down. I envied that desk.
“I came up here to say goodbye to you. I know you’re leaving and all. Northbay Elementary huh? Good school.”
“Yeah,” I muttered.
“This doesn’t leave this room but I’m leaving too.”
My eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. Jessie was a respected staff member who had taught at Twin Ridge for 10 years. She had family in the system. Her son was a student there.
She explained that there was a lot that she was unhappy about and her reasons made perfect sense. However, I wasn’t following every word that she
was saying. My thoughts focused on pretending she was naked, sitting in front of me, wanting me to
make love to her. I felt a twinge in my pants and placed my hands in my pockets in a jouvenile attempt to disguise my arousal.
“Well, I guess I can’t blame you,” I said as she concluded. “That’s too bad. I was looking forward to seeing you again when I come back to
It felt like my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe those words left my mouth. Jessie got up from her desk and made her way towards me. I tried to prepare myself for a slap or some kind of verbal attack. But the words that she followed with were sweet and warm…
“Me too. I liked having you around here. You made work around here a lot more enjoyable. I hope the next building I teach in has a guy like
you. Not likely when you think of how many male elementary school teachers there are out there.”
She was standing a mere two feet from me now. Our eyes were locked and my breathing rate increased. Many thoughts were racing through my head but my mouth did not wait for my brain to catch up. I spoke:
“I’m really gonna miss you Jessie.”
“I’ll miss you too.”
She then leaned forward and embraced me in a hug. I was captivated by the smell of her hair. Peaches and cream. It was one of the most lovely
scents I had ever experienced. The purpose of this hug should have seemed harmless. Two friends saying goodbye. Yet it seemed like there was a deeper meaning, a missing piece. It was as if Jessie and I were searching for a perfect ending
to a story. As we released each other, our eyes locked again. It was as if something was holding us, forcing us to gaze deep within and read our innermost thoughts and desires. I don’t know what it was…penned up emotion, a feeling of bravery, or just plain horniness…but I spoke the words that I had wanted to say for three years.
“Jessie, I just want to tell you how beautiful you are. For three years I’ve
wanted to say that. I could never bring myself to. I don’t think I would have enjoyed teaching here if it wasn’t for you. You gave me something to look forward to each day. I always looked forward to seeing you. I’ve wanted you since the
moment I first met you.”
Jessie stepped back slightly. Her face showed surprise, but not anger. In fact, after a moment she smiled. But this was not the usual Jessie smile. There was something different about this smile. Something devilish, something naughty.
“I need you to do something for me,” she said in a soft voice. Still shocked at what escaped my mouth, I managed to say “anything.”
“Lock the door and turn off the lights.” I swallowed hard and a million dirty thoughts flowed through my head as I pondered the meaning of her request. It couldn’t have meant what my
body wanted it to mean…could it?The swollen bulge in my pants began to ache slightly as I nodded and stumbled to the door. I felt sweat all over my body as I turned the knob on the door and flipped the light switch. When I turned around, Jesse was standing in the corner to my left, away from the view through the door’s window. I had always hated not having another window in my room…until today.
“I want to give you something.” she said, almost whispering. “I’ve wanted you too. I never thought the feeling was mutual. Now come here.”
As if a slave, I obeyed her command. She was sitting on a desk, her legs spread in an inviting manner. She was wearing a tight black skirt which was riding high on her milky thighs. As I approached, she grabbed me gently by the arm and pulled me between her legs. Our eyes were level and before I could speak our lips were locked. Her tongue polished the inside of my mouth as we kissed passionately for what seemed like days. I
had heard rumors that older, experienced women were better lovers. Jessie certainly kissed like one. As our lips separated, thoughts of my wife
entered my head. I pulled away from Jessie’s love-lock and stared in disbelief.
“We can’t do this,” I said. “We’re married.”
“Yes we can. I have been waiting for this moment for three years. It seems you have too. Please don’t ruin this. Just this once. No one will know. Nobody can see in here. We won’t tell.
Please. I want you. Please.”
As she spoke these words, her hands began to caress my chest. They found their way to my lower abdomen and then to the hardened mass that dwelled
below my beltline. She was practically begging me. Pleading with me. She said she wanted me. No woman had ever actually said those words to me before. Not even my wife. It was then that I lost all the self-control I had left. I thrust my body up against hers as we began kissing in a fury of passion. She began unbuttoning my shirt as I caressed her back. I brought my hands around to her chest and cupped her breasts. They were just like I had imagined. Not much bigger than a handful, but firm and ample. I noticed that her nipples were as hard as rocks as if begging me to expose them. I couldn’t refuse. I lifted her
sweater above her head and began removing her bra. She started to unzip my pants. With her bra now off I brought my head down and licked and
sucked furiously. Jessie let out a great moan as I flicked and fondled around her perky pair or tits. Her nipples were like pebbles, hard and erect, enticing me to continue.
“I’ve dreamed about this moment.” I managed to say. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“It gets better.”
With that, Jessie pushed me back and yanked down my pants and boxers. She got down off the desk and dropped to her knees. She began to suck my dick like a pro. I had never received such a furious blow job in my life! All I could do was sigh and enjoy the fantasy come true. She licked my shaft up and down all the way to my balls. She moved her tongue so fast and used so many various movements that I thought I was going to cum in her mouth if I didn’t act quickly. I pulled her up and sat her back on the desk. We began to kiss
again even deeper than before. I ran my hands all over her thighs and up her skirt. It was then that I realized she was not wearing any underwear.
Had she planned this all along? Did she come to my classroom with the sole intention of seducing me? It didn’t matter now because if that was her
plan, it worked.
My fingers made their way to her pussy. I played with her lips for a moment as she moaned loudly. Then, I gently pushed my fingers inside her. She was dripping wet with anticipation. I could smell the delicious juices that were boiling in the crevice between her legs. She began to jerk me off as I fingered her, flicking her clitoris as I went. Each thrust and flick of my finger brought a new wonderful sound from Jessie. The faster I went, the harder she stroked my erect rod. I felt like I was going to burst.
As if Jessie was reading my mind she said “I want you to fuck me.” She begged in a seductive whisper. “Please fuck me, please.”
Still between her legs, I lowered her body so that she was now leaning against the desk. It was a bit awkward but I was able to position my
penis in a spot where I could enter her. She was so wet that my cock slid right into her tight, dripping pussy without difficulty. She let out what seemed like a whimper followed by moan after moan as I slid in and out.
Then she pushed me away. I thought for a moment she was having second thoughts. To my happy surprise she guided me to the chair which stood right next to the desk. She made me sit and got on my lap. She lowered herself onto my throbbing cock and began to move up and down. I kissed her tits and nipples as best I could but they were bouncing as she moved. Faster and faster she thrusted her pussy along my shaft as
she groaned in ecstasy. It took every ounce of discipline I had to not explode into her right then and there. Thankfully I wouldn’t have to
wait much longer. As she thrusted faster I noticed her breathing was changing. She was about to cum. Her body stiffened and she let out a cry. I thought for sure we were caught. Someone was bound to hear that and come looking for the person who was in pain. Our careers would be over. The outside world didn’t matter at that
moment though. Nothing mattered to us except each other.
As she finished her orgasm I lowered her to the floor. It was my turn. The tile floor must have been cold and dirty but Jessie didn’t seem to
notice. I spread her legs and re-entered her and began to pound away. Three years of fantasies. Three years of jerking off to her. Three years of wild imagination. Now it was true. It was for real. I was fucking Jessie. A few seconds later, I
exploded into her.
Glistening with sweat and panting like animals, we dressed ourselves. We weren’t sure if anyone had heard us but we were positive that nobody was able to see us through the window of the door. The consequences would have been disasterous. Our careers would be finished. Our marriages would be over. But it didn’t matter. We did not get caught and we were able to fulfill
one of our fantasies. We would probably never see each other again. But for just this one day, for just this one moment, we were lovers.
We finished putting our clothes back on without a word being spoken. Jessie went over to the light switch and turned them back on. It was as if the dream was over and it was time to wake up. But before reality reared its ugly head, Jessie came back over to where I was standing, still trying to catch my breath. She threw her arms around me and kissed me. Not a deep passionate “tongue” kiss, but a soft, slow, sweet peck on the lips.
“Thank you,” she said with that same warm Jessie smile that I yearned to see each day of the school year.
“You’re welcome,” was sadly all I could manage. She walked to the door, turned back, smiled, and exited to the hallway.
That was the last I saw of Jessie. I would never have a similar experience again. Although I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt in the months
to come, I eventually recovered. I don’t regret what I did but I would never cheat on my wife again. There would be no reason to. There could never be another Jessie.


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    ita all right

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  2. Anonymous

    Not only was the story very erotic and detailed, It was very elaborate. In this story you were able to describe the chemistry and the relationship between the characters very well. I especially liked the very last sentence of the story as it stressed how powerful the teachers attraction to Jessie was. Not only did I admire this story, I felt it, and it is now one of my fantasies. Thank you for submitting it!

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    Great Job…

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