Technogy spiced up our sex lives.

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Our 20-year marriage was still super but needed something in the bedroom department. We talked about it for a while what was need and came up with I would like to see my wife with another man. Absolutely not she said, not even with a hint or wonder, she was adament!
I had always always wondered how or rather why 1 or the other of my then friends was always at my house when I came home form work or a run to the store. It always was,
“I just got here or just stopped by and your wife said you’d be right back” Of course I started wondering, I devised a plan as follows:
With one of those micro cameras you can hook to the VCR recorder I mounted it so it could overlook the couch in my family room at the back of the house. That is where every one seemed to hang out. I started it to record for 3 hours after I left the house in the morning and 3 hours before I got home from work each day. The first couple of days when I played the tapes back there was nothing on it, just once when my friend Jeff came by, he just sat on the couch and I could hear my wife’s voice on the tape, nothing unusual to be concerned about.
One day when I was checking the tape after my wife went to bed, I heard my wife talking about a new bathing suit she had bought. This time my friend Dennis was on the couch, she walked into the picture and was standing there when he said I bet your tits feel nice in that suit, she had left the room I guess and put it on. She stood in front of him turned as if they knew the camera was there, but I was sure they didn’t know or hear the recorder running. He reached up and cupped her breast and rubbed it a while and she looked like she of course loved it. Next thing I saw was his hand slid inside the cup and now he had her breast in her hand, she reached around and removed the bathing suit top and he cupped both breasts.
About 2 minutes of breast rubbing and nipple sucking went on before he stood up and slid his shorts down, my wife grabbed his cock and stroked it hard, he sat back down on the couch while she removed her suit bottom. She proceeded to straddle him and she grabbed his cock and worked it into herself. They fucked for about 5 minutes it seemed before she got off of him and knelt down and finished him off with a blowjob. She left the camera frame and I guess the room because she came back dressed with a beer for herself and Dennis. Two surprises in one day for me, my wife was cheating with my friend and she drank in the morning!
That night I said nothing about it, just had incredible sex with my wife. I wanted to see if there was anymore with Dennis. The very next taping session the next day in the afternoon, Jeff stopped by about 1-1/2 hours before I got home from work. Same couch, different start, no bathing suit involved, right to it. She removed her shorts, he slid his down, and she proceeded to suck him hard. Once hard she bent over holding the arm on the couch and he worked his cock into her. They fucked until he pulled out and shot a load of cum on her back and ass cheeks. Again she left the room and cleaned up and came back clothed, I came home about ½ hour before it shut off with viewing the tape on my mind when she went to bed.
We drank a few beers and Jeff said he had to leave and my wife went to bed shortly after his leaving. I couldn’t wait to check out the tape. I was dumbfounded when I saw it but now I was getting the picture, in more ways than one. I woke the wife soon after and fucked the heck out of her.
This maybe could go on forever I guessed, but I had to end it soon. One more day I thought. No one showed up the next day so I decided to run it one more day, I’m glad I did. My neighbor the electrician ended up in the camera that day, I figured no way but I was wrong as usual. He got what looked to be a super blow job from my wife and he didn’t even have to clean up, she cleaned him dry with her mouth and swallowed it all, not a drop to be seen. I did hear conversation in this video, he was telling my wife they’d better knock it off or at least be a little more careful, I might catch them, little did they know.

Anyhow, I transferred all clips to one tape and one night while getting ready for sex with my wife, I set up a VCR camera as if I were going to record our show, she is usually ok with these tapes as long as I promise not to show them around. After getting me hard I lied on my back and she straddled me and worked my cock into her pussy, I mentioned again seeing her with other men and she responded “Absoluty Not!”
While she was working up and down on my cock I flicked the VCR recorder on play instead of record playing the weeks tape back on the wall. It took her a few minutes before she caught on and looked at the movie, she stopped dead still and stuttered something. I continued pushing my cock up and down in her pussy without saying a word. She finally gave in and started to reciprocate by slowly rocking back and forth at first, staring at the movie on the wall. Then she took off, fucking me silly, it was one of the most powerful orgasms she and I both had once the third movie started.
The friendship continues with Jeff, Dennis and the electrician neighbor. It is a little colder than before but I guess it wasn’t a friendship anyhow. She hasn’t told anyone yet but lets me continue filming but hits record herself when someone is over.
Then we watch the tapes that night and fuck each other silly.

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