the apprentice part 4

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5 (Tom, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Harris, Mr. Fox)

Mr. Barrett invited me over on Saturday again, and I drove to his big house full of anticipation. I had Sandra and Ginny on my mind, but, truth to tell, I was thinking of what Jack had done for me the last time I was there. As I thought about it happening again, I started to get aroused. This is very troubling.

When I arrived, Jack answered the door wearing nothing but a kind of loincloth. He had a drink in his hand, even though it was just after 10 a.m. “I guess you started without me,” I joked.

He handed me the drink. “This is for you. A bloody mary. Live it up. And we haven’t started anything, we’ve been waiting for you.” He led me into the living room, and there sat Mr. Harris and Mr. Fox, both wearing the same kind of garment. “Sit down, Tom,” Mr. Harris said, patting the couch cushion next to where he was sitting. I sat, confused. “Jack, where’s Mrs.–Sandra?” I asked.

“Oh, she’s gone for the day. And I gave Ginny the day off. It’s just we guys today,” Jack said.

I knew at once that I was in a bind. All three of these biggies in the company were looking at me like I was a big steak, only needing some A-1 sauce to be really delectable. “Jack, I don’t want to make a mistake here, but I–I’m not into this kind of thing,” I said.

“Of course you are,” Jack said, smiling. “You let me go down on you, which means you’re into ‘this kind of thing.’ When I told George and Guy about my new find, they were very excited. And here they are. Don’t misunderstand me, Tom, all of us are married and we do all kinds of


things with our wives and with other women. It’s just that once in a while, we like to get a little Greek and do other men.” He was smiling reasonably, apparently assuming that I would accept what he was saying.

“If you don’t want to join in, you could at least stay and watch couldn’t you?” He obviously knew what a voyeur I am.

“Y–yes, I guess I can do that,” And I smiled at the three men, all of whom were positively beaming.

“All right!” Jack shouted, and walked over to stand in front of George Harris. He whipped off his loincloth, and stepped forward to offer his erect cock to Mr. Harris. He glanced at me and saw me staring at his large tool. “Do you like it? Now you see what you missed the last time you were here.” And he rammed it into Mr. Harris’ eager mouth, working it in and out rapidly, acting as though he wanted to cum at once. Guy Fox moved next to me on the other side, and put his arm around my shoulder, leaning across me to get a better view of Jack’s mouth working on the large cock that was in it.

Jack slowed his pace, and they fell into a slow rhythm which seemed to satisfy them both. George fucked into Jack’s mouth slowly but purposefully, and reached out to hold his head firmly.
Guy put a hand on my leg, as if to balance himself as he leaned eagerly across me. It was disturbing to me that the feel of a man’s hand on my thigh was beginning to arouse me, but I didn’t have the courage to get up from the couch. Get up and leave the house. Get up and leave my job, I knew.

“Guy,” Mr. Harris said, “Jack tells me that Tom hasn’t done this with his mouth yet; but he has put his cock in Jack’s mouth, and I’ll bet he’d do the same for you.” I looked into Mr. Fox’s eyes and saw the same wet look I had seen in Jack’s eyes that other Saturday.

“Would you, Tom?” he asked quietly. “Would you let me put my mouth on you?” I sat there trying to decide whether to run, or to stay, or to give in. And then I nodded. “Please,” I said, “I’d like that.” Mr. Fox was younger than the other two, and better-looking. I quickly rationalized that if I was going to be queer, again, it might as well be with someone who turned me on.

And he did turn me on. His hand came up to loosen my buckle. When I unhooked the top of my pants, he slowly slid the zipper down and reached into my shorts to get hold of my bursting erection. I looked down and saw his cock pushing out of the flimsy garment he was wearing, and to my amazement I reached down and grasped it just as he was doing for me. “Bravo, Tom,” boomed Mr. Harris. “At least he has some courage, Jack,” he said, looking down as Jack continued to suck on his cock.

Guy dipped his head and took my cock in his mouth, gently running his tongue all around the head and then down the shaft. I wriggled out of my pants, and then my shorts, and Guy’s hands were all over my legs and my hips and my belly as he sucked away. I knew that I was going to do the same thing for him, and probably for all of them if they wanted it; I now knew that I was just like them. Bi-sexual, I guess, since women still were a more powerful pull on me.
But I was enjoying this immensely, and realized that I had a terrible curiosity about what a cock felt like, and smelled like, and tasted like, as it worked its way into my mouth and throat..

Jack stopped sucking on George, and sat down on the floor to watch what Guy was doing. George reached over and pulled my polo shirt off over my head, and I kicked my athletic shoes off. Now I was totally nude, probably at the mercy of three adult men who were powerful in the company I worked for and physically powerful here in this room.

I knew what would happen next. George knelt on the couch, and reached over to turn my head toward his cock still shiny with Jack’s saliva. “Would you like this?” he asked, and I nodded. I leaned to the side and took the huge thing in my mouth. He was much larger than me, and I suspect that he was larger than either of the other two. Just then I came in Guy’s mouth, and he made soft sounds as he drained my rod of every drop.

George took his cock out of my mouth, and got off the couch. He directed Jack to lean over the cushions, and Jack obeyed him; then he got in behind Jack and inserted his cock between the cheeks of his ass. “Tom, I want you to pay attention. You’ll be doing this for me before the day is over.” He smiled broadly and rammed his hips forward, impaling Jack’s ass on his long prong. Jack grunted, and then pushed himself back to meet the long thrusts which were being made into his bowels. I sat dazed from the incredible climax I had had, but Guy wasn’t through with me. He got up and sat on the couch, indicating that I should replace him on the floor kneeling between his legs.

I did as he indicated, and went down on a cock which was longer and slimmer than George’s. I was becoming quite a connoisseur of male weaponry, and I realized that I was enjoying myself a lot. It was flattering to be included in this group of powerful executives, and I knew that if I played my cards right I had an even better future ahead of me than I had imagined when I got the job.

I decided to learn from the experience, and paid attention to the feel and taste of the thing in my mouth. It was firm, but also soft, and very warm. I reached down and grasped the base of it in my hand, moving my mouth up to cup the head of it between my lips. Then I started stroking it, slowly and first and then faster and faster. Guy groaned with delight, and grasped my head with one hand. He fucked up into my mouth for another minute, and then came in a gush which shot down into my throat and caused me to gag. The three men laughed. “I remember the first time that happened,” Jack said. “Now you’re not a virgin anymore.”

To my amazement, and to Guy’s amazement, I swallowed what little bit was still in my mouth. Most of it had gone down my throat already, so what the hell. But then I had an inspired idea, and started licking the shaft and the head of the cock until I had lapped up every drop. “You are going to go far, my boy,” said Guy, and tousled my hair with his hand.


I looked over at Jack getting reamed by George, his face buried in the cushions. He moaned with each s
troke from the big cock, and George made little happy sounds in his throat as he fucked to a climax in t
he ass of his colleague.

By the afternoon, the other two men had assured me that it was all right to call them by their first names. “After all,” George said, “we have a new and intimate relationship.” After a lunch which Jack threw together out of the refrigerator, we all went swimming nude. Later, one by one we crawled over the low barrier and ended up in the Jacuzzi, which felt really good. When all four of us were in there, George looked at me intently. I could see his hand distorted by the water stroking Guy’s re-erected cock.

“Tom, why do you think you were asked to come here today?” An odd question, I thought.,

“Well, –George, I thought I had found that out pretty well this morning,” I chuckled to show what a man of the world I had become.

“That was just foreplay, Tom. We want you to become a regular member of our group, even though you don’t have too much standing in the company . . . yet,” and he smiled, “and the group is into something more than blowjobs.”

Now I was getting really uncomfortable. “What . . . more?” I asked naively.

“You saw it when you watched what I did to Jack. We all do that to each other.” I gulped.

“And you want me to do that to one of you, or all of you?” I asked, knowing I wasn’t going to enjoy the next words out of his mouth.

“Yesss,” he hissed, “and have it done to you. By all of us. Today. It’s kind of an initiation rite.”

“Today.” I sat there in the warm water and looked at the three of them leering at me.

“Today. Right now, as a matter of fact. We are all of us eager to put our cocks in your delectable ass.”

“I-I don’t know if I can do that, George,” I said haltingly.

“Oh you can do it. We’ve all done it many times. The question is will you do it?” Well there I was, in the same damned boat I had been in while sitting on the couch earlier. If I left, I knew it was the end of my time with the company. Not to mention the awkwardness of climbing out of a hot pool naked with three horny men looking at me.

“I want to be included in the group. I guess I’m game.”


“Good,” George said, and clapped his hands. He looked at the other two. “I think we’ll do it right here, don’t you?” and they nodded. “Tom, turn around and hold onto the tile there on the side. And I did as he directed, kneeling on the step of the hot pool and resting my arms on the cool concrete apron.

“Jack, it’s your house, and you have seniority. Would you like to be first?” Jack said yes, and I braced myself with my eyes closed as I felt him splash up behind me. “Lift yourself out up onto the apron,” he said huskily, and my ass was exposed out of water when I did as he told me.

His hands grasped my ass-cheeks and spread them apart. There was a moment when nothing happened, and I guess he was looking at my exposed anus and planning just how to assault it. To my surprise, he assaulted it with his tongue, burying his face in my ass and licking my puckered hole voraciously. I peeked at George, and he was staring at what Jack was doing while stroking his large cock absentmindedly. Jack finished eating my ass, and moved up to place the head of his cock against my hole. He pushed gently and then not so gently, and after a moment the head of his weapon broke through the ring into my ass. I yelped, but I didn’t move. He began stroking into me, and after a few seconds it didn’t hurt very much at all. I was surprised. I pushed back against his body the way I had seen him do, and all three men murmured their approval.

I knew I was really in now, but I decided to ice the deal. I raised my head and looked at George. “Could I suck you off?” I asked, in almost a little-boy voice. He moved swiftly to sit on the edge of the hot pool, and I shifted over to get between his legs. My face was very low in the pool, and I came up under his testicles and caught one of them in my mouth. My hand was above my head, grasping his huge erection, and I heard him sigh. “Jack, you are a genius. You chose very well,” he said. I moved up to take the purple knob of his cock between my lips again, and stroked his balls with my hand.

Jack was pumping into me, and I know he was amazed to be looking at what I was doing to George. He came a moment later, and I felt his semen drenching my insides as he climaxed for almost a full minute. I felt him go half-limp, and he pulled out. I redoubled my efforts on George’s cock, but he put his hand on my head and pushed it back off his huge knob. “My turn,” he said, and lifted his leg over my head. He slid into the water, and came up between my splayed legs just as Jack had.

I knew he was much bigger than Jack, but my ass had been well-slimed by Jack’s semen and the big tool slid in halfway without any trouble. “Oh, George,” I moaned, “is it all right to say that I want it?” I didn’t know the etiquette, and maybe these men didn’t want a conquest moaning like a woman.

“If you want it, say it,” he said, and pushed his cock all the way in. For a moment I thought he had split me in half, but I spread my legs and managed to take him without too much trouble.


Jack had warmed me up pretty good. “Yes, I want it. Do it, do it, I feel you in my ass, and it feels wonderful,” I panted. “Fuck me, please fuck me, fuck me.” He loved what I was saying,. and began to really pound into my ass. I was sure that I felt a trickle of blood, but later it turned out that it was just water from the pool and Jack’s semen running out of me. He went on for another minute, and then he came with a great shout and I felt an even greater load of cum drenching my bowels. He collapsed across my back, and said softly, “Gentlemen, we have to promote this young man.” The other two laughed, and I managed to smile despite the pain.

Then it was Guy’s turn, and he fit into my rear end easily after the reaming George had given me. He had gotten so excited watching the others that he came in only a couple of minutes, and the three of them got out and went into the house to give me some time to myself. Later, I dragged myself out of the Jacuzzi, and went in to join the other three. When I left that evening, I was pretty sure that my future with the company was secured.

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