The Awakening, Part I

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Thom was so nervous, he was trembling a bit.
He had done exactly as Andrea had advised earlier in the week. He went out and spent some serious money at the adult store, taking great care in purchasing the specified items.

The drive to her home on Friday evening was painstakingly long, giving more than ample time to rattle his nerves raw with anticipation.
This would be their first time together and he wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. He had some ideas, but he was beginning to believe that his mind was making more of it than was reality.

He found the address she had written on the little scrap of paper. After shutting off the car, he grabbed the store bag and headed to the front door.
Expecting to just ring the doorbell, as he rounded to the entrance, he noted a folded piece of paper with his name on it taped to the door. When he unfolded it, he read it:
“Lock the door behind you and fix yourself a drink in the living room.”

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door and entered the abode. Being certain to lock the door, he turned around and took in the sight of the living room.
Even though it was still mid-morning, the room had been darkened by heavy curtains over the windows. Candles were lit and placed about the room. The heady scent of candles and incense aroused him even more.
There was a dark colored, large, overstuffed, leather couch against the far wall. A matching love seat and recliner set on either side of the couch.
The black entertainment stand to the left held a big screen TV with a porn movie playing. It was obviously an amateur film. The volume was low, but he could hear everything going on with the images in front of him.

He fixed himself a drink, as ordered, and sat in the middle of the large couch, his eyes transfixed on the moving excitement on the screen.

His eyes settled on the blond woman. She was dressed the part of the Dominatrix, wearing an obviously soft, black leather corset with matching gloves. Her legs were encased in thigh-high, black, patent-leather, high-heeled boots. Just above the tops of the boots were the tops of black stockings. She possessed an aura of absolute authority mixed with a sensuality that somehow seemed familiar to him, although he had never before performed in such acts of extreme depravity.
She was staring down at a man who was on his knees in front of her in absolute submission, the upper portion of his body flattened out over an overstuffed couch.

As he tried to focus on the surroundings of the movie, he noted some movement to the left of the entertainment stand and suddenly, the form of Andrea came into the flickering light of the candles.
His realization of what was happening came as he recognized her garb. He took in a quick gasp as he noted her obviously soft, black leather corset with matching gloves and the thigh-high, black, patent-leather, high-heeled boots.

Taking a quick second to look back at the screen, it occurred to him why there was such familiarity in the porn movie; the brunette Andrea was wearing a blond wig in the video.

Andrea didn’t walk any further than the entertainment stand. In fact, she crossed her arms and analyzed him accusatorily. Apparently, smiling wasn’t part of her repertoire.

“Did you go to the store as I told you to?” she asked.

Thom meekly shook my head and was able to get out a weak, “sure did”, thinking I might be able to illicit a smile.

She lashed out in anger, “That’s Yes, Ma’am, you little twit!”

“Y-y-yes, Ma’am,” He stuttered.

She rolled her eyes in disgust and walked into the room, controlling the whole scene with her mere presence.

“And another thing! You will not look up unless you are told to. You will look only at the carpet!”

“Yes, Ma’am, ” he managed to reply.

She yelled for him to get on his hands and knees and he did as he was told, the only noise being some low moaning from the television. He wasn’t able to determine who exactly it was that was moaning, but the sounds made his own predicament more real somehow.
She slowly sashayed over to where he bowed, the sound of the moving leather stirring some feelings in his groin.
Her boots rested directly in front of his face.
He stared at his reflection in her beautiful boots.

“Well, lick them already!” she demanded.

He hesitatingly started with few little tentative licks. After that, though, he began to get a feel for it.

“What a piece of shit! If that’s the best I’m gonna get out of you, you might as well leave, you worthless little fuck!” she ranted.

He began tongue-washing her boots in earnest.

After about five minutes of this, she walked away from him and sat on the recliner. She crossed her legs and stared at him for a moment.

“Remove your clothing, Worm” she quietly commanded.

He stripped down to nothing.

“Now, dump out your shopping bad and place your clothing in it.”

Thom took the plastic bag and turned it over, spilling it’s contents onto the couch. He then placed his clothes into the bag. He returned to his position on the floor.
She walked over, glanced at the goods on the couch, and picked up his bag. She walked out of the room and left him there alone with only the sounds of the video, the man beginning to cry out. He so desperately wanted to look up and view the torment, but didn’t dare.
He was only there for a few minutes, but it seemed an eternity that she was gone.

Andrea returned to the room and sat on the couch next to the purchases and placed her leather-clad legs on Thom’s back like an ottoman.
She began rifling through the items he bought.
She removed the tag from the spiked collar, then placed it around his neck. Next, she removed the price tag from the leather leash and attached it to the collar.
Then, she took the leather hood out and ran the zippers open and closed to ensure they were of good quality. There were zippers over the eyes, mouth, and along the back to secure it tightly about the head.
She tossed it onto the far side of the couch, next to the red ball gag and large tube of KY Jelly, and said, “That’ll come in handy later.”

She opened the package containing the strapon and looked it over approvingly.

“Nice choice, Worm! You must have relished the thought of it, didn’t you?” she sneered.

Blushing, he could only mutter a, “Yes, Ma’am,” at which time she just snickered to herself.

Both Andrea and Thom knew this would be a very long night indeed.

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