The bath

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The bath
The door is unlocked just as
It has been a hundred times before
I walked in followed the trails
Of cloth u left:
Your harley boots inside the front doors;
A few steps into the living room, your white shocks;
In the hallway, a white t-shirt
I picked it up and breathe in
Your musk; my jeans begin to swell
I looked ahead and see your levis
At the end of hall
I hear the sound of water
Splashing against u
Pleasure of thrills crosses my spine
I pick up your jeans
Your tiny panty still inside
Telling me u took them
Off like u have so many times
thumb inside both waistbands
Pushing down until they
Hover around your ankles
You then pull them off one leg at time
Like your shirt, I pick your panty
And again breath in your musk
And my package continue to swell
So I unbuckle then unzip and
Walk into the bathroom
shedding my Clothes at once
at the bathroom door.
I see water splashing on your round boobs
your eyes closed in wet dreams
from back I hold your both boobs
sqeuzzing and pressing the nipple harder
u turned around; saw me there
your mouth opens in ecstasy
I planted a deep kiss
U hold me tight.

i expect hot girls togive me feedback…this will help me to write more

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  1. perv

    what a useless bit of fiction

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