The Beach

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The beach
>As she opened up the sliding glass door of her hotel room , she could see
>just how lovely the day was going to be. The sky was a bright vivid blue,
>there was a nice warm breeze blowing the palm tree fronds, it looked like
>they where inviting her out side. Waving at her saying come join us, take a
>walk enjoy the gentleness of our Island, the beauty that it has to offer,
>the joys it has to bring.
>She found herself smiling at such a silly thought really, how could palm
>trees be saying that to her…She let out a little giggle of delight that
>her mind was finally free enough to think such things.
>She had left all the hustle and bustle of city life behind her at least for
>the next few days, Yes she was really going to enjoy this.
>She turned and walked towards the bathroom to ready herself for the day
>ahead of her, where ever it may lead.
>She choose to ware the new blue bikini she had bought specially for her
>little get away, and while looking at herself in the mirror thought it was a
>perfect choice, she looked good. The color showed off her tan, even thought
>it was one from the tanning salon, but that didn’t matter and besides no one
>new her here anyway. All her time spent in the gym had paid off, She was tan
>and in great shape, what more could a woman ask for. She slid into her
>sandals grabbed her beach bag and out the door she went.
>Down at the Hotel desk she stopped to ask where she could find a nice
>secluded beach. The handsome young clerk told her there was one about a 15
>minute walk from there , and told her how to find the trail.
>She walked out into the clear warm air and started toward the trail head
>that had been described to her. It was marked with a large boulder just as
>the clerk had said. The trail was just a thin path of smooth dirt which
>entered into the thick lush palm trees she had admired from her hotel room.
>The palm trees where intertwined with ferns, and tropical flowers of all
>colors, and while walking she felt like she had entered another world. Her
>mind wandered almost in a fantasy like state. As she walked she periodically
>stopped to smell the lovely aromas of the flowers. Their scents stimulated
>her mind and body, and at times found herself caressing them as she would a
>lover. After about 15 minutes she could see an opening ahead and the small
>white caps of the ocean waves. As she stood in the small opening on the
>beach she could see it was exactly what she was looking for. This place was
>a small inlet, simi circular, pure white smooth sand, that would surely feel
>like walking on silk to her feet. She slid off her sandals and flexed her
>toes in the sand. She was right the sand was very smooth, soft and warm, it
>felt nice . She walked out halfway to the water and turned around, She
>hadn’t realized just how thick the trees where she had just walked thru, you
>could only see a couple of feet into them, What a perfect place this was.
>Her eyes scoured the tree line for the perfect place to lay her blanket
>down, she picked a spot next to a simi large boulder.
>She spread the blanket down and took off the wrap she had on, eased herself
>down and took out the chilled bottle of wine and the complimentary wine
>glass she had brought from the room. Poured herself a glass and took a sip.
>The wine tasted good, she felt good, it was going to be a fantastic day.
>After downing the first glass of wine she rubbed sun tan oil on herself and
>lay back to relax for a while. She figured she would tan for a while then
>take a dip in the cool water later. She lay there just listening to the
>sounds of the beach waves quietly coming in to shore and the birds singing
>in the palm trees.
>It was early and the sun wasn’t yet to hot, and with the slight breeze
>blowing on her she dozed off.
>She was awoken by an odd sound , nothing intimidating really, just a sound
>like someone kicking sand about. Without raising her head, she could just
>barely see a head o thick black hair over the boulder to her right . Who
>ever it was did the same thing she had done when she first walked into the
>opening . They stood there, head high taking in all its beauty. They took a
>few more steps towards the water, or now should I say HE, she could now see
>it was a man. He must have been a native to the island, he was about 6 foot
>tall, long thick black hair shoulder length, and very built. His skin was a
>golden brown, and glistened in the sun. She decided to lay there quietly and
>watch him in hopes he would not notice her.
>He started walking towards the waters edge and when he reached it she
>watched him remove his shorts. My god he was going to swim naked, she held
>her breath . He walked slowly into the water , now and again splashing water
>onto his chest, as the cool water hit his body every mussel contracted, he
>was gorgeous!!. To her surprise he only went waist deep in the water then
>turned around and started walking back onto the beach. He was even more
>impressive front view than he was from the back. His pectoral mussels where
>hard , nice tight tummy, thighs strong, and what he was packing between it
>all wow. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her!. Here she came for
>a secluded day on the beach, and what does she get , entertainment to boot,
>unreal. What came next she wouldn’t have dreamt in a million years.
>She hoped that she was hidden enough that he wouldn’t notice her while he
>walked back onto the beach, He was only about 30 feet from her when he
>stopped and turned to look at the water again, still naked. He dropped his
>shorts onto the sand, reached down and pulled a tube of tanning oil from the
>pocket. She watched as he rubbed the oil on his arms and chest then reached
>down to do the same to his legs. He looked like one of those greek gods you
>see in the movies, all musseley and shinny from head to toe. He recapped the
>tanning oil and dropped it onto this shorts. To her surprise he used his
>right hand and reached for that lovely cock she had admired so much earlier.
>He took himself in his hand still with oil remaining on it, and started
>strokeing . What she had guessed to be about 4 1/2 inches now had doubled
>its size. This guy was hung like a horse, to good to be true. His hands
>where large , but his cock could be seen very clearly to her. She watched as
>he expertly stroked himself, every mussel in his body contracting with each
>stroke. His other hand on one of his butt checks, pressing with each
>movement. She could see the contentment in his face, his eyes closed, his
>mind must have been wandering off to some past love making session, unaware
>of his surrounding, and by the look of it not really giving a care.
>So caught up in watching him she didn’t realize how wet she had become.
>Only when a slightly heavier breeze blew did she feel the coolness between
>her legs, and just how erect her nipples had become. A bit embarrassed she
>closed her legs, and at the same moment the empty wine glass blew over and
>made a very light clinking noise on the bottle of wine. Now she had done it
>surely he had heard that and now knew that he was being watched. To her
>surprise he just looked toward the noise calmly, he had known s
he was there
>all along, never once did he miss a stoke though, his hand still working on
>that lovely big cock of his.
>There eyes meet, hers must have looked terrified , but he just smi
led and
>gave her a wink. She found herself suddenly smiling back at him, and felt a
>wave of excitement go thru her body. Her hand was nervously rubbing the
>outer part of one of her legs , and she was biting her lip. He used his head
>to jester her, like saying its ok, join me, her hand moved from the outer
>part of her leg to her pubic hair line like it was being controlled by
>someone other than herself. Her fingers slipped under her bathing suit and
>found her already swollen vulva. As she pressed her fingers she let out a
>groan of pleasure, his eyes brightened as he watched her. He had turned now
>and was standing looking at her, he started walking slowly towards her,
>still stoking himself generously, but it seemed now his cock was larger than
>before, and she could see the veins pulsating with excitement. She wanted
>nothing more than to jump up and take over for him, but she lay there , her
>fingers dancing on her vulva, the wetness between her legs becoming very
>noticeable now, her bathing suit bottoms where soaked, and her nipples so
>big that is all you could see thru her skimpy top.
>Her body was vibrating with excitement, and it was becoming hard for her to
>keep her composure. He had walked to where now he was standing beside her on
>the blanket, she looked up at him and watched his strong hands still working
>on himself, so close she could see the clear trickles of precum on the head
>of his cock. No words where said between them, not even a whisper.
>His hand moved away now and he kneeled down next to her on the blanket. Her
>first thought was to sit up, and as she did he moved one leg and straddled
>her with his body. His erect cock now staring her right in the face. He
>smiled at her and once again gestured with his hands this time, as saying
>come and get it, its all yours. almost automatically her mouth found the tip
>of his cock, her tongue licked the beads of precum before she took him in
>her mouth. He was hugh and she new that she wasn’t going to be able to take
>him all in. Her hand came up and grabbed the biggest part of his shaft,
>hand and mouth worked together.He tasted good, a mixture of coconut oil, sea
>water .
>At first he placed his hands on his butt checks and with every stroke he
>pushed himself towards her, The sounds he made just intensified the tingling
>sensations going thru her body.
>He removed his hands from his bum , one hand reaching around and undoing the
>string to her bikini top . Her bikini top fell revealing her firm breasts,
>his hand running over them side to side. She heard him whisper his first
>words now, ” mmmm nice” He used his fingers and took one of her nipples and
>squeezed it gently, then rolled it between then. She let out a gasp that was
>even audible with his large cock still in her mouth. He did the same to the
>other nipple, this made her suck him even faster and deeper . His hand moved
>down her stomach to her pubic hair line , his fingers tracing the small
>patch of hair . His hand moved in between he upper thigh and with a small
>bit of pressure spread her legs apart, then moved up between her crotch .
>His fingers lightly brushing every inch from her anus to her vulva. She was
>sure he could feel every nerve ending in her pulsating with excitement.
>She could fell his excitement, as she pumped his cock she was aware of every
>pulsating vein in it, and with his every touch they seemed to expand larger
>and larger.
>His hands now skillfully untied the bow on her bathing suit bottom, and he
>pulled them to one side.
>He now used two fingers and started encircling her swollen vulva, once in a
>while dipping his fingers into her virgina for that little bit of extra
>lubricating juice. She thought she would explode after just a short time, He
>must have sinced this and stopped, moving his fingers now and inserting them
>into her dripping wet hole. Once again she let out a gasp. His hands where
>very big , and from what she was feeling his fingers long, he immediately
>knew where to find her G spot, and starting rubbing both finger tips on it.
>She wasn’t sure she would be able to keep him in her mouth now, he was going
>to take her over the edge very soon. She tightened her grip on his large
>tool and sucked him for all it was worth. All the time his fingers working
>on her. That feeling was now building up inside her. It started in her toes
>and moved up her like a wave. She now moved her body into his hand. Her
>other hand pushing his fingers harder into her. She had to let his cock go .
>With one last push into him and one last shove on his hand she exploded. Her
>body shaking, convulsing. When she finally relaxed enough , she looked at
>him, he still had that smile , and that look on his face. God he was
>gorgeous. He removed his soaked fingers from her , she laid back to relax,
>his hand moving toward her lips. His fingers at first circling them , then
>placing one in her mouth so she could taste her own juices, then moving them
>to his, She watched as he sucked them clean, enjoying every drop.
>His cock was still rock hard , she started to sit up , she wanted to finish
>what she had started, but with a hand gesture he said no, with the same hand
>he took his cock and started pumping it. She watched as he expertly worked
>on himself. She noticed every _expression he made and every sound he
>muttered. His breath hastened, his one hand reached behind her head and
>lifted her toward him, his cock directly in front of her mouth, as he shot
>his load she placed her lips on him , But he pushed her head and she found
>half of his pulsating cock in her mouth, Him pumping and shooting load after
>load into her, At first she thought she might choke, but to her surprise she
>took it all, and enjoyed every drop. He slowed now , and let her head go,
>she moved her lips to the head and gave a couple of last hard sucks, then
>she lay back down .
>He was there straddling her eyes closed, but his cock still as large and
>erect as ever. She couldn’t believe it.
>He stood up and motioned for her to do the same, when she was standing next
>to him he put his arms around her and drew her close, He bent down so his
>lips could find hers and for what seemed like hours, passionately kissed
>her. He moved his head and whispered in her ear. ” I want you to fuck me”.
>He lay down on his back on the blanket and reached for her hand , it was her
>turn to be on top. She could now see why he chose that position. He was
>massive up next her. She was just petite, and once sitting there on him
>noticed this. She sat directly on his cock, but didn’t insert him inside
>her, instead she lay it down flat so she was able to rub the shaft against
>her wet pussy and vulva. She rocked up and down him slowly, he was hugh
>beneath her. both hands found his nipples and she played with them, pinching
>them, pulling them and rolling them between her finger tips. She could fell
>his cock twitching beneath her, with each twitch flicking her vulva, which
>was driving her wild inside, the wetness between her legs was like a river,
>making her movement on him smoother and easier. He placed his hands on her
>hips and lifted her up, his cock immediately stood to attention and then he
>slowly and gently sat her down on him. To h
er surprise he slid easily in
>her. He pulled her down slowly onto him, she could feel every inch of him
>sliding inside, he was hugh and so thick, and filled her completely. As he
;felt when he hit bottom, he whispered to her to “relax” and take all of him.
>As she did she suddenly realized she was completely sitting on him his
>hands off her hips now, one hand placed to where his thumb was resting on
>her clit, rubbing it slowly . She sat there for a moment not believing she
>had all of him inside her before starting a rocking motion on him. As she
>rocked he rubbed her clit, Never before had she felt such a sensation, His
>other hand was once again on her hip, lifting her up his shaft and back down
>again. Gently and slowly he did this for some time, she could feel him grow
>inside her, so large that she thought he might hurt her, but he didn’t. he
>let go and now she moved on him on her own accord. She pumped him up and
>down ,to her surprise she didn’t have to squeeze his cock with her mussels,
>he was so large , each time he hit bottom she thought she might cum, but she
>held off. She could feel small jerks now when she took him on the down
>stroke, and knew he was building to climax. She starting pumping him faster
>now and with what seemed to be more ease. His thumb wildly rubbing her clit.
>Their breaths becoming very short now, his hands once again on her hips, now
>pumping himself into her hard. Her hand replaced his on her clit , now
>rubbing herself to climax. Together, him pulling her down hard onto him, and
>her taking him all in they climax, his so hard that if he hadn’t been
>holding her she might have flown off him with the force, hers so intense
>that if he hadn’t been holding her, her mussels would have shut him out.
>Their bodies jerked together, The ecstasy flowing thru them as one. He
>pulled her onto him, and they lay there as there hearts slowed.
>She felt him shrink now inside her and relax, With his cock still inside he
>warped his arms around her and held her close. Her legs moved inside his and
>they lay there and drifted off to sleep.
>She woke up at dusk, The first hint of moonlight showing on the ocean . She
>was alone, naked laying on the blanket, dazed to say the least , The wine
>bottle half empty to her side. A note laying under the bottle, with these simple words

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