the Big Mistake….

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I felt my Masters cock slide from my wet mouth. The gag was replaced quickly. “There you can bite that!” You have just made a huge mistake. In fact you have made 2 mistakes! Suddenly my master left the room in a fury. The room was pitch black as I waited for him to return. I began to try to fight against my tight bonds to no avail. I was tied so tight that the more I struggled the tighter the bonds got. Finally I gave up and waited in scared anticipation for my Master to return to punish me. My mind began to wander to the various implements that he could use to discipline me for my errors. He could use the flogger with the studs, the paddle, the whip, his belt; my mind began to work faster and faster as I felt myself grow dry with fear. Although my master had spanked me in training, he had never spanked me for discipline. I began to become so fearful and scared. Minutes turned to an hour and he had still not returned. I was beginning to grow numb and my fantasies returned of him coming in gathering me in his arms and forgiving me for my transgressions. I felt his hands removing the bonds that tied me tight and I felt his hand at my pussy as he massaged and made me wet. His other hand wandered to my chest and began to massage and play with my tits. My sweet lilaster, you as so sweet that I could never hurt you or punish you I heard you caress in my ear. As I felt his hands on my tits he lowered his hot mouth and tongue to my waiting pussy. I was sooo wet as I waited for him to suck on my small clit and flower. As his head lowered to my pussy I felt his tongue caress my clit and enter into my tight wet innocent pussy. My juices were dripping onto you tongue and I began to fall into a pit of desire. I began to black out from the ecstasy you were giving me. Suddenly I heard a door open and realized that it was only in my mind. I had been there by myself and was in no way forgiven…

As I slipped back to my present situation I saw you enter the room silently. You did not say a word as I felt you remove my gag. “Please sir I begged please forgive me. I did not mean to… SHHH! You said gently. You will soon learn to not bite. As I lay there waiting I did not see anything for you to punish me with. Sir? I questioned… “I told you to be quiet slave… I heard you say. You are only making it worse. You will learn to take my Cock into your mouth and you will learn to Control how you worship my Cock! Suddenly I felt my mouth being forced open and you forced a mouth guard into my mouth. This was made of metal and would not let me close my mouth. I felt your hand in my mouth as your hooked my jaw in your hand and forced me to stick my tongue out. Now you said, You will not put your tongue back into your mouth until I tell you that you can…. I was puzzled as I waited for you to make a move… Suddenly I felt an extreme pain radiate through my mouth. AH!!!!!!! I screamed. COUNT! You ordered. I could not tell what you had attacked my tongue with. Suddenly I felt it again snapping onto my sore tongue. Owwwwwwww! I screamed in agony. Two.. I whispered. At this time I realized that the snapping was a simple rubber band against my tongue. OMG I thought. I will not be able to talk for a week I whimpered. SNAP! Went the rubber band a third and final time. Three I meekly attempted. WHAT? I CANT HEAR YOU SLAVE.. you dangerously said. Three Sir! I cried out. That’s better you said. You are lucky I don’t start to snap your lips. I meekly tried to stick my tongue back into my mouth and felt your fingers grip it. DID I SAY THAT YOU COULD DO THAT? No I shook my head frantically.. THAT’S RIGHT YOU SAID QUIETLY. NOW SLAVE I DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS SO EARLY IN YOUR TRAINING BUT YOU HAVE LEFT ME NO CHOICE. YOU WILL BE GIVEN AN ITEM THAT WILL REMIND YOU WHO YOUR MASTER IS…I began to be puzzled and di not notice what you had in your hand. All fo I sudden I heard a gun go off and realized that my tongue was now pierced. OWWW I sobbed. The pain became unbearable as I was still tied and my tongue had just be pierced on top of a beating to my sore mouth. I felt your lips on mine as you began to sooth my sore mouth. Oh my lilaster. I hope I never have to discipline you so severely again you murmured. Tears were running down my cheeks as you soothed the pain with flavored ice cubes. You began to slowly caress my body with the ice. As I felt the ice run over my nipples and pussy I realized that I was truly yours…
The Ice continued to torment me in desire as I felt your tongue beginning to caress where the ice had melted. Mmmm you sighed. Oh my sweet sweet lilaster you coooed. I felt your tongue enter my pussy and clit as you sucked the falvored ice cubes and also suck my drenching wet pussy. You gently undid the bonds that surrounded me and gathered me into your arms as you slowly covered me with the ice cube. Everywhere the ice cube touched your tongue followed. I felt the ice run over my hard nipples. The heat from my tender skin melted the ice immediately. You silently stuck the ice in my mouth to sooth my fresh piercing. I began to try to chew the ice and you gently told me not to. Just suck on it and relax my pet you murmured. You will soon feel much much better you promised me. I felt the ice drip down my throat and also my neck as I had dribbled some. Your mouth came up quickly to cover my mouth. I slowly stuck my tongue out and offered you’re the sweet ice into your waiting mouth. Your mouth sucked the ice melting it and then offered the juice back to me as I swallowed it down my aching throat. Your hands began to roam all over my body as you lowered me to the bed gently. Your ice cube was trailing over my chest and down to my belly button. You let the ice melt there as you sucked up the juices forming at my pussy lips. Suddenly I felt another slender cube being pushed gently into my throbbing pussy. The cold driving me wild with need. Your tongue sucking at my clit taking the juice that was there and only causing more to emerge. I felt you slide my legs wide fastening them to the hooks above the bed. My legs were now spread wide and you gently fastened my arms above my head with a silk scarf. You quickly pulled me to the edge of the bed and then thrust your hard cock into my pussy. Now Slave, you will not Cum until I TELL YOU TO! You commanded in that voice that echoed with authority. I did not need to say anything and you know this. I felt the ice slide deeper into my pussy and I also felt your cock pushing it deep into me. Your hard cock slid deeply into me and you began to massage my clit. I began to whither and squirm as I tried to obey. You pulled almost all the way out of me and I felt your had at my anus. You gently but quickly removed the plug that had been there for quite some time. I had rather forgotten that it was there. Suddenly you took the juices from my pussy and massaged them sliding a finger deep into my ass. I felt you with draw it and then I felt it return but this time It was pushing a piece of ice into my ass. Suddenly you put the plug back into my ass and left it there. My backside began to become cold and hot al at the same time. You began to thrust harder into my waiting pussy. Thrusting all of your thick long cock deep into my pussy. The ice was gone now in my pussy and you moved quickly. My lilaster you said softly would you like to cum sweetie? Yes sir I panted with need. Then cum darling your said. As soon as you said this my bod began to whither and buck as I came sooo hard. I squeezed your cock with my pussy and I felt you cum hard and fast… OH My God I cried out! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I felt you empty your hot cum deep into my pussy and then felt you begin to stroke my clit.. mmmmm I couldn’t handle it and came again all over your hand as you quickly removed the plug in my ass. I panted and shuddered from the force of the orgasm and you gently pulled me to my knees as you quickly guided your cock into my mouth for me to clean you up. You have done well lilaster I heard you say gently as I felt your cock slide over my tongue and down my throat. I sucked you gently making sure th
at I did
n’t bite….

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  1. lilaster's Sir Light

    lilaster-learns is doing so well as she begins to find herself and release her submisson totally and completely — soon she will truly be ready for fulfill her fantasy’s and desires with her Master !!!

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