The Eppla and the Queen

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The Eppla and the Queen An eppla is a pointy-eared, grey-skinned, androgynous being that can divide itself into two people of opposite gender, fornicate, then merge back into one. Queen Otaria was twenty-four, in the third year of her reign, when she encountered one in a shady forest. It ran away from her, frightened. ‘Don’t go, please don’t go!’ she pleaded, her loins aching with the desire to witness some eppla sex. She chased it deeper into the forest, cornering it against some thorny black bushes. Out of fright it divided, pulling itself apart into a boy and a girl. Grey breasts and buttocks wobbled into place, a hard phallus throbbed. The queen leaned back against a tree trunk, sighing with voyeuristic anticipation. Her bum, clad in a pale-blue satin skirt, pressed against the rough, dark-brown bark. She slid a royal hand down the front of her skirt to begin pleasuring herself with rhythmic, generous strokes… A few seconds later the eppla couple began to copulate. The boy lay on his back on the young grass, while the girl sat on top of him. She thrust wildly back and forth, releasing high, girly moans that sounded like a virgin’s first time. The queen hungrily merged her moans with hers, but soon the girl was thrusting with inhuman speed. Her breasts no longer jiggled, they jittered. Her pudding-soft buttocks no longer wobbled, they were slapping together like waves. The girl’s high moans eventually merged into a long, continuous scream. As all movement merged into a blur, the queen climaxed with a loud moan, hanging back in ecstasy as the pleasure in her body exploded like ripe fruit. At the pinnacle she released another moan, softer than the first. When she came down from her orgasm’s giddy heights, the couple had merged back into one. The eppla then stared at the queen with malevolence and other, alien emotions. The queen turned to face the same tree she’d leaned back against earlier. After undoing her skirt she let it drop, along with her silky white panty, then pulled her snowy white buttocks wide apart for the eppla. To her delight, she heard the slurring sound of it dividing again behind her. Then the girl tried to stop the boy from reaching the queen! The queen glanced over her shoulder to see the couple struggle on the grass, the boy half staring at her while trying to free himself from the girl. The queen let her buttocks come together again for the time being. They felt delicious and wobbly. She bit her lower lip as she imagined the boy’s male’s phallus running all the way in. Up…up…up… She’d scream with pleasure if that delight came to pass. To help the boy win the struggle, she tossed him a silver dagger, with which he promptly stabbed the girl through the heart. Instantly the queen realized her mistake, for now the boy too was dying. She should’ve tied up the girl instead of letting the boy kill her! Yet miraculously the dying boy got up, got behind the queen, then ran his phallus in just as she’d imagined. The queen screamed with ecstasy, just as she knew she would. It slid in so easily, so fast. Moments later she cried out with the heavenly release of her second orgasm.

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