The Family Room

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The Family Room

Christy Hopper

I was quite lucky to have found my husband Josh he is just the kind

of man that could fit in perfectly with my family. I met Josh when I was in

college he worked at this little dinner that I would go to everyday after


My first year of collage was very hard on me because I had left the

comforts of my family; I was nineteen and had not been allow to date. For

the past three years the only sexual contact I had was with my father, my

three brothers and my grandfather. I know that incest is taboo in most

families, but for my family it seem quite the normal thing to do.

Because of society views on this subject I knew that I had to be very

careful about sharing my views on family love. When Josh and I started

dating I would always avoided the subject of my family, I would make up

some lame story about how I didn’t want to talk about my family because of

how my mom had ran out on us.

On the other hand Josh had no trouble talking about his big family.

He came from a family of six kid’s three boys, Josh twenty-six, Adam eighteen and Grant twenty. And three girls Carla twenty-four, Sadie and her

twin sister Jade whom had just turned sixteen. Josh’s parents have been

married for almost forty years. His dad Frank worked for the post offices,

and his mom Kate worked in a day care, they were an All-American family.

It wasn’t until Josh took me home to meet his family that I realize

what a special family they were. Josh’s family lived about three hours away

from the small college that I was attending, we drove up on a late Friday

afternoon. It was a lovely drive Josh had just brought a new red sports car,

riding with the top as a cool braze blow my long brown hair as we went

sprinting down the freeway.

I notice that Josh seemed to be a bit on edge that day, I notice how he

would glance over at me as the wind blow through the t strapped white tank

top that I was wearing. I didn’t wear a bra that day so my tits were nice and

firm. Josh could see my hard nipples, as they stood erect and bulging

through my top, or the way that he would look at my long brown tanned

legs. But I chocked it up to nerves about me meeting his family. Or maybe it

was the fact that in the four months that we had been dating we hadn’t

messed around except for a few good night kisses at my door.

Josh and I had not had the big sex talk yet, and like I said before I had

to be very careful about who I let in on the special relationship that I had with all the male members of my family. I knew that Josh had to be just as

horny I was. For the last four months whenever we would go out I was

always hoping that the night would end with Josh inside my hungry pussy.

When we arrived at Josh’s parents’ house his entire family was there

to greet us. Needles to say I was more then a little nervous as we drove up to

the brick red two story house. Josh’s mother Kate was the first to come and

welcome her oldest son home. Kate was a tall robust woman with crystal

blue eyes; She wore her salt and pepper hair back into a ponytail with a

black scarf tied around it, that matched black and white pants suite that she

was wearing. She greeted her son with a hug and welcomed me to their


As I walked in the door I could tell that the family weren’t rich, but

they were quick comfortable. We walked into the living room where Josh’

sisters and brothers were all waiting. The first one to come running up to us

was Josh’s oldest sister Carla. Carla was a tell young woman with short red

hair, green eyes, and a gorgeous body. She walked up to Josh and throws her

arms around him, holding him close as the two exchanged kisses. The rest

of them join around their brother to welcome him home.

Once I met everyone Kate told the gang that dinner would be ready in

about an hour. She told Josh to take my overnight bag and put in the guess room. Josh grabbed my overnight bag and headed upstairs, while Kate

invited me to have a glass of tea with her in the kitchen.

We went into the kitchen and started talking about this and that, just

making small talk. Josh had not come back from taking my bags up to my

room. I ask Kate if I could use the bathroom so I could freshen up for

dinner. She said that it was upstairs at the end of the hall.

`I walked upstairs to find a long hallway, as I walked I heard Josh’s

voice come from one of the rooms. As I got closer I noticed that Josh’s

voice sounded rather odd. I found the room where the sounds where coming

from, the door was open just enough that I could see in, and what I saw

changed the course of my relationship with not only Josh but with my future

in-laws as wall.

I saw my boyfriend with his pants down and with his sister Carla on

her knees sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. Needles to say I was

in shock, but it was a pleasant shock. As I stood there watching Carla work

her brother’s woody I realized that this was not the first time that Carla had

sucked her brother’s dick, and from the looks of it dick sucking was not all

the brother and sister had engaged in.

I stood at the door praying that I wouldn’t be notice as I watched Josh

lay Carla on the bed and begin suck her hairless cunt. Her heard moans of pleasure as Josh’s hungry tongue ravaged her pussy. My face must have

turned three shades of green as I saw my boyfriend do to his sister what he

should have been doing to me.

I continued to watch as Josh drop his pants and I got a good look at

his cock. My god it was so big! He had to be at lest ten inches. My mouth

watered when I saw him stick it into her. I felt my own pussy wet with

desire as Josh started to fuck Carla. I must have made some type of noise

because Josh suddenly stopped and look in my direction.

Josh slowly eased his way out of his sister’s pussy.

“Who’s there?” He demanded

There was nothing else I could do as I slowly pushed the door open to

reveal myself; the look on Josh’s face said it all. Shock would be the word

to describe the look that resonated in his face.

“Oh my god Christy sweetheart I can explain.” He said while

grabbing his pants

“Can you?”

I was so anger, not by the fact that he had been fucking his sister, but

by the fact that he felt that he couldn’t come to me and share this part of his

life with me, I know it sounds crazy because I felt the same way. I stood

there and watched Carla grab her clothes and run out of the room. Josh zipped his pants and then he asked me to come and sit by him on the bed

while he explains how his family works.

Josh told me that his parents were swingers, people who believed in

total sexual expression. Josh said that his parents believes extended to their

children as well. Josh said that as the oldest male that he was taught that it

was ok for he and his brothers and sisters to have sex with each other, and

that it was often encouraged by both his mom and dad. He said that he

understood that most families were not like theirs and that if I wanted out of

the relationship that he would understand.

I sat there beside Josh listening as a calm peace swept over me; it was

as if there was someone else in the world that thought like me. That sex with

members of your own family was natural, and the most perfect way of

expressing your love for one another.

“No I don’t want out of our relationship; as a matter of fact you’r
e just

the man that I have been looking for.” I said as tears filled my eyes and

dropped down my golden tan face.

“I don’t understand what are you trying to say?” The concern in Josh’s

voice told me that I could trust him with my secret.

“Josh I have something to tell you about my family. You see when I

turned sixteen I started having sex with all the male members of my family. Up until the day I left for college I had been fucking my father, my three

brothers and my grandfather. I didn’t know if I could tell you or anyone else

for that matter.”

Josh took my face in his hand and wiped the tears from my cheek, and

in a manner that told me that he loved me, we kissed with all the passion

that the moment called for.

Later that night as we sat around the dinner table I could see what a

wonderful family this was. These were not people that society needed to

hate or fear, on the contrary these were people who know how to give and

receive love.

Right before we lift the dinner table Frank asked Josh if his girl

would like to see the “family room?” Josh looked at his dad and a big smile

came across his face.

“Yes dad I think Chris would love to see our family room.”

After dinner Josh took me down to the family room in the basement

of their home. As we walked down stairs towards the back of the of the

room was a door that lead another room. Josh open the door and I entered a

room that seemed to have been designed for family whom had a passion for

sex. The room was lit with soft lighting, the walls was covered with pictures of people having sex. On one wall sat a wide screen television with a VCR

where porn was showing, in front of the television were throw pillows of all

sizes. The floor was cover with a soft shag carpet, and the sealing was

covered with mirrors, and in one corner sat a big box that the family called

the toy box, while on another wall there were chains and shackles.

Walking into the room I could see that the entire family had gathered

and they were all dressed in bath ropes as Josh walked me to the center of

the room, and the family form a circle around us. Josh explains that this was

a very special room in their home, it is where all of the siblings had their

first sexual encounter.

” I love this room, it was in this room where I first banged my sisters,

and it was in this room where I first fucked an older woman, my Aunt

Penny.” Josh said with delightful grain.

” Ye I just did Aunt Penny last week, that bitch was one fucking good

lay.” Said Grant.

“We just fucked Uncle Steve down here about two weeks ago.”

Added one of the twins.

“I did mom down here my first time, and Carla you screwed dad your

first time down here didn’t you?” Adam pipes in.

“That’s right.” Added Carla

“I hope we’re not scaring you Chris?” Said Josh as he pulled me close

to his side, caressing my shoulders.

“No it all sounds so wonderful.” I said, as I looked around at al the faces.

“Good.” Said Josh as he lower the t stripes on my tank top exposing

my hard thirty-eight inch tits for all to see.

“Oh my god.” I heard someone say as Josh unzipped the black jean

mini skirt I was wearing, it tumbling to the floor as Josh gently pull down

my thong I heard a gasp as my bald pussy came into view.

“Oh son you have bought us a real winner.” Frank said as he moved

in to get a better look.

Josh laid me down on the floor spreading my legs he begins by letting

his hands explore my dark brown body. His hands roamed where ever they

wished, my arms, my legs, my thighs, my tits, and my pussy. Whatever part

of my body he touched it felt like by body was on the verge of exploiting.

“Josh is going first.” I head Kate say to the rest of them.

I lay there on the floor while Josh removed his cloths. It would the

first time that I would see him naked. The first time I saw what my

husband’s body look like I was overwhelmed by his strong physique, from

head to toe his body was cut to perfection. Josh’s rippling hard body

saturated with lust as his muscular frame stood over me.

Josh knelt down brushing back my hair he instructs me to explore his

body, I came up to a kneeling position and I began to discover everything

Josh had to offer. By letting my fingers lightly trace his frame, I felt the

hardness of his body in my fingertips. Josh pressed my hand to his chest and

I could feel his heart pounding. With my other hand I ran down his side until

I reached his upper thigh, I let my hand travel until I reach the top of his

crotch, I started to kiss it working my way down until I reached the head.

Slowly I opened my mouth to receive Josh; his long meaty cock was

slowly slipped into my mouth. I rapped my full red lips around his

manhood, as Josh watched it slowly inch by inch disappear in my mouth.

“Oh baby that feels so good.” I heard Josh moan.

“Ye suck that dick good.” I heard someone say.

“Dam I can’t wait to get my dick into that.”

I started suck faster as I heard the family eggs me on, and I felt Josh

growing and expanding inside my mouth. After a few minutes Josh pulled

out of my mouth, he pushed me back onto one of the big throw pillows and

he spreads my legs apart and begins to massage my eager little pussy.

When it was time Josh buried his big dick deep inside my pussy. I

wasn’t ready for the rush it gave me when he thrust his ten-inch cock in my

cunt. I went into a sexual frenzy; it was a feeling that I had never

experienced before, not even with my father.

As the first wave of orgasms hit my body I became more and more

crazed as Josh thrust his dick in and out, and in and out, at times his dick

felt like a jackhammer pounded my pussy into submission, as he releases his

seed inside me.

Josh was still on top of me when someone taped him on the shoulder.

My eyes were still closed but I knew when Josh got up off of me and

someone else got on top of me. I opened my eyes to find Josh’s dad Frank

claming on top of me.

“There just relaxes sugar you’re doing fine.” Frank said as he started

to suck one of my hard erect nipples

My father in law a man in his late fifths is a man who loves sex and

has tried to instill that same passion in his children. Frank is not a tall man

but he is put together quite nicely.

Frank’s hands were all over me. I remember thinking how big and

soft they were as they moved down my body. Frank started his repertoire by

letting one hand slip between my legs and founding the opening to my cunt

Frank sled two finger in and out of my pussy while he continue to suck my

nipples. Frank quickly moved down my body kissing and licking every inch

of me until he got to my love hole. At this point Frank lost it because he

buried his face in my pussy while keeping his fingers going in and out of my

pussy. He stared licking and sucking it at such a rapid pace that all I could

do is just lie there and enjoy the ride.

Frank’s other son Grant join the fun when he dropped to his knees

and shoved
his lovely seven inch dick in my mouth while he play with my

tits. It felt so good getting Grant off while Frank stuck nearly nine-inch

huge dick in my pussy. Frank fucked me for nearly thirty minutes, then it

was Grants turn.

Grant was a real ass man. He turned me over on all fours spreading

my checks wide Grant started to shove his dick in and out of my big black

ass. From this position I
was able to see what else was going on in the room.

There was clearly an orgy going on because on one side of the room there

was Josh on top of his mom fucking the shit out of her, and as I looked a

little past them I saw Adam with one of his twin sisters pined against the

wall sucking her pussy.

I also saw Carla go to the toy box and take out a gold color strap-on

dildo so she could fuck the other twin. Grant had fucked my ass nearly raw when he flipped me over and pushed my knees to my chest and stuck his

dick in my pussy. Grant got the tap that said his time was up, Frank got on

top of me again this time the old man fucked me, I mean he really fucked

me hard and long and good!

Once Frank was done and I rested for a bit, I saw Carla come towards

me. She walked over to me and sat on the pillow next to me. I was

exhausted but I knew that I could go another round or two in our fuck fest.

Carla was still wearing the strap on dick when she asked me the question

that I knew was coming.

“Have you ever been fucked another woman?” Carla said as she

played with her dick.

“No but I wouldn’t mind.” I said with a smile that said I was willing.

That was all Carla needed to hear. She moved in leaning over and

giving me an open mouth kiss, she shoved her tongue almost down my

throat. She pushed me back spreading my legs Carla starts by playing with

my clit with her fingers. I closed my eyes while Carla finger fucked my

pussy to ecstasy. Carla lay on top of me and shoved her big strap on cock as

deep inside my pussy hole as she could get it. Once inside Carla rotates her

hips as to make the fuck more enjoyable for me. I somehow managed to get

one of her delicious tits in my mouth. It tasted so good as my future sister-

in-law rammed her golden dick in and out of my pussy.

When Carla was done it was Adam and the twins Sadie and Jade’s

turn. I won’t go into details but I will say that the three younger members of

Josh’s family are just as sexually charged as the rest of the family, and that

Night I did every member of the family, needless to say that I got their stap of approval. As a matter of fact I’m thinking about the first time the two

families met, wall that’s a story for anther time.

The end, for now
Fed back please

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