The Family Secret.

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Part 2: They’re at it again.
It has been a while since I first caught my parents fucking in the living room during the day. I think I told you about that, and how hot it was. Here is the story of the second time I saw them at it, with a difference.
My Aunt Karen, my Moms sister, was visiting us, but that first evening, I had arranged a sleep-over at my friends house, after going to a movie. On the way home, I remembered that I had forgotten my overnight bag. Jolie, my friend, said I didn’t need it anyway, since we would be sleeping together and she had a spare, new toothbrush. I agreed, but then, the thought crossed my mind that with my parents not expecting me to come home, it might be the ideal time to try and catch them at it again. I said as much to Jolie, whom I had told about the first time I saw them screwing. She agreed, on the condition she could come along to watch too, as she wanted to see my Dads 9″ cock. WE smiled naughtily at each other and decided to try it. I had the perfect excuse, if we were caught, my overnight bag.
I unlocked the front door and we went in. The lights were on in the kitchen, bathroom and my parents bedroom, where the door was partially open also. Nice of them. We heard noises coming from the bedroom, sexy noises. We looked at each other, and I put my fingers to my lips to cautuon her.
Creeping to the door, we almost gave ourselves away there and then, as we stifled our gasps, at what we saw. On the bed was my Mom and my Aunt; they were both completely naked. My Mom was lying on top of my Aunt, across the bed. They were in the 69 position. Their heads and mouths were buried in each others pussies, and they were noisily slurping away at their very wet lips. Muffled moans and sqeals and sighs were emanating from the bed, as their arms were locked around each others thighs, holding them well apart. I noticed that while my Moms pussy was covered in bushy hair, my Aunts was clean-shaven. Wow, I thought, that looks so cool. Jolie was transfixed at the sight. Then we heard a mans voice, my Dads. He was saying, “That’s it, lick your wet pussies, suck those hot cunts.”
We had to move slightly to see my Dad, and then only in the mirror across from the bed. He was sitting on the chair, stark naked, slowly stroking his hard cock, which was at its full 9″. Jolies eyes opened wide at the sight, and she looked at me approvingly. Dad got up from the chair, and said to the women, “Come on babes, I want some of that cunt.”
My Mom, who was on top, looked up, and said to him, “You want to fuck my sister Dave?”
“What do you think,” he replied, “I’ve been watching you play with her pussie now for a half hour. It’s my turn.”
“Fair enough,” said my Mom. She got off my Aunt, and hauled her around on the bed. Karens face was wet with my Moms pussy juice. Mom Got off the bed, and reached back to my Aunts legs. She pulled them wide apart, and looked at my Dad.
“She’s all yours, Hon,” she said.
My Aunt just giggled and looked at my Dad. “Give it to me,” she told him.
Dad got on the bed, and laid between her thighs. With no finesse at all, he shoved his cock straight into her hot, wet, wide-open pussy. He fell on top of her and started to fuck her. His ass contracted as he pumped his huge cock into her, fast and hard.
“Oh, yes,” my Aunt said. “Fuck her hard Dave,” said my Mom, “she’s a bitch.”
Jolie and I looked at each other with our hands still over our mouths, our eyes wide at this hot sight. Dad was fucking Karen furiously now, slamming his rigid 9″ into her cunt, pulling her labia lips in and out with every stroke. He filled her pussy completely. Mom was looking closely at her husbands cock pounding in and out of her sister, and obviously enjoying what she was seeing. My Aunt was just gasping and crying out, “Oh my God, yess, fuck me hard. That feels so fucking good.”
Dad was groaning and grunting now, and speding up his thrusts into my Aunt. Mom recognised the signs and whiuspered to him, “I want you to cum all over her tits baby.”
MY Aunt Karen was screaming now, to fuck her harder, and to never stop, but she too was cumming hard. Dad gave her a few more wickedly hard shoves, and then pulled his prick out of her cunt. He moved to straddle her chest, and Mom took over his cock. She gripped it firmly and started to stroke him as fast as she could. Within seconds, his balls tightened up, and we saw his hot, wet, thick, white cum shoot out of his throbbing cock. It splashed so hard onto my Aunts tits, that we heard it. Karen just said, “OH!” Mom said, “Yesss, look at that. Shoot your hot cum all over her Dave.” He did, it seemed, for about 5 minutes, but I suppose it was less than that. When the last drop had fallen from his huge cockhead, my Mom leaned over and put her mouth over it. She sucked for a few mins, until we saw Dad shudder, and then it was over. My Aunt was massaging all of Dads cum into her hot flesh, and she had a stupid look on her face. Dad sighed, and Mom just looked happy.
It was obviously time to get out of there. Jolie and I crept out and closed the door silently. When we got back to her place and into bed, naked ourselves, we re-lived what we saw, with me using a strap-on cock on her pussy.
Well, that’s it for now. As I said before, if I see anything more, you, dear reader, will be the first to read about it. Look for it.

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  1. FantasyGoddess

    I liked your story – too bad I dont get along with my sisters like that

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  2. Mary2003

    fucking awesome

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