The Glistening

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It had been a killer day at the shop. I work at a sign company and I’m on my feet probably 80% of the day. It doesn’t bother me, I have a super-high metabolism and have been the same 130 lbs. for the past ten years. I came home and my wife, Marie offered to give me a foot massage after a few sharps hints about how my feet were sore from the day. I sat on our sofa and slowly took a drag from a one-hitter as Marie removed my sneakers, a pair of well worn Nike All Conditions Gear shoes. She removed my socks and allowed my toes to breath, and slowly began kneading away the day. Watching her move my feet in between her hands, and feeling their warm embrace as she massaged my long toes began to arouse me. Marie was accustomed to me being turned on by a foot massage.
I’m an artist in my spare time, and I concentrate on realistic pencil portraits of the human body. When I began to develop my style, the first body part that I decided to tackle was the foot. I had pencilled comic books for many years and has always found trouble when drawing and developing feet. So I began to gather photo references and I studied the foot for months only to re-discovery it’s beauty. Soon, I also discovered my own fetish for this beautiful tensile arched appendage. Marie saw too, that my subject matter had largely been swayed towards the foot persuasion, she merely smiled, “got a foot fetsih, do ya?”. I couldn’t deny it. I am drawn to pretty, well-kept feet. Even on a sort of narcissistic level, I dig my own feet and enjoy looking at them… so it’s no doubt that when my hot wife plays with my feet, it’s a total turn on!
While she was giving me the rub down, i noticed her squished little toes poking out behind her ass, as she knealt before me. Marie was wearing a silver toe ring on her middle right toe. This really turned me on, causing my now very hard cock to jump. She noticed this and put her hand up my pants leg to get a grip on my balls. I smiled at her, “do you wanna take a shower?” I asked.
Marie is two years younger than me, very petite, double D breasts that I love, although she wishes were a little smaller. A fiery little redhead, Marie’s about 5′ 4″ and 101 llbs. I got in the shower while Marie put a load of laundry into the dryer. Setting out a couple towels, I got the bathroom nice and steamy as I waited for my sweet little Red. She opened the curtain and stepped into the shower, behind me. I washed my face in the warm water as I felt her come up behind me, reaching around my chest, moving her hands across my abs and down to my still hard 7″ dick. I turned around to kiss her full lips, to taste her tongue, to caress her neck. I pulled her tight body against my hard erection.
She beckoned me to sit, as she started to let the waters run down her glistening body. I sat, looking up the entire time as she washed. She bent over so that her perfect ass was inches away from my nose, her little pink pussy moments away from my eager tongue. And when I’d lean forward to bite her tan butt, she’d move away, teasing me. Marie finished rinsing and sat down in front of me with her razor and a bar of soap. One of my favorite things to do is watch her shave her legs and pussy. One leg at a time, Marie propped her awesome little feet on my chest, or on my shoulder while she shaved. Not only did this give me a fantastic view of her pussy, but it brought her feet to right where I wanted them – on and near my face. While she shaved, I massaged her feet, playing with her toes, the toe ring, her soles.
Finished with her legs, Marie stood up on one leg, propping her other leg on my shoulder to shave her public area. I watched her as my cock bounced up and down with excitement. She smiled, knowing full well how turned on this made me. I watched as she carefully manuevered the razor around her vagina, shaving the area smooth except for a small patch of bright red. Snapping the razor back onto it’s holder on the wall, Marie turned her gaze back my way. My attention was still focused on her freshly shaved pussy. I moved towards her on my knees and pushed her back against the cold shower wall. She sighed with delight as I pushed her leg over my shoulder again. My hands on her hips, I held her body steady as I worked my tongue across her clitoris. I could feel her knees weaken as I pushed my tongue further into her, but I held her body firm. I kissed her beautiful pussy and shoved my tongue into her like we were making out on our first date. Flicking my tongue across her clit made her remove her leg from my shoulder as she moaned with such delight. Sitting back down, I asked her to turn around and touch her toes, like she had teased just moments before. I leaned forward to kiss her round ass and to admire her tight, tight little asshole, which seemed like a flower. Rubbing her clitoris with my right hand, I grabbed her left ass cheek and started kissing her asshole with sharp flicks of my tongue. Moaning and groaning with delight and pleasure, Marie pushed her soft ass into my face, urging me to push my tongue further in between her very clean crack. I could have eaten her ass for a long time, but I know that the position was uncomfortable so I told her to sit down. Marie was very horny by now and wanted to sit on my dick, but I told her, “soon”. I wanted to play with the cutest fucking toes I know. She grinned, sitting down in front of me and presented me with her feet once more. I held them both in my hands like they were made of glass, admiring the shiny metallic red gloss coat they she had applied the previous night. Wiggling her toes at me, I raised her feet up to my face, kissing and licking her soles. Marie just sat back and admired me as I licked and worshipped her feet, paying close attention to every little toe with the tip of my tongue. While I worked on one foot, Marie would massage my cock with her other. She soon saw that I could easily spend hours licking in between her toes and kissing her heels, so she withdrew her feet to my disappointment.
Smiling, Marie propped herself on her knees and slowly began kissing my neck, my nipples, my navel… until she was kissing my lower abdomen, my hard dick caressing the side of her face as she moved down towards my balls. Leaning forward, I reach behind her, sticking a finger into her asshole just as she allows my thick cock to enter her soft tender mouth. Taking short strokes around the head of my dick, she suddenly plunged it down her throat all the way to the hilt, held her mouth there for a moment and then brought it back out. She continued to deepthroat me, while massaging my balls and moaning with pleasure as my finger pumped her asshole in sychronicity with her blowjob. I felt that strong urge that I was going to come and pulled my finger out of her to hold onto her head as her strokes became stronger. With a blast of relief, I felt my load explode into Marie’s mouth and down the back of her throat.
Jerking me off, Marie looked up, smiling with come glistening on her lips. “It’s amazing what one foot massage will lead to in this house, huh?”.

I agreed and smiled.

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