The Hot Tub

It’s been months, but it appears the big evening the girls planned for me is finally about to happen. I’m standing in the kitchen making drinks. The three of us are having fun tonight and a few drinks have helped loosen us up. Kelly and my wife Brit have often talked about seeing where things go if all three of us jump into my hot tub. It’s taken longer than I thought it would; nerves, moods, and other people being around prolonged my perfect fantasy. Tonight things just might go my way.

As I walk outside, the girls are sitting on the edge of the hot tub soaking their feet in the sparkling hot water. Kelly is stunning, in a short thin tank top that stops only inches above her sweet ass. I can see her thong stretched between her lovely full cheeks in the dim of the night. Brit, is inviting in an XL t-shirt wet from the pool that accentuates her ample round breasts. Her blonde ringlets keep the t-shirt moist as it clings to her skin. Her nipples pressing through the thin material from the slight evening chill. They giggle and go on about the endless errands they’ve made me do, knowing how I’m hoping I’ll have them both to myself. I hand them their drinks and ask them if they want anything else. Telling them its last call, because I’m ready to relax in the hot tub once I’m back. They tell me to run in and get the fuzzy bath robes, so not to catch a draft afterwards. I hustle off to collect the robes in anticipation that my waiting was finally over.

I put on only a robe and throw the other robes over my arm as I return to them. As I step outside, I see they’ve entered the hot tub. The full moon shimmers against the burbling water as I move closer. Their bare shoulders are all that is exposed in the water and I think to myself, now that’s more like it! After hanging up the robes near the tub, I turn around and remove my robe. Their eyes follow me, or at least my swelling cock and make smart comments as I enter the hot tub and watch my tool sink into the water. The bubbles from the agitated water tingle my skin and stream up my legs and back as I take a seat across from them. They teasingly boast that they at least took off their tops for me. Wasting no time, Brit turns to me with a smile on her face and says that Kelly is going to need help pulling off her thong. Insinuating she might lose it in the tub and I should make sure that doesn’t happen. I eagerly oblige and reach into the warm water. She smiles as my fingers first touch the tender skin of her thighs and I slide my trembling hands past her hips and under the curve of her firm bottom until I feel the tiny triangle of her thong. My palms sense the fullness of her ass as I press my fingers in under the string of the waistband. I hook the band on both sides and without hesitation she lifts her hips as I pull it around under her ass. She gently falls back and lifts her legs to the surface of the water allowing me to glide my hands along her perfect skin. I pull the little piece of material down her long legs, past the knees, then along her silky calves until I can remove it over her ankles and place it on the side of the hot tub. As Brit’s looks on, I can see she enjoys watching me touch her best friend, so I deliberately take my hand and run it inside Kelly’s open thighs. Gently, I run my fingertips through the supple folds of Kelly’s pussy. She reacts with an “Mmmmmm” and Brit’s eyes light up as her excitement builds. Things were looking my way and, I was only getting started.

I grasp them both and we rise from the churning water. Seeing both their naked bodies so close to mine water dripping from them is incredibly exciting. I reach an arm around both of their waists and pull them closer to me. Their wet skin clings to mine as we all rub together, my cock senses both their flesh pressing on either side. My hands works slowly down their backs and I run them over both glorious asses. Then in each hand I grab a full round bun as my fingertips slip ever closer to each pussy. They smile at each other as their breasts press together and our bodies press even closer. I reach down further and my hands reach their waiting cunts, my fingers probe inside and slip and slide in both of their juices. I mention how I love feeling them this way and that each is so distinctive. Raising their interest, the girls want me to tell them more and quickly perch themselves on the ledge of the hot tub. They draw close together pressing their hips side by side, crossing their ankles, then each spreads their legs before me. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. They are gorgeous, side by side showing me their beautiful assets and urging me to tell them what I like about them. Brit directs me to Kelly and watches intently as I lower into the water and bring myself close to her neatly trimmed triangle and sumptuous dark lips that wantonly pout out as they wait to be pleasured. She inhales as I take my tongue and smoothly run it up in amidst the tawny flesh. My mouth suckles her willowy lips and they envelop my tongue as it slips along inside tasting her essence. My lips kiss her sensitive flesh as I go, I suck the flushed folds into my mouth marveling at how they are covered in her succulent juices. Her honey runs down my chin as I massage her swollen clit. I grab her ass pulling her to me and press my tongue deep inside her. She in turn takes her hand and presses it to the back of my neck. She breathily says that she wants to watch me eat Brit’s pussy. I take a last deep kiss and breath of her lavish pussy and turn to pleasure my excited wife.

Brit smiles as I move to her. She leans back in anticipation of being taken with Kelly present. I can tell this is something she has longed for. A hand still placed close to Kelly’s box, I reach under Brit’s knee and adjust it so they both can see. Taking my time, I kiss along the smooth peachy skin of her inner leg as I approach her little patch of blonde curls. In contrast, Brit’s lovely pink lips are slender and uniform glistening with her nectar. Her pollen reaches my nose just as I press my mouth to her lips. My dick throbs as I realize now I can taste both of them. Kelly inhales again as I take my hand and gently sink two fingers deep inside her pussy. Brit moans as I knowingly knead her sensitive clit, my tongue encircling her tiny button then down with my mouth to suckle her pink wet lips. It is surreal to me that I am now pleasuring these women as I’ve always dreamed. My heart pounds as my excitement nears its peak. I’m ready to get some pleasuring and the girls are primed to provide some.

My cock stands at attention as I rise up in front of the girls. They lower into the water on either side of me. Sinking my fingers in their hair, I take a deep breath as I guide each of them to me. Their mouths begin to press and kiss along my rigid shaft. I watch as their warm slippery tongues explore the taught skin. Together they teasingly lap at my swollen helmet taking a moment to press their tongues to each other. Now taking turns, Brit first takes my rod deep into her mouth, massaging my shaft with her tongue as she withdraws. Then Kelly takes the tip of her tongue and tickles the sensitive underside of my pulsing head then swallows it. She swirls her tongue against it as she sucks, making the spongy head swell inside her mouth. Brit one hand on my ass, presses her face to my sack and gently places her tongue underneath as she suckles my balls into her mouth. For a few seconds, I gasp with the sensations as they both continue playing. I know I can only withstand so much stimulation and tell them, I want to fuck them both before I cum.

Kelly moves back with me to the seat of the hot tub and Brit sits opposite us. As I lean back Kelly stands close before me, water droplets running down her breasts. I take a moment to look at her incredible body. Her narrow waist tapering out to her smooth full hips framing her exquisite box. At my eye level I watch as water trickles in little beads from her tiny silky curls. I take my hands from beneath the water and slide them up tracing h
er form; thighs, hips, the
n up to clutch her waist. Spreading her legs, she allows me to guide her down onto my shaft. My hard cock pulses as I feel her warm snug cunt slip open over the firm sensitive head, then pressing down, my cock drives up inside her. She leans to me bobbing her hips, as her slippery pussy sooths my stiff rod. Seeing Kelly begin to ride me, Brit slides a hand into the water inside her legs. Her telling arm movements show she is enjoying watching us fuck. Brit sighs heavily which arouses Kelly’s attention. I lift Kelly and she turns around to see Brit and once there, she glides down onto my shaft again. Controlling her motion she rises and falls on my shaft. Her amazing round cheeks feel wonderful as the supple skin presses against my hips. Brit decides to join us and quietly moves in next to us. She looks at Kelly and tells her she wants her too. Kelly becomes still as she watches Brit lower her mouth and wrap her lips around one of her round bulging nipples. Both nipples visibly stiffen with her excitement. Cupping her other breast in my hand, I tenderly kiss the back of Kelly’s neck and shoulder as we watch. Brit then takes a hand and reaches between Kelly’s legs. I feel Brit’s hand as her fingers knead my balls then she draws them up to encircle the base of my shaft as Kelly’s lips move down and press against them. Brit lets out a giggle as she can feel her man rigid inside another woman. I rock my hips as Kelly squeezes my cock inside her. Brit deftly uses her fingertips to stroke Kelly’s swollen clit alternately pinching then pulling. Kelly’s breathing becomes heavy as she grinds down on my root. Brit presses her fingers to Kel’s pussy and spreads her lips wider on either side of my shaft. I know she wants to enter her so I lift Kelly off my hips and my cock happily slips in between her wonderful cushiony cheeks. Kelly swallows hard as Brit plunges her fingers into her now convulsing cunt. Brit straddles Kelly’s upper leg and carefully gyrates her hips to works her own pussy open to touch her clit to Kelly’s skin. I am amazed as I am watching these two women pleasure each other while on top of me. Kelly’s hips rocking makes my shaft sinks deeper into the warm cleft of her soft cheeks. It feels good as my rigid cock presses against her ass. I can sense her hole clenching tightly from Brit’s fingers thrusting into her pussy. The stimulation and the thoughts swirling through my head becomes too much for me, and I begin to squirt my load. Kelly senses my pulsing shaft against her ass and gasps as she begins to cum as Brit’s fingers feverishly work inside her.

Exhausted Kelly leans back towards me as I repeatedly stroke my hands gently up and down her sides then cup her breasts. Brit quietly rubs herself to Kelly’s leg, then stops for a second to ask self consciously, “I’m not hurting you am I?” Kelly eyes almost closed, calmly answers no. As I watch her, Brit is lost in the sensations as she continues slowly gyrating against Kelly’s thigh. Then after a few seconds she quietly whispers that she’s beginning to cum. After her last shudder, she sheepishly admits she can’t believe she had an orgasm so easily, saying Kelly’s skin felt so good it was impossible not to.

Now spent, we all relax huddling together silently caressing each other. The only sound is the low drone of the hot tub and the foamy spritz of the bubbles as they reach the surface of the water. After a while, it’s time to turn in and I exhaustedly lift myself from the water and one by one wrap a big comfortable robe around each beautiful woman as they join me. I am tired, so smiling I tell the girls it’s time for them to take me upstairs and tuck me in for the night. They tell me, I better since I’ll need my energy for all the errands it will take to get us all together again for another evening of fun.

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