The Hotel (part 1)

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The job ad was very non-descript, just asking for an experienced waiter and room service attendant. Mr van Heyden was the owner-operator and he conducted the interview, also saying that the hotel was an exclusive retreat that entertained guests and met their private needs and desires.

During the interview Mr van Heyden also said that while the hotel was small – having only the five separate apartments – it covered a large area with secluded gardens to ensure the privacy of the guests.

I was questioned about any objections or inhibitions and my sexual preferences. As an experienced hotel attendant there were very few circumstances that I hadn’t encountered and some that I didn’t really want to remember and sexual preferences went along the lines of ‘if it feels good do it’. He also asked about working closely with other staff and saying that there would be two female and one other male attendants.

Mr van Heyden continued the interview noting the uniform requirement. It was a pair of light grey trousers that had velcro cuffs at the waist and ankles and entirely open from the inside ankle through the crotch and down to the other ankle. Looking at them, it was difficult to see that they were at all open resembling the genie costume-style harem pants. The other part of the uniform was a white, tight fitting sleeveless t-shirt and Mr van Heyden insisted on a white silk g-string to be worn underneath the trousers.

He asked me to try on the uniform. As I pulled on the g-string I have to admit that I enjoyed the silky feeling across my cock, the strap between my butt cheeks and the soft fabric of the trousers. The t-shirt hugged my tight body and showed off my muscled arms and highlighted my firm pecs and flat stomach. I have to admit I was getting hard just seeing myself in the mirror.

Mr van Heyden appeared to approve and asked me to come back the following day for some tutorial sessions with some regular guests that have helped with staff training in the past.

I arrived at 4:00PM as requested and went to the locker room to change into the uniform. While I was changing a stunning brunette walked in to change as well. She introduced herself as Ingrid. I will remeber her forever, because as she was getting changed, she looked at me the whole time, and I watched as she stripped naked seeing her full,firm breasts, tight butt, long legs and long hair just drink in my appreciation of her form. I had to wait until my cock settled until I could move. I guessed Ingrid knew that from the smirk she gave as she left the change room. After I had changed, Mr van Heyden was waiting with some forms. My contract of employment, payment details and a confidentialty agreement with a large warning about the privacy of the guests. He suggested that I could wait until after the first tutorial as to whether or not I would want to take the job or not.

A soft chime sounded and it was a request for Suite 2, Mr Stafford and companion, informed Mr van Heyden. A small screen showed the request for a bottle of champagne and canapes. As this was a regular guest, Mr van Heyden had already prepared the tray, which I picked up and took to the suite.

On arrival at the suite, I pressed the door bell and heard the automatic click of the door release. I nudged the door open and walked through the foyer and into the large salon to see Mr Stafford and his companion. Naked. On the large modular lounge surrounding the wall.

Mr Stafford was a well built man in his late 40’s, tanned and at least 8″ of hard cock. His companion was a stunning brunette with firm tits narrow waist and nice tight butt. She was also wearing a large black strap on dildo which was sliding in and out between Mr Stafford’s well toned butt cheeks.

Seeing this site my cock sprang to life, but with the loose trousers and the g-string, it was not noticable.

Without any attempt to apologise or cover up, Mr Stafford stood and took the bottle of champagne and opened it, pouring some into a glass, sipping then sharing it with his companion. Some dripped onto her tits which Mr Stafford readily licked up, dwelling for a while sucking on her erect nipples. Her hands drifted to caress his very hard and long cock.

I opened the claim for Mr Stafford’s signature, only to be asked for some assistance.

Mr Stafford then took a mouthful of the champagne and knelt in front of me and quickly and deftly released my throbbing member and slid it into his mouth. The feeling of the bubbles of the champagne fizzing around my cock and feeling his tongue lick the shaft was incredible. I slowly put the tray on the sideboard while his mouth and the champagne continued to tickle my dick.

While Mr Stafford was enjoying my dick, his companion moved behind him and eased the dildo back into his waiting butt, sliding it in smoothly. Mr Stafford eased back against the intrusion and his hips fell into a pumping, grinding motion. He then took another mouthful of champagne and returned to my cock.

Mr Stafford then motined for me to provide a similar service. I took some of the champagne and dropped to take his cock in my mouth. We were in a 69 and he with the brunette fucking his ass.

I could smell her sex and moved my hands around to feel across her smooth skin and my fingers found her wet holes and allowed me to enter and play.

After a few minutes, Mr Stafford directed us to the attention of his companion and took another mouthful of champagne and sucked on her left breast indicating that I should take the right. This I did without hesitation. Mr Stafford then moved his wet mouth down her smooth body and removed the strap on belt and the dildo fell to the floor revealing her shaved pussy, glistening and very fuckable, so much so, Mr Stafford slid his 8″ member in and started to pump.

He grabbed my hard cock and was jerking it in time with his fucking action while I leaned over and swallowed in her tits licking across from nipple to nipple giving light bites with my teeth around the aureoles and sucking the sensitive tips.

She was breathing heavy and suddenly screamed out, “Fuck me, yessss, fuck me with that monster, fuck my wet cunt…..yessssss” then she shuddered and I could see her hot juices wash over Mr Staffords big dick. He then pulled out and lubed with the pussy juices he finished with jerking himself and let loose a hot stream of cum across her belly and tits.

He collected some of his cum in two of the glasses and poured in some of the remaining champagne and shared it with her.

I replaced my cock… starting to understand the design of the uniform and once again reached for the claim and opened it for Mr Stafford to sign, which he did.

I left them then sharing their champagne cocktails fondling each other on the lounge.

On returning to the administration centre Mr van Heyden was waiting.

“Good.” he said, unexpectedly. “Do you think that you might have been able to improve your service?” he then asked.

“I am not sure what you mean sir.” I replied.

“Follow me.” was the simple answer.

We walked further into the offices than I had been so far, and we came into an electronic suite filled with screens and what looked like recording equipment. Mr van Heyden went to the main console, pressed a few buttons then an image of Mr Stafford’s apartment sprang to life on the main screen. The scene must have been prior to my arrival, as I could see the brunette fucking Mr Stafford’s ass with that big dildo. “The clients can request footage of their stay, one of the additional services we provide. Discreet cameras can record from anywhere in the suites.” We watched as I entered the suite and provded the ‘services’.

Just seeing my “performance” again made my cock go hard and I started to rub myself through the uniform.

Mr van Heyden saw me and frowned, “You will need to lear
n a bit of discipline.” he said as he moved my hand away from my pulsing cock, but lingering enough to give it a gentl
e squeeze.

“Mr Stafford did enjoy the room service, as the tip is reasonable, but it could be better. What do you think?” as he showed me the claim form. Mr Stafford had added $500 to the total.

“Perhaps more attention to his needs, seeing as he had the dildo, perhaps he might have enjoyed a real cock servicing him?” I ventured. Again, thinking about it my hand drifted to my hard cock.

“Yes, that might have added some value.” he replied, Again he saw me playing with myself. “Do you need a lesson young man?” he asked as he again moved my hand away from my cock. This time he firmly squeezed on my balls. “You are talented, and do know some restraint” indicating that I did not release a load for Mr Stafford. “But perhaps, sometimes, restraint is not what is needed, but an understading of what to do and when to do it.” He was squeezing and massaging my balls the whole time he was talking. I could feel pre-cum working out of the head of my cock making a wet stain on my uniform.

Just then the door opened and another stunning woman was standing there, “Sorry Mr van Heyden. I didn’t know that you were here.”

“No, that’s alright Polly. Come in. This is Adam, our new member. He has just finished his first introduction and we are going through the review. Would you like to sit in?” as he was talking his hand did not leave my balls, continuing to squeeze.

“OK. Hi Adam.” she extended her hand and I shook it, a bit surprised that she took everything in as ‘normal’ with Mr van Heyden fondling my balls and cock, but I guess that is what I would have to learn.

“Review the scene and let me know what you think.”

Polly bent over the console. The female uniform was much like mine and Polly has a very nice rounded and firm butt that showed nicely through the thin material. The difference with the women’s unifrom was that the top was a tight thin corset that just covered her ample breasts. When she was at the console, her breasts eased a little and I could easily see her nipples coming through the top.

Mr van Heyden was now stroking my cock with one hand while still massaging my balls with the other.

“Mr Stafford. Yes, I remember him” said Polly, “he really likes it in the ass…as you can see.” She watched and was a bit surprised at how quickly he unloaded, “well, very fast, he must have liked you.” she said, giving me a grin as she reached across and flicked one of my nipples. “But why didn’t you fuck him? He really likes that.”

“Yes, that is what I thought.” added Mr van Heyden as he finally released my cock from my uniform.

Polly quickly leaned down and placed her tits around my throbbing member and flicked her tongue across the head. Mr van Heyden moved behind me and removed my trousers in one quick move and then parted my butt cheeks and started to tongue fuck my hole, washing it in his spit. I then could feel his probing fingers entering my ass then finally I heard his zipper then felt his cock slide into my tight ass.

“Next time, in the similar situation, I would try to steer the scene into something like this” Mr van Heyden instructed as he pounded my ass and Polly sucked on my cock. “These are very exciting positions yes?” he asked, starting to grunt between thrusts.

Polly turned around and allowed me to slide into her hot wet shaved cunt and I reached around her and massaged her tits squeezing against her nipples, just as Mr van Heyden was doing to me. The scene with Mr Stafford was playing over and over on the big central screen and on the others I could see other guests in various playful positions. It was like being in a candy shop not knowing where to look, there was cock, cunt, tits, ass, fucking, licking and sucking going on all around me.

Polly came very fast, I could feel her hot juices flow around my cock. I withdrew and Mr van Heyden came around to face me and jerked in front of me and we came together on Polly’s tits watching the cum roll down to her nipples which we then licked up and shared with Polly, giving sloopy cum kisses to each other..

Polly then said, “You are a winner Adam….that is one fabulous piece of meat you’ve got there. I think that I’m going to like working with you.”

“Yes, welcome aboard.” added Mr van Heyden.

I knew that Iwas going to like working at this hotel. This was the only place that I knew where you were encouraged to fuck around!

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