The Hunting Lodge-Part 1 by Screw 3

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Lynne looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased. She knew that she had to work out to improve her muscle tone, but the fat was gone. Now she had to keep tightening up to get rid of the last few stretch marks. She put on her new jeans over a scanty panty and the bra she had bought to help raise her tits and make a real nice cleavage. They were now a much firmer “c” cup than whatever they were before she had lost almost 200 pounds.
Lynne wasn’t exactly going on a date just taking one of the new hotel guests at the hunting motel her cousin and she owned. Lynne wished it was more of a date since Dan the guest was pretty good looking and single. At least he was listed as single in his reservation. Winthrop, Alaska is not noted for its restaurants, just for good fishing and hunting.
Lynne took Dan to the best restaurant, okay the only restaurant unless you counted the diner that served breakfast all day. The specials were Moose steak and fresh trout or bass. He ordered moose steak because he had never tried it. Lynne ordered broiled trout and was glad she wanted less than half since Dan did not like Moose meat. They also drank some Chablis and had a real good cup of coffee. Dan had Baked Alaska while Lynne just enjoyed her coffee.
Dan asked Lynne if there was any place to dance and she told him there was a Country and Western Bar. Dan turned that down so Lynne told him she had a DVD player. They returned to the motel and went to the cabin Lynne had at the Lodge. Dan picked a Sinatra album and they danced to the sounds of songs like Night and Day. He dipped her and as she came up he kissed her. Lynne was a little shocked at this. No on had kissed her in a long time at 320 pounds she was not that appealing. Now she was only 128 and a lot more attractive.
“I find you appealing. I did not mean to frighten you Lynne.”
“I wasn’t scared Dan, just surprised.” To prove it she kissed him as they stood and inserted her tongue into his mouth.
Dan did not understand why she was surprised, but the thought left his mind in a hurry. Lynne was wearing a plaid shirt with the tails hanging out over her jeans that was pretty much the same as he had on. Dan was a lot more experienced than Lynne she was to realize. He reached behind her and through her shirt released her bra snap. Lynne was so absorbed in the kiss she did not notice it. She put her hands under his shirt and was surprised he was not wearing a T-shirt. His skin felt so warm and smooth. Dan reached under her shirt and caressed her back.
Lynne felt that was only fair. Dan exerted pressure with his right hand on her back while his left came up and slid under her loose bra and caressed her right nipple. Lynne wondered, how did he do that? It felt so good to have a man doing that. Her nipple started to harden under his fingers and she felt that she was also beginning to get damp between her legs. He took the hand from his back and took her hand and guided it down so she could feel his erect penis through his jeans. “Ummm. I guess you like this Dan. I know I do.”
They kept kissing and touching one another as their clothes came off. Dan took her over to the bed as his right hand’s middle finger pushed in on her clit then ran up and down the nubbin till it swelled and Lynne moaned softly. He sat down and his face replaced his hand and his tongue started licking at her enlarged clit while the finger started playing with her asshole. “I don’t like that,” she murmured. You will, he thought, I am going to take you in your ass and you will beg for it.
Lynne was going up the hill towards her orgasm when Dan stopped and lit a cigarette, “Would you like a cig, babe?”
“No, yes, why did you stop? I was almost ready to cum.”
“Oh, you will cum when I want and how I want. We have lots of time. I sent Bill and your nephews to the NRA convention and rented the lodge for the week. We are by ourselves. You repulsed me two years ago because of your obesity. When I came back here two months ago I saw you and your cute ass. I decided that I wanted you and it then. We have lots of time and you can have your release when you ask me to fuck you anywhere I want, including in your ass.”
After lighting her cigarette, “Never that is a disgusting idea. That would be worse than sucking it.”
“Oh, you don’t like to suck cock either. Well, well. We have a week to change your mind about lots of things.”
Dan returned his face between Lynne’s legs and she began to run her fingers through his hair. When he sensed she was a little lost he pushed his finger into her anus and began revolving it around the inner rim. Lynne was uncomfortable when she realized it was adding to her excitement. Now she was wondering what would happen in the next week

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