The hunting lodge part2 by Screw3

Lynne and Dan were sleeping in the bed in his room at the lodge. Dan had handcuffed Lynne’s right hand to the bed post. She woke up and stretched her left hand down trying to get comfortable and felt his not quite flaccid cock.
It’s about time he was soft. He jerked off onto me at least four times before we went to bed and he brought me close to cumming about twenty times. (It was only twelve but let her have her thoughts.) Now it is my turn. Why wouldn’t I let him fuck my ass? Then we could have had some fun. I neer let anyone do that, but the way he fondled the inside with his fingers really turned me on and he knew it. I guess that is why.
Lynne put her hand around his cock very carefully so asnot to wake him and began to softly pull on it. She felt it thicken and harden as well as grow in length to its full eight inches. As she tugged on his cock Dan started to stir. He moved on an angle so that he slid across her and somehow his cock brushed her lips. Dan was still snoring softly so she licked that dick from the head across the rim and down to his balls. She took the balls in her mouth and the fingers on her left hand caressed the soft line between his balls and asshole. Then she stuck a finger into his ass as she licked her way back up his cock. Her middle finger started to rotate inside and around the rim of his asshole. Lynne was glad she kept her fingernails cut short. At the same time she took the head of his cock and started to suck on it softly. Dan stirred and more of his cock entered her mouth. She puffed her cheeks then clamped down on it and more of it entered her mouth. She started swallowing it, deep throating his cock into her throat. He started moving it in and out fucking her mouth and Lynne realized that he had woken up and was back in control whenhe turned her on her back and was kneeling above her pushing his cock in and out.
When he started cumming in her mouth it was hot, but thin in texture so she had no trouble swallowing it. As he finished she said, “I have to pee.” His response was, “Good, so do I.”
Those words upset Lynne’s plan to do herself to release all the pent up horniness he had created by not giving her release. Dan unlocked the cuffs and led her into the bathroom. Lynne started to sit down and he said, “Me first, but I will let me hold my prick and guide the stream.” Lynne took it and thought, ha, lets see how much you can pee through a hard on. She ran her fingers on his cock. Dan laughed and grabbed her hand, “Not till I finish, unless you want me to pee on you instead.”
Damn him, he is smart to that trick. When he finished and shook the last few drops off the end of his dick. “Your turn.”
She sat down on the prcelain throne’s seat after lowering it. “Don’t tell me you want to watch.”
“Not exactly.” He began rubbing his cock on her nipples and they snapped up almost immediately. “You bastard, you turn me on even while I piss and shit. That isn’t fair.”
When Lynne finished with Dan watching her wipe her ass he took a washcloth and cleaned her asshole completely including massaging the inner rim with his finger inside the washcloth. His left hand snakes under his right and starts playing with her clit and cunt pushing in and out while his thumb keeps pressure on the clit. “You win Dan. I can’t take anymore of this, fuck me. Fuck me in the ass, the cunt, the mouth, anywhere the fuck you want. I hope that makes you happy.”
“Ask me nicely to take me in your ass.”
“Dan, would you please fuck me in my virgin ass. Make me cum from shooting your cum in me. Fuck me in the ass, please.”
There were tears forming in her eyes as he walked away and opened the cabinet. She smiled when he returned with a bottle of baby oil he put in his hand and rubbed it in and out ariund her asshole and then onto his dick. “Bend over and hold onto the edges of the toilet.”
He didn’t say another word as he stuck his cock into her ass and started moving forward and back. She wiggled her ass back into his dick. His hands were playing with her tits as he moved slowly. As he picked up speed Dan’s left hand started massaging her clit. Lynne moaned and started to shudder as he filled her rectum. She had no idea that the pain of getting fucked in the ass could bring this much pleasure or she would have done it long ago. We have six days left I wonder what he will do next. Oh God, what will I do after he leaves. He has made me into his slut, but what will I be after he leaves.

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