The Internet Connection by Rick

The Internet Connection
BY Rick

I was surfing the net at the big woman sites and found a dating site for big people . I thought what the heck why not try the worse thing that could happen is you waste some time . It was March and still snowing out and I was horny and it was a Saturday Morning and I had no plans . I signed up and filled out the forms and went in search of an internet fat fuck . I searched the ads and found a couple from the Utica area . I noticed that one was on line ! I went to the chat room and sent her a private message . She responded ! She said that although she was married he husband was away on business was I still interested ? I said Yes ! She asked what instant messengers I had because the site was expensive as you had to pay by the minute to chat and I told her what I had and we agreed to use the MSN which we both had . I turned on my web cam and she turned hers on as well . We went slowly at first , names , interests and so on . She was an older black woman , in her sixties , and about 300 pounds . I liked what I saw and she liked what I saw . I offered to show her my cock and she said yes . So I did and she showed me her huge tits . I was impressed ! I told her that I lived in a trailer park and she said Oh trailer park trash ! I said Yep and proud of it ! She was getting horny and I told her to come on over to my place and we could have a warm Saturday night . She agreed that I had a good idea . I gave her directions and she said that she would be over in about ten minutes. I said ten minutes was awfully quick . She told me that she lived in the trailer park across the street ! But she didn’t want me to come to her because she had neighbors that couldn’t mind their own business . I said that neither could mine but I never paid any attention to them . Then she said that I shouldn’t bother to get dresses because she was horny and in a hurry to get laid . She was knocking on my door in less than ten minutes . I let her in she had walked because she didn’t want anyone to see her car in front of my double wide . It was snowing so hard that no one could have possibly seen her or her car. I was standing there naked and she gave me a big kiss and instead of shaking my hand she grabbed my cock and stroked it . I had taken some Viagra an hour or so before when we had started to chat just in case because it helps me stay hard longer and recover faster. Not very big she said and took off her coat and was wearing a house dress and no under wear . Her huge tits and ass and her warm hand on my cock made me hard in a couple of seconds . Don’t worry I said I’ll get you off . She smiled and said I hope so the old man hasn’t even tried in a long time . I offered her a drink and she said no that she didn’t drink or smoke but she loved to fuck . My kind of lady I said and turned on a porno movie . She said that she had never seen one before ! She was fascinated because it was a fat lady porno . WOW she said those girls are bigger than me ! But not as sexy I said removing her dress . I licked her nipples and she said YES ! suck on my tits! I did and let my hand wander over her belly to her pussy. I fingered her and she moaned and said You’ve got the spot ! Then I got on my knees and licked her pussy and sucked on her clit . She exploded in giggles and came quickly and hard . Hunny You can eat my cunt any time you want to . I put on a ribbed condom and lubed it and put my cock in her pussy and she moaned again . That’s ok for a small white cock she said and came so hard that she almost pushed me out of her pussy . I humped and humped and came but the Viagra helped keep me hard and I fucked her until my cock went limp . I pulled it out and took off the condom . That was nice she said . But your dick isn’t big enough but I brought a friend along . I looked confused and she laughed and went to her purse and pulled out a huge artificial cock the thing had to be 18 inches long ! She said but that in my cunt and then fuck my ass with your little white cock as soon as you can get it up again . I said it will get up quicker if you suck on it a bit . She pushed me down and sucked on my cock and licked my balls and I was hard again very quickly . You white guys love black lips don’t you ? I said only yours ! she giggled like a kid again . I lubed up the dildo and slipped it into her pussy . She bent over and said you fuck my ass and I’ll stroke this in my cunt . I said ok with me . I spread her big cheeks and lubed her ass and put on another condom and put my cock in her tight asshole . She said OH! , OH,! Fuck my ass and she stroked the dildo as fast as she could in the awkward position she was in . Then she shook like a dog trying to dry off and came so hard that she squirted her cunt juice all over my balls . I came and kept on going until I went limp and pulled out . Damn Your tight I said. She was still trying to catch her breath and panted for a while until she could talk .
That was the best cum I’ve had in years ! You white guys aren’t all that bad ! I said thanks and you have a very tight pussy and ass ! We should do this more often ! Yes we should she said!

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