The Interview

Stephanie and I had been friends for a long time, probably since kindergarten. We had shared almost everything under the sun together at some point in time or another. I was there when her parents died, when her first boyfriend left to go over seas to school, and when she got her first job. Her stories of the days at work made me realize that I needed to get a job there. She told me about the fun her and the other girls had in the store room at night after the store closed, how everyone seemed like one big family, and how the boss did things to boost morale; such as having cook outs at his house and pool parties for the employees.

I made an appointment for an interview. This was a rather stylish type clothing store so I made sure to dress accordingly. I put on my black slacks and emerald green silk shirt and my heels. I looked in the mirror and I must say I thought I looked pretty good.

I arrived right on time and went in to meet Mr. Hawkins. He was a tall man, about 6′ 6″, with dark hair and a moustache. There was a slight streak of gray in his hair that made him look very distinguished. As he shook my hand his other hand was lying on my shoulder gently rubbing it. I thought that was a little odd but I over looked it. He asked me to sit down and placed his hand on my lower back to guide me into the room. I neared the chair, and I thought I felt his hand brush over my ass. Just an accident, I thought.

The interview was going well. We started talking about what influenced my decision to apply there and I told him how Steph had told me they were all like one bog family. As I talked he moved to the front of the desk and sat on the edge. I continued telling him that I was looking for a fun environment to work in and he placed his hand on my knee.
“Well, Ms. Jennings, this all sounds good. I would like to say you are hired but there is one more matter we must attend to before the job is yours.”
I’m sure my eyes lit up when he said that because I really did want this job.
“Sure, what is it?” I asked.
“You can use the bathroom here in the office.”
“Use the bathroom for what exactly?” I thought he was asking for a drug test. I guess I was naive.
“Ms. Jennings, did Stephanie not tell you everything that is required for this job?”
“Well, I need to see your body, to make sure you are in style with the types of girls I like to hire.”
I must have looked scared to death or possibly shocked because he got onto the intercom system and called Steph to his office. She walked in with a huge smile on her face and hugged me.
“Stephanie, your friend here hasn’t been thoroughly briefed on the job interview of our store. I have just told her that I needed to see her body and I believe she is a bit uncomfortable with it. Would you care to help me out?”
“Sure, Dave.”
Steph turned to me and placed her hands on my shoulders and led me into the bathroom. Once there, she began to whisper to me that all the girls that worked there had to undress to prove to Mr. Hawkins that we fit in. She said she had done it and it really wasn’t that bad, the work environment was worth that few minutes of embarrassment.
“Trust me, please. I want us to work together so please, please, please do this for me.”

She knew I hated whining so I nodded my head that I would do it, just for her. She reached up and began unbuttoning my blouse. I noticed that she was staring into my eyes the entire time as one after one the buttons seemed to pop right open. She slid the shirt off my shoulders, revealing my black lace bra and let it fall to the floor. Her hands pulled the shoulder straps of my bra down and she ran her hand over the full cups of my bra. I didn’t know what to say but it felt nice. She reached around behind me to unfasten my bra and as she did so, she had her head placed directly in my cleavage. I could feel her warm breath. My body broke out in cold chills. I guess she must have felt it because she looked up into my eyes and asked if I was ok. I nodded. She kissed my breast bone and told me to relax.

How could I? I was being overcome by emotions I couldn’t explain. I had never been attracted to women but the things she was doing had made me start to water. My mouth was watering, wondering how her lips would taste on mine. My pussy was watering wondering what it would be like to have her touching me there. Before I knew what I was saying I looked at her and said, “Do that again.”
“Do what again?”
“Kiss me.”
She looked a bit surprised but moved up close to my lips and laid the softest kiss on me. Her tongue barely entered my mouth and ran over my bottom lip. I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her back. Our kiss took on new life. It became filled with passion and fire. It was like we had wanted this all along and had never known it.

Her hands began to roam. They searched for my breasts. She pulled the bra away from them and lightly ran her thumb over my hard nipple. Her kiss became more urgent. Our tongues swirled around each other’s as if in a duel. Suddenly, she broke free of the kiss and kissed her way down to my waiting nipples, which were as hard as ever. She took one into her mouth and sucked it deep into her mouth. As she sucked my tit, I couldn’t help but grab her head and push it into me. The passion was washing over me to the point that I had to back against the sink to keep from falling to the floor.

I released my grip on her head and began removing my slacks. I kicked off my heels and Steph never once lost her grip on my tits. As soon as I was down to just my panties, Steph’s hand began its decent down my stomach. She reached the waist band of my black lace thongs, and then stopped.

She knelt on the floor and looked up at me, her fingers tracing their way up and down my thigh. I looked into her eyes as her head got closer and closer to my crotch. Her tongue reached out and began licking me through my panties. I gasped as I felt how warm it was. It felt so good I had to brace myself on the sink to keep from humping her face.

Just then the door swung open and there stood Mr. Hawkins with his dick in his hand.
“I’ve been watching the two of you on my surveillance tv and I must say, damn! Why don’t you girls come on in here and get comfortable on my couch?”
Steph jumped up and grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the office. As I stood there, pussy still aching, Steph jerked my panties down to my feet. Her head dove straight for my sweet spot and my knees went weak. Mr. Hawkins was sitting on the edge of his desk stroking his cock ever so slowly as he was mesmerized on what we were doing. God, that tongue felt so good as it slid between my lips. Every now and then her tongue would graze over my clit and my knees would buckle. She lapped at my cunt until I could feel the waves of cum being sucked out of me.
I grasped her head so hard I am sure she wondered if I was going to pass out. I jerked and Steph began to swallow every last drop of my nectar.

Steph stood up and began to remove her clothes and I sat on the couch. I looked over to Mr. Hawkins and he was still jerking his cock. I felt exhausted. I decided to lie back on the couch and try to catch my breath. Once she was naked Steph came over to me and looked down at my fully exposed body.
“My turn!”
With that, she sat on my face. I had never eaten pussy before and didn’t know where to start. I started licking her clit and as soon as I got a good rhythm going, Steph started grinding her crotch into my face.
“Tongue fuck me…..god…..y-yesssssss”
I stuck as much of my tongue into her honey hole as I could and she began riding my face. I looked up and seen she was massaging her clit and I heard muffled moans. I could see there was another set f legs beside my head so I figured she was sucking Mr. Hawkins. I went back up to her clit and with a final swirl of my tongue, Steph exploded. The sweet salty flui
d flooded my mouth and I did my best to catch it all.
“Eat it you whore! Eat my Cunt !!”
I tried to do the best I could, she was riding my face so hard I thought she might make me suffocate. She raised up off me and I could see Mr. Hawkins was completely nude. He walked over to his desk and bent over, showing me his hairy ass. He instructed me to come over and kneel before him. I did just as he asked. He guided the head of his cock past my lips and onto my waiting tongue. Still bent over, I seen Steph come up from behind him. I heard a loud slap as she began to torture his ass with his own belt.
“C’mon Dave….tell me what you want! Tell me you want my cock up your ass!!!”
SMACK! The spanking sounded like it was getting harder with each swing of the belt.
“Yes…..I…I want it…..I want you to f-fuck me……” SMACK! “F-fuck me please with your cock! I won’t disobey again.”
With that, Steph shoved her finger up his ass. He shoved his cock deep into my throat and made me gag on it. God this was hot. I would have given anything to watch as Steph fingered his ass. I couldn’t help but snake my hand between my own legs and play with my steamy hot twat.

Steph must have read my thoughts because she grabbed my hand and told me to get up. I stood up and seen she was adjusting a strap-on to fit her trim body. She made me kneel and told me to get her cock wet so she could fuck Mr. Hawkins. I gladly took it into my mouth and sucked it harder than any cock I have ever sucked in my life. You could smell how hot the whole scene was making her.

She jerked the cock out of my mouth and instructed me to guide it to his asshole. Once again, I obliged. Without a word, she shoved into his ass as hard as she could. We heard him moan in pleasure and as I watched, I seen he was stroking his cock again. Steph had hardly gotten in 20 good strokes when I heard a deep grunting moan from Mr. Hawkins. He was stroking his cock faster and faster and suddenly, he blew his wad all over his desk. I was amazed at how much he had shot. Some of it had shot clear over his desk and onto his leather chair. Steph pulled out of his ass with a huge grin on her face.
“So, does Marissa get the job or not?”
“Yes….” catching his breath, “yes you get the job, but…you have to promise you will learn how to fuck me like all the other girls here do.”
“I promise. ” I said, totally satisfied that now I had gained not only a job but a lover all in the same day.

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