The Intruder

The intruder.

It is the dead of night, and you lay slumbering in your bed. A cool breeze tickles your face and neck, and you stir for just a moment as your skin turns to goose bumps. Moments later an iron hard grip seizes your wrists, and moist soft lips press firmly against your mouth. You lay half way between sleep and consciousness. A low groan escapes from your lips as you feel the weight of a lean warm body pressing down upon you, the bulk of it’s chest compressing your heaving breasts. You strain to see the figure in the dark, but it is useless as a shiver of anticipation ripples down your body. The soft lips dance across your aching mouth, and the tongue expertly duels against yours. Smooth firm muscles flex and tighten as your legs are eased apart, and you feel the unmistakable shape of a cock hard as steel nudging against the swollen wet petals of your pussy. You gasp as it slides inch by delicious inch into you. Your hot breath mingles with his, as a machine like rhythm increases in intensity until in an explosion of heat sweat and passion it reaches it’s climactic peak. Your heart pounds, and your breathing is shallow as you lay in a daze of tumbling pleasure. After long moments you search the room seeking the mysterious intruder. The window sits ajar, and the goose bumps return to your damp cooling skin. But, I am nowhere to be found……..

Written by L.Gravian.
Copy right reserved 2007.

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