The Lady's Diary – Chapter Three – Room of Emerald


She considers calling in sick the next day. Staying in bed and going to her Lord earlier seems so enticing, but she knows that he will likely not allow that. Once again she goes through the motions of her day thinking of when she will be able to return to the world he has created for them. She wonders how he is doing it. Then decides it doesn’t matter – as long has it doesn’t stop.

That night she indulges herself as she knows he would want her too eating her dinner by candlelight. After, she goes to her bed, closes her eyes and pictures her Lord’s face. His smile. His eyes. She hears his voice. A moment later, she knows the magic is happening again and soon she finds herself next to their willow. Tonight’s key has a beautiful deep emerald, a stone known for its softness. She smiles when she sees it, wondering at what she will find tonight.

Dusk appears on cue and takes her again to her Lord’s castle. As she enters, she notices across the inner courtyard that a pillar candle has been lit on the ground floor this evening. It is not in front of any door. Looking down a long corridor she has never noticed, more lit pillars line the wall. She follows them to the end where finally she finds the door for the evening, inlaid with an emerald the size of her palm. She takes out her key and opens the door.

She is not in a room. Instead, the door has opened up to a beautiful lush garden. The smells of flowers and wet earth reach her nose and she smiles at the tranquility before her. The area is lit only by the full moon above. She breathes deeply, easily.

Over a bush at her side she notices a beautiful forest green gown. She puts on the dress. It is a simple sheath of raw silk with thin straps and slits up both sides, nearly to her waist. Dangling from another branch is a necklace with an emerald oval. She places it on her neck. It feels cold from the night air.

“I wasn’t sure how you would look in green, but I can see I needn’t have concerned myself. You look like a beautiful nymph.”

She smiles as she turns to see him. His hand is outstretched. She moves quickly to him, needing to be in his arms. It feels like it has been forever since she has felt his embrace. And at the same time, it feels like she has never left. His hold is strong and sure. Again she breathes deeply, now taking in his unique scent.

“I have missed you, my angel,” he whispers into her hair. Until he says the words, she does not realize how much she longs to hear them. She snuggles deeper into his arms. She feels as much as hears his low laugh. “I guess that means you feel the same.”

She looks up at him then, her eyes meeting his dark ones, which seem even darker in the night around them. She knows he can see the truth there, but she chooses tells him anyway, wanting to say the words. To feel them in her heart and hear them in the air. “I have missed you deeply.”

He pulls her into him, kissing her, gently at first, soon passionately. She arches her back into him so that she can feel all of him against her. His body heats hers.

After a few moments, he pulls away, takes her hand and leads her deeper into the garden. As they walk he asks her about her day and they exchange the pleasantries and daily intimacies that couples share. It has always pleased her that they could talk to each other as easily as they could bed each other.

A short stroll later they come to a clearing. The surroundings are beautiful. Aromatic flowers in shades of reds, yellows and orange. Bold and vibrant. A carpet of green and the gaze of the moon. In the center is a blanket of lambskin, a few pillows, and a picnic off to the side.

“Are you hungry?” he asks her. She looks at him with a smile that tells him she is hungry for him. He leads her to the blanket, scoops her up in his arms and then kneels placing her in the center. He kisses her again as he reaches for the basket and pulls out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Next he takes out a small platter filled with the reddest strawberries she has ever seen, and a covered glass bowl. He opens the champagne and pours them both a drink.

“To passion,” he says. They click glasses and drink. He leans forward to kiss her again, and as he does, his champagne spills on her, soaking the front of her dress.

“My Lord,” she gasps. “The dress. It’s silk. It will be ruined.”

He smiles at her. “It is inconsequential. Wrapping on a present that is already mine. Shall I show you how unimportant?” He reaches, taking the glass from her. He grips the dress at the shoulder and with a pull, snaps the straps that hold it up. After doing this to the second strap, he grabs the fabric at the side slits and with one strong wrench, rips it completely up the seams. In moments the dress is in scraps and she is clothed only in the emerald necklace and the drops of champagne that cling to her skin. “You are so beautiful in moonlight. Ethereal.”

“I am very real, my Lord. And very much yours.” Opening her arms to him, he moves closer to her she begins to lean back, the lambskin caressing her back. He curves over her and begins to lick the drops of liquid from her. First at her neck, then the sensitive skin between her breasts. When he finally reaches her breasts she gasps. She has wanted his touch and now that she has it, her need only grows. He laves her nipples, sucking and then biting them. The wet of her skin forces her to notice every slight breeze. She begins to moan softly.

“I hope you are hungry, my sweet,” he says. She is about to reach for him when he pulls back and opens the top of the green bowl. She cannot see what it is, but she notices that he takes one of the strawberries and dips it in. When he pulls it out again it is covered with chocolate. She simply sighs. “I take it that means you like what you see?”

“I do. You know my weakness for chocolate. And for you.”

“Do you want a taste?”

“Yes, my Lord.” He brings the strawberry to her lips and holds it above her mouth. She opens her lips and a single drop of chocolate falls and touches her tongue. She swallows and sticks out her tongue for more.

“My little cat,” he laughs as she laps at the strawberry, licking all the chocolate off of it. He dips it in again and brings it to her. “Bite.” She does and now the cold sweetness of the strawberries fills her mouth along with the silkiness of the chocolate. He pops the last of the berry into his mouth and reaches for another. He begins to bring it to her lips, but this time he moves it away and brings it instead to her nipples, still hard from his earlier kisses.

While sucking on her nipples, she feels an unusually cold sensation between her legs. Suddenly she realizes that he has placed the strawberry on her pussy and is dipping it into her wetness. The sensation of the textured fruit is incredible. She feels shivery and slippery. He stops and she watches him as he licks and nipples at the dripping berry, aching to have his mouth do to her what she is seeing. He finishes the treat and repeats the process, this time giving her the strawberry to eat. She tastes her arousal mixed with the sweet juices that run down her throat. His teasing seems to be endless and her hunger for him builds as he continues to ignore her body.

Finally he says, “I think I will paint you, Precious. But we are out of strawberries.” He pauses for effect. “Not a problem.” He dips his finger in the chocolate and brings this to her mouth. She licks him, sucking him into her mouth as she would his cock. She is rewarded by his groan. When there is no chocolate left, he takes his finger from her and dips them again in the chocolate. But this time, instead of letting her taste he begins to paint lines on her stomach. The sensation tickles and heightens her awareness of her nu

He takes more chocolate on his fingers now, and begins to paint her pussy. “I am s
o pleased that you are shaved,” he says as he continues to cover her with the liquid. His movements are slow and deliberate, enticing and inciting her. “It makes you easier to coat. And easier to eat.” With no further warning he dives into her cunt and begins to lap at the chocolate and at her. She can do nothing but moan his name at that first touch of his tongue on her lips. “So tasty and sweet, so smooth. Even without the chocolate.” She can feel his words as well as hear them, but when he continues to lick her all she can hear are her own cries.

Her breathing comes faster as her climax approaches. And just as she is sure she is about to cum, he stops. It takes all her will not to scream out loud. She hears his laugh and whines in complaint.

“I know, my sweet, I know. But not tonight. Tonight you are going to cum with my cock inside of you. I want to feel you as you cum all over your Lord’s shaft.” As he is talking he positions himself above her and without another word, he slips himself easily and deeply inside of her. She cries out as he fills her. Her climax was so close that her body was already tightening in preparation. Now he feels huge within of her.

His movements are precise; his rhythm gentle at first. Then he bends over and begins to lick at the chocolate that still covers her breasts. He sucks deeply and bites firmly, devouring her flesh beneath the dark liquid. His thrusts change as he feels her excitement build. She reaches for him, touching his shoulders, running her fingers across his back. The warmth of him beneath her hands excites her more. Her nails rake is ass as she pulls him closer to her.

Once the chocolate is gone, he sits up as he rides her. His hand reaches between their bodies and he finds her hard tiny clit. He begins to rub it with increasing speed as he drives into her. She has been kept waiting to long. His touch sets off a chain of feelings that build and build.

“Tell me,” he groans.

“I am going to cum, my Lord. Oh god, I am going to cum. I can’t hold back.”

“Don’t hold back. Cum all over me. Wet my cock with your juices.”

“OH YES!” It is a scream repeated over and over as she cums hard against his hand and on his cock.

Then, before her climax has ended, he pulls out his hard shaft, wet from her. She misses the feeling of him inside of her, but before she can protest, he is pushing her legs further back, her knees toward her shoulders. The result is her hips are raised, her ass lifted. It is only another moment before she feels the tip of him at the entrance to her anus.

“Yes,” she whispers to him. “Yes, please, yes.” It is all the encouragement he needs and he slips his cock deep inside her ass. Her ‘yes’ becomes louder, but is drowned out by his.

Her pussy is still shuddering from her climax as he grinds himself into her. Holding one of her legs back, he uses his other hand to tend to her clit. His touch keeps her excitement going and she moans again.

“Let me see your eyes,” he says. She opens them to look up at him. She knows that he can see everything when she does. Her needs, her passion, the depth of her feelings for him are all reflected there. She has no shield where he is concerned. And she knows she does not need one. That knowledge excites her further and she feels another climax build.

He continues to pump her ass, driving himself as deeply as he can. Something about this position excites him tremendously and although she loves the times that their fucking lasts longer, there is something especially exciting about seeing that he, like her, is beyond control. That he cannot stop the peak of his pleasure.

“OH GOD,” he roars to the night sky and she can feel him cumming inside of her. The intensity of his cry electrifies her tremendously and unaware that she was ready to cum again, she does, hard. His spasms continue for a while. As his moans become pants, he looks down at her. She is already looking up at him, as if waiting for his gaze.

“Feeling a little sticky, perhaps?” He smiles at her.

“Yes, my Lord, now that you mention it. I do.”

He pulls out of her slowly, causing her to gasp a little, and slides onto his knees. Smoothly he stands ups and then pulls her to her feet. “Come with me.”

She kisses him. “I just did that, my Lord.”

He laughs deeply and picks her up in a hug, swinging her around. “That you did, my angel. And now you make me laugh. What a precious and special woman you are. Let me show you something that is perfect for you.”

They walk naked through the woods. This must be what Adam and Eve felt like, she thinks. They have not gone far when she hears rushing water in the distance. It takes her a moment to realize what it must be. “A waterfall, my Lord?”

He nods. “Something to shower us.” He walks them through a narrow path that opens up into a lake with a waterfall cascading off on one side.

“It is beautiful,” she whispers. “Paradise.”

He pulls her against him for a kiss. “Only because we are here together.” Taking her hand he leads her into the water. It is warmer than she expected, but because the night air is cool, she shivers a little. “Swim with me, my angel, and you will not be cold.” He dives under the water and she follows. They swim out to the waterfall and stand beneath it letting it simultaneously clean them and stimulate them. The pounding of the water feels like a massage on her sexually languid muscles. She rubs her hands through her hair and arches her back. He steps forward so that her body is pressed up against him. Even with all the water around them, she can feel his unique warmth. His hands come up behind her head and pull her to him.

“Kiss me,” he says huskily, and she does. It doesn’t matter that they have just made love, she is never quite satisfied and moments after her lips touch his, they turn hungry and needy. His hands move down to her lower back and her ass as he pulls her closer.

“I could drown now and be happy, my Lord,” she says against his lips. He pulls away from the kiss and looks down at her. “And I could drown in the look in your eyes.”

“It is always there for you, angel.” He fingers the emerald hanging at her neck. His touch sends a gentle shiver through her. Wearing only his necklace makes her feel more exposed. “Come with me to shore.” They swim slowly on their backs, bathing in the glow of the moon.

Back on land, towels have been left. She smiles when she sees them. He is always prepared. Always thinking ahead to what they will need for their pleasure. She begins to dry herself with a towel, but he grabs her hand and stops her after a moment. A wicked smile appears on his lips. He places the towel on the ground. “Lie down.” She immediately does as he asks. He drops down beside her, his hair dripping on her as he bends for a kiss. “I am going to dry you.”

He begins to lick and drink the drops of water off her skin. The touch of his tongue and beard sends shivers through her body and she squirms under his attention. Gently he licks, and sucks and tastes all of her lulling her in a sea of sensations. She is so awash in feelings that when he reaches her pussy a surprised gasp escapes her lips.

“So wet and luscious. Ripe. Better than any fruit that grows on my lands.” He returns to her open legs, lapping and licking, his tongue dancing along the sensitive flesh. It hasn’t been that long since her last orgasm but she feels another building quickly. As she had told him on many occasions, his touch reawakens all the need she has ever had inside and she aches for the release, for the rush of feeling. Her hips lift off the blanket as she brings her pussy in greater contact with his mouth. Her hands move down and touch his wet hair, running her fingers through the curls.

He murmurs something a
gainst her skin that she cannot understand, but it does not matter what he has said, the vibrations from his voice escal
ate her pleasure even further. Suddenly there is no more waiting for the peak and her orgasm comes from deep within her, so hard and so fast it almost hurts. She thinks she screams, and then she can think no more.

When her fog lifts he is next to her, kissing her. She can taste herself on him. “I could drown in your passion,” he says to her. She rolls into his arms and feels them come around her. Curled into her spot on his chest, she sleeps.

…to be continued…

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