The Lady's Diary – Chapter Two – Room of Sapphire


She can hardly wait to return to her Lord’s castle the next day. A long work day seems even longer, traffic it worse coming home, and of course, sleep is illusive when it is what one most wants. Finally, however, she does sleep.

Waking in the forest again, she goes immediately to their willow tree and looks for the golden key chain. She finds it quickly and takes if off the branch. Glancing at the ring, she notices that the ruby key of the night before is gone. Tonight’s key has a sapphire and it catches the light of the moon in its blue depths and shines at her. It almost seems to wink. She cannot help but smile.

She turns when she hears her horse, Dusk, arrive and allows the horse to take her to her Lord’s castle. After treating the horse, she goes inside and heads directly for the stairs and at the top she looks to find the lit wall sconce. Soon she stands before a door inlaid with a huge sapphire. She uses her key to enter the room.

The room, as she expected, is completely blue. Velvets and silks of the deepest midnight cover almost everything. On a chair near the fireplace is a long piece of material in the sheerest indigo and on it lies a necklace with a sapphire teardrop hanging from it. She removes her clothes, puts on the necklace, and then finds a way to wrap herself in the gossamer material. She is covered, and yet still feels naked. The fabric feels as if she is wearing a butterfly’s wing. She is about to walk toward the bed, when she feels his presence.

“There is no need for the bed tonight, my precious.” At the sound of his deep voice goose bumps appear on her arms, although the room is warm from the roaring fire. “There are plenty of pillows for us here at the hearth.”

She looks down at her feet and notices that there is indeed a bed of pillows laid out on the floor. She flushes knowing that in a few moments she will be laid out on them.

“Look at me,” he demands. She turns and for the first time that evening she looks into his eyes. Their darkness never fails to astound her. She could get lost in their depth. She is fairly certain she already has.

“Good evening, my Lord,” she says with a smile. He opens his arms and she carefully walks toward him, the material making her very aware of her moments. He wraps her into his arms, his warmth, and gives her a deep kiss. She arches into his chest aching to get closer. He runs his hands down her back, teasing the sensitive area at the base of her spine and then going lower to grab her ass as he pulls her closer to him.

The taste of his mouth on hers is wonderful. She lets him fully explore her with his tongue. He stops kissing her only to begin to nibble at her neck, her ears, her throat. She shivers in his arms and can tell immediately that she has begun to get wetter already. He stops his kisses for a moment and pulls back to look at her.

“You look lovely in blue. Exotic. Enticing.”

She wants to look down at his compliment, they are always so hard for her to hear, but she knows he prefers when she meets his eyes. “Thank you. You have excellent taste in fabric. I hope I am wearing it right.”

“It matters little. You will not be wearing it long.” He holds out his hand and brings her into his embrace again. As he starts kissing her once more, he scoops her up into his arms and kneels them both down on the pillows. The fire is close to them, but she knows that it is he who is making her warm. “I have missed you. All of you,” he says. And I am going show you all the ways I want you.” At his words she melts more completely than a candle.

“I am yours, my Lord.”

“I know.” He begins to kiss her again, his lips soon leaving her mouth. He kisses her chin, her throat, the tops of her breasts that have begun to come out of the makeshift dress. He pulls her up toward him slightly, lifting her a few inches off the pillows. He takes the end of the fabric and begins to unwind it, exposing her breasts to him. Easing her back down, he takes one dark pink nipple into his mouth sucking it deeply as with his hand he takes the other and rolls it in his fingers. As he continues to suck one nipple, making it sensitive, he gives the other nipple a pinch. She gasps lightly and then more sharply as he twists the nipple and holds the twist. “These are my breasts, my nipples.” He reverses his position then, sucking the other and twisting the one that is still wet from his mouth, “Say it.”

“They are yours, my Lord. Your breasts.”

“That’s right.” And he slaps them gently, bringing more blood to the surface, forcing her to be aware of his every touch. He continues to suck while his free hand begins to move lower, pulling down the already loosened fabric so that her stomach and the top of her pubic area are now exposed to his touch.

Her breath has gotten more rapid and her hands have begun to run through his hair, down his neck and then his back. When his touches particularly excite her, her response is to dig her nails into his flesh. The feel of it thrills him. She can tell from the soft moans that escape his lips. He is never unaffected by her, regardless of whether he is in control of their pace. The knowledge delights her.

She wants more, more of him and she reaches for what he is wearing. Only then does she take the time to see. He is wrapped in a robe of blue velvet with a black fur collar. It is belted, but she has a feeling that when she unties it she will find he wears nothing beneath. Sensing what she wants, he leans back from her. She pulls the sash to loosen the belt. It comes undone easily in her hands and as she moves it away and opens the robe she sees with a smile that she is right. Her Lord is completely naked and a quick glace shows that his cock is already hard. The heat that comes from him makes her sigh as she pulls him toward her again.

Her hands now run down his chest and begin to play with the hair around his shaft. She feels the muscles in his stomach tighten at her touch. She would smile at how she excites him, but she is too caught up in her own pleasure.

“I want to see all of you.” There is a subtle power to his voice. She has always been helpless at the sound of it. Letting go of him, she puts her arms at her sides and waits. He moves back a bit from her and finds the end of the material again. He begins to unwrap her, but this time he lets her roll over and over as the material is pulled from her. When the last of the fabric comes loose, she is facing down, her back and ass bare to his gaze. She picks her head up to look at him, but he gently pushes her face back into the pillows. She says nothing, just follows his unspoken command.

He begins to caress her back, firmly so as not to tickle her. He kisses her everywhere, moving lower to the base of her spine. Soon his hands are on her ass. His fingers trace the crevice between her cheeks, and move lower, going underneath her to touch her pussy for the first time that night. She gasps gently as he wets his finger with her juices and then begins to trail the wetness up to the rosebud of her anus. She shivers with both excitement and anticipation. He kisses each check while raking them with his nails and then gives them each a firm slap.

He reaches for a pillow and pulls her up to slide it under her pelvis. He kisses her ass again and begins to stroke her, moving lower until he is caressing her cunt.

“Spread your legs for me.” She does.

After another quick kiss he works his way further down and under her body. A moment later he is pulling her legs apart. “Wider,” he says against the top of her pubis. She can feel the vibration of his voice against her as she does as he asks. Her legs open, her cunt is fully exposed to him. “I love the way you look all open and shaved.” His words make her wetter still and she know
s that he can immediately see the affect he is having on her. The gentle river that begins to po
ur out of her

He reaches for her clit with his fingers, making it hard and sensitive. First under and then around, he teases it into a tiny pearl of sensation. His touch is deliberate, but not firm enough to give her the complete pleasure she is already craving.

“I love your clit,” he says, and licks it for emphasis. “Who could believe that something so small could become so sensitive? Be responsible for such an incredible profusion of feelings?” His words excite almost as much as his touch, as he has not stopped caressing her outer lips. The feeling of his warm breath and the barest hint of his beard tracing the skin of her thighs is maddening.

He continues to lick at her pussy as he inserts first one and then two fingers into her. He pumps in and out of her steadily and she knows he can feel the heat of her pour out. She grips his fingers inside of her and she hears him moan. “I am going to make you wider for me, my sweet.” That is all the warning she gets before he pulls his fingers out and adds a third. She groans. It is almost too much, the stretching. The fullness.

“You want me don’t you?” he asks, not stopping his manipulation of her pleasure.

“Yes, my Lord.”

“Tell me more.”

“I want you. I want to feel you inside of me. Please, I want to feel your cock deep within me, filling me.”

“So nicely asked. I will give you what you want.” His hands and mouth move away and for one moment she is aware only of the emptiness. Then she feels his weight behind her and the tip of his cock begins to search for her entrance. The pillows have put her at an ideal angle. The hard tip of his dick slides into her easily. He holds back, just teasing her with this part of him until she moans.

“More, please, my Lord, more.” And without any verbal response he slides himself in deeper. She groans at the feeling of being filled by him and her pussy contracts swiftly in response, heightening the pleasure for them both.

“Push yourself up on your hands a bit. I want to play with your breasts.” She does so immediately, her physical response to him as basic as her sexual one. As soon as she has levered herself up a few inches she feels his hands on her breasts, fondling them. Gripping them hard. He seems to be all around her. She feels her orgasm begin. He must sense it too because suddenly he begins to slow.

“Not just yet, my angel. There is one more part of you I want tonight.” His words cause a shiver to run through her body. She knows what he is referring to and although she enjoys it as much as he does, being aware that he is going to take her this most intimate of ways always sets off something electric inside of her. Knowing that is it going to feel incredible, but knowing that there is that delicious tension and momentary pain that precedes it.

His hands leave her breasts and move to her hips as he thrusts one more time with his cock and then slides out. She feels him touch her ass and pull the cheeks apart with his hands. She can tell the moment she is exposed, feeling the air as well as his gaze on the entrance to her anus. Using one hand to guide him, his cock is soon at her entrance and after nudging slowly at first he swiftly plunges into her, using the wetness from her pussy as his lubrication.

Her moan is as guttural as his as they connect in this intense and most illicit of joinings. Something about his fucking her his way feels incredible. Everything seems more sensitive and his cock seems huge. She feels him beginning to push himself into her, over and over, driving in as deeply as he can. She reaches to adjust the pillow to give him a better angle.

“No, no, my sweet. The pillow is no longer necessary.” He pulls it away, the velvet teasing her skin as he moves it, leaving her bent forward without support, impaled on his hard cock. “Now, I have access to even more of you.”

“Oh God,” is all she can whimper as she realizes what her new position allows him to do. Before she even completes the phrase, his hand is at her naked pussy, beginning to tease the lips again, stroking her skin, making her squirm. And then he changes his movement. His thumb is on her clit and one and then two fingers slip into her cunt. She is completely filled by him, her every movement brings her in deeper contact with his touch. She moans in earnest now, needing to vocalize some of the incredible pleasure that is swelling insistently in her.

She feels the pace of his thrusts and his fingering increase. He is bringing her closer and closer to her climax and she can only hope that his is close, too. Even in her sexual haze she wants him to be receiving as much pleasure as he is giving her.

“Yes, my Lord, yes. Please fill me. Cum inside of me.”

“Oh yes, my precious. I will. And you will take me.”

“Every drop. Don’t hold back.”

“I want to hear you cum,” the speed of his stroking begins to increase.

“Oh God, yes. I am so close. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.” After that all she is able to do is repeat the word “please” and moan as her climax begins to build to the point that there is no stopping the shattering release that is only moments away. A fresh flood of wetness pours from her onto his hand, alerting him to the nearness of her climax. The heat of her is all he needs to go over the top.

“Yes, yes, my precious. Take me. Take all of your Lord’s cream.” His moans are nearly shouts as he begins to pump her fiercely. The excitement that has been building in him since he saw her waiting for him that evening can no longer be contained. His strokes become harder, his grip even more insistent.

His final shout of pleasure is so loud it drowns out hers. The sound sends a fresh tremor of excitement through her.

He continues to thrust inside of her, more gently, letting his orgasm and hers fade away slowly. His touch on her pussy softens, but continues as aftershocks of her orgasm continue to run through her body. Eventually, the exhaustion of their fucking over takes them, and he relaxes his full weight against her back, pushing her deep into the pillows. She can do nothing but sigh. The feeling of him on her is just what she wants in this moment.

Eventually, his softening cock slips out of her ass and he rolls off of her and to the side. “Come close to me. Let me hold you, my beautiful lady.” She curls boneless into the warmth of his body, listening to the still rapid beating of his heart. His hands stroke her arms and her back. Every part of her is still so sensitive.

“Who adores you?” he asks.

“You do, my Lord. And you were right.”

“About what?”

“We did not need the bed.” She hears his soft laugh. His response to her humor warms her as much sometimes as his response to her body.

In the morning she wakes she in her bed. Alone once more.

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