The Layover(part1)

The Layover part 1

He shifted in his seat uncomfortably as the turbulance yet again rattled the structure of the 747 comercial airliner. He was fully tired of all the travelling, but it could not be helped as long as work demanded it, and work was good. As long as T.Williams Inc. continued to thrive, so would he. He was the boss’ most important representative at the company. He was the one who set up all the sales made, hammered the offers down to the lowest possible dollar amount, then sealed the deals and finalized all the paperwork so the happy customers could be on their way. The job came with a hefty salary bonuses and perks galore, but on the down side, it consumed much of his time and required him to travel regularly enough that the hotels and planes he was regular patrons of were starting to feel more like home than the enormous skyrise apartment in L.A. that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on. He was in his late 30’s and still single, as his work schedual had left no opportunity for anything more than an occasional fling, and he was in the process of overviewing his life and wondering if it had all been worth it when the turbulance rattled the plane again, harder than before, and the pilot came over the loud speaker:
“Sorry for the inconvieniance folks, but flight control says theres a bad storm moving in and we’re gonna hafto put down in Trenton NJ and wait for it to blow over before we continue on to NY.”
“Oh, great,” he mutters, just befor another patch of turbulance rattles the plane hard enough to dump his ice water from the folded out tray to his lap.
Just as he gets up to go to the bathroom and try to dry the water off of his $500 suit the pilot announces that the plane will be landing and to put the folding trays up and fasten seat belts. He sighs, and sitting back down he pulls the belt acrossed his lap, cursing the weather, the pilot, and bad luck in genral for the turn of events.
In the trenton airport, he collects his luggage from the conveyor and works his way slowly back over to the a seat close to the gate where he will get back on the flight to New York once the storm is over.
Outside, nature vents her fury as the skies darken from grey to nearly black with tearing wind throwing the downpouring rains this way and that. He looks at his watch, 6:49 pm…. He looks outside again and deciding the storm isn’t going to let up anytime soon, takes his luggage over to one of the lockers and shoves it inside. Then walking up to the counter, he asks the woman there for an estimated time of departure. She looks up at him with soft blue eyes under a firnge of dark lashes. Her face is vaguely familliar with her thick wavy dark blonde hair, as is her smile when she answers him.
“The nearest they can figure it’s gonna be at least 2 hours before the winds settle down enough to…….excuse me…but, do I know you from somewhere?” her eyes search his for a moment before brightening into a smile of recognition.
“Jason Calloway? Is that you? My lord….it’s been AGES….i mean what 8th grade wasn’t it?”she looks at him smiling as he tries to place her face. She smiled, an easy practiced smile like she knew he didn’t remeber her but she didn’t mind.
“You don’t remember me do you,” she chuckles,”thats ok, i get it all the time. Megan Brooks, we were partners in science lab.”
He digs thru his memories trying to place her face…then does a double take as he remembers who she was.
“WOW!……..Little meggy? You certainly grew up quite……quite………” he trails off as he looks her top to bottom and she giggles under his inspection, standing up a little straighter.
Starting from the top, 1st thing he notices is no more glasses and teeth that used to be covered in braces where now smooth and flawlessly straight. The hair she used to wear short with bangs was now a rich long mane of golden hair that brushes the small of her back as she piroettes under his very openly admiring gaze. Not only these changes but the whole package, it was clear to see that the tall skinny kid who let him cheat off her science home work was no more. Some where along the way, the gawkish late blooming teen had grown up to be a golden goddess. The slender frame had remained but now she had the kind of curves men stopped to stare at.
She laughed a quiet melodic sound that told him she was completely in her element and knew it. She leans over to prop her elbows on the counter and look up at him through those dark lashes, her body at the perfect angle for him to see her cleavage over the top of her button up shirt.
“So…..What are your plans till your plane takes off, it’s going to be at least 2 hours….have anything special planned?”
Oh i have a plan alright, he thinks to himself , “Nothing in particular,” he hears himself say,” I was just about to head out and find something to do for a while rather than sit here.”
She flashes him a smile, giving him the uncomfortable feeling of being hunted. “Well it just so happens I’m off at…….” she leans back to look at the clock,” 7:00 which was exactly 2 minutes ago. I know a great little spot just down the street from here, it’s fairly quiet and private. Me and you can get to know each other again over a few drinks,” she pauses for a moment and looks at him, and when he doesn’t answer right away she continues,” Awww…c’mon Jason, you know it sounds like fun…” He
hesitates for only a moment before he feels his head nodding, almost as if against his will.
“Great! Then it’s a date, wait here and I’ll go and get my things ok?” she flashes him a sparkling smile showing off the results off hundreds spent on orthodonticics, then dissappears behind the counter to get her belongings. She moves with the slender grace of a lioness on the hunt. He watches her hips rotating in a graceful pattern untill she rounds the corner out of sight, and then is quite surprised to realize he is holding his breath, waiting for her to come back. He turns his back to the counter, looking around the busy airport and forcing himself to draw a breath at the same time. C’mon man, pull yourself together….if ya want to nail her, you better make one hell of an impression……
The Layover Part 2 coming soon;)(if ya like my work, post a comment and let me know…..i wanna know what ya think)

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