The Major's Lady by Screw3

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My Professor by Screw3 Copywrite August 18, 2004

They accepted Tom Stanley as a Junior and he selected some Journalism, History and English courses plus 2 required courses in foreign languages. He was rusty in Spanish so at the beginning of the course he was probably in the middle of the class of twenty. In the course in Arabic Lit he and the four others in the class were better at the language than the teacher. He had taught it from translations and now there were five students reading and discussing it in Arabic. Tom was one of those five. The Associate Prof had enough sense after the first class to split them into two sections. He only showed at the Arabic speaking section twice a semester to pick up the required papers that he required be typed in English. He gave them all A since he could not discuss it with them. The head of the language department turned a blind eye to this procedure since he did not speak Arabic either. Tom was a vet going through college now on the latest GI Bill plus his disability pension of 50% since his left knee was know made of titanium after a bullet had smashed his.
It was his Shakespeare Assoc. Prof that we are here to discuss though. She was a widow and about 34 or 35, ten years older than Tom, Mrs. Meadows. Her husband had been the Major when Tom was a first looey in charge of a platoon. He had been killed in the same action that Tom had been wounded when the Arabs had attacked the command position.
Nothing happened till the middle of the first semester. Tom’s paper on Hamlet was that the whole thing was based on sex and Ophelia committed suicide because she was carrying Hamlet’s bastard and he had told her to go to a nunnery. In Protestant Elizabethan England this meant a cat house. The paper showed a different interpretation than Anne Meadows had ever thought about. She had Tom read the paper aloud at the end of class and announced she would like any who wanted to come to her house Friday after dinner to discuss Hamlet and Mr. Stanley’s interpretation. Six other students showed of the ten that had raised their hands to indicate their desire to attend. The discussion lasted till ten and Tom volunteered to help her clean up. Tom had brought a loaf of bread, some salt and a demijohn of wine. There was a considerable amount of the cabernet left. They finished clearing the table and were in the kitchen.
“Miz Meadows, I knew your husband. He was a good commander in the field.”
“Did you know my husband, Mr. Stanley?”
“Yes, ma’am, I was wounded in the attack he was killed in.”
“Did he fight well?”
“Yes ma’am, I wish he had been in charge, but the colonel was there when the insurgents attacked the command post. He was sent from Washington to his first command in combat. The colonel had to lead us to get his star. He was killed in the battle too.”
“Can you tell me about the battle? What was your rank?”
“At the start I was a lieutenant, but the Colonel gave me a promotion in the middle of repulsing the attack. Washington confirmed it when I was in the hospital and gave me a silver star to boot. I can show you on the table ma’am.”
Tom started laying out the troops and she leaned over him to see what he was doing with the salt and pepper shakers. She rested her tits on his arm while he was setting them up.
“I’ll be right back and you can make it more realistic with some soldiers.”
Ann came back wearing a sweatshirt, shorts, and flip-flops. She was carrying a box of toy soldiers, half of them blue and the others in red uniforms. “Win always made us blue and the enemy red. He loved to show me the famous battles of history. It helped me when I had to explain them to classes so they could understand background for the literature of the period. They have been on the shelf for three years now.” And so have I she thought, but he is a student, but an older one than I usually teach.
She leaned over Tom and rubbed her tits on his arm as he laid out the soldiers on the table and explained the attack. Tom could tell from the feel of her breasts along his arm that she had removed her bra and her nipples were now hard. Win, old buddy, forgive me for I am going to fuck your widow.
Tom turned his head down and kissed her. Their tongues started to down the tango together. Ann wiped the table clear of the plastic soldiers with one arm while undoing his belt buckle with the other. He took off his pants and she dropped her shorts revealing that she her bush was neatly trimmed. She climbed on the table.
“No preliminaries Captain, just fuck me fast and hard.”
Tom got on the table and after two rubs along her moist cunt and he was hard enough to do just that. He shoved his cock into her after she used her hand to guide his cock into her. She was ready and started to cum as soon as he entered her and began bucking her ass up and down and he stopped trying to move in and out as she was providing all the motion they needed. He was holding onto the edges of the table to keep pushing into her and not get bucked out of fucking her. He finally shot his load into her and she used the muscles to milk him squeezing his cock along its length.
“Captain, that was the first time I was laid in three years. It was worth the wait. Would you like a glass of wine?”
Tom Stanley sat down and patted his thighs. Ann Meadows sat down on them and they clinked glasses took a sip of wine then kissed. They finished two glasses of wine very slowly. Ann felt Tom’s dick returning to life and led him to her bedroom.
“I hope that you won’t tell anyone about this. I am your professor and this is probably a reason for me to be fired.”
“Ann, I was an officer, but I am still a gentleman.”
She brought her lips down to his cock and sucked on it till it was hard and long and then mounted him. It was easier for both of them to let her go up and down from the topmost position. They came together and he went to the bathroom and then they slept in each others arms. Luckily he had walked over to her house so there was no tell tale car outside. He stayed the day and they had sex all day long and he left after it was dark.
They were lovers for the next year and a half till he graduated. They married six months after that

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