The Makeings of a Mind Gone Mad pt1

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The Makeings of a mind gone mad Part 1

To be honest with you this is whats going on in some minds ight now.. I am for some reason able to talk about it more then others….

It all started about a year ago when i started talking to girls over the internet.. Its not that i didnt talk to them in real life its just that i found it a bit easyer to talk to in chat rooms…. Well over the next few months i was given the title of a cyber casanova.. Allways wanting to please the ladys well little did i know that i was going to be givein the time of my life from someone i meet that way…

i was working at my job at a gas station i hade shown up late as normal and i was being yelled at by a co worker when our new mManiger walked up and told them to go fuck off… That got me to smile a bit and when i turned around all i could do was stare… Befor me stood someone from my childhood.. Her name was Tempest, She hade long flowing Red hair.. Ice blue eyes.. and a body so tight it was as if i could bounce a quater off of any part of it.. My mouth droped to the floor.
When she saw mw like that..” Its been a long time, so how do i look?”
All i could do was just stair, leting my mind wonder.. Her hips… her thighs… her chest..
I stumbled back a bit trying to get my mind in the right place beacause i had to get to work
“Yes it has… been to damn long if you ask me”
She gave me a hug and i allmost melted.. She was pushing her tits into me and i could feal her nipples geting harder against my chest.. With that i let her go and started to blush.. She could see me steaming underneath my skin…

About halfway threw my shift i was give a break. Needing to get the hell away from the register i disided to go back to the office. I got the kay and started to go back, when i got to the doori used the kay a pushed in on it a little. She must not have herd me turn the door handle because she was siting in a chair with her Panties down by her ancles. She hade her back to the door and as i shut it she turned around with a start..
“what in the hell do you think your doing?”
Being the ever smart ass.. “Im enjoying the show.. By all means dont stop on my account”
With that i sat in the chair on the other side of the room.
“if you think that i am going to sit hear and let you watch me get my self off your… your… right”
All i could do was smile… Being a Virgin what else could i do?
As she started to run her fingers around her lips she was loking at me as if i was helping her.. When i would look into her eyes she would quickly look away and stop playing with her self.. So it soon became a game to me, I would watch er and as soon as i felt she was about to cum i would look her in her eyes makeing her stop.. i soon started to laught at her.. not in a hertful way but because i felt her geting mad at me.

She was siting there rbbing her clit looking at my crotch witch i was haveing trouble keeping hidden due to the fact that i had a rageing boner going.
There was a knock at the door and another girl asked what i was doing and i said i was “helping Tempest get used to the store by explaing to her ware everything was. Ill be out when i am done”.
With the other employee gone i hear Tempest stearting to moan louder i was hopeing to keep her quite beacause i didnt want to get ither one of us into trouble. I was trying to find something to put into her mouth when she got up and walked over to me pushing me into the wall with a thud
“What the hell do you think your doing?”
She said nothing as she got on her knees and unziped my zipper leting my cock free. (Now dont get me worung i could sit here and lie to you and say that i was well hung ya knon something like 10 of 11 inches but why wast a good sentence on the right?) When she got my dick out and wraped her soft lips slowly around it i felt my knees geting weak and i slowly slid down the wall. WHen i got to the flood she was leaning over me with her mouth fermly locked onto my cock slideing her lips and toung up and down slowly at first and then she would pick up the pace a bit and i would allmost get to the point of shooting my load and she would stop.
“aint payback a bitch?”
All i could do was place my hand on her head and puch her mouth back to my waiting dick.
“Yes it is and by god i am loveing it!”
She stoped again and i looked at her. she had a strang look on her face
“are you a virgin? Be honest!”
“what me a virgin? um… Hell no”
She bit my dick a bit
“Tell me the truth or ill bit it harder!”
I gave her the look of you wouldnt dare And she looked like she was about to take a chunk out of it when
“All right ALLRIGHT!!!!!!!!!! YES I AM STILLL A VIRGIN!!!!!”
“how old are you?”
“21, why?”
“what the matter with only being 21?”
She bent in and kissed me on my cheak
“Im 29″
I got up and looked at her and with all of my stranth i picked her up and moved to to the deck.
I placed her on the top of it and started to remove her blouse and then her skirt.. seeing her in nothing but her bra i knew that there was something that had to be done about it so i slowly turned her around and tryed to unhook it with no luck at all. I went for a pair of sicers and when ishe saaw then
“Oh no you dont let me”
Wiht that she reached on hand around and undid her bra
“how in the hell???”
“dont worry about it”
To be blunt with you i have see more porn the anyone really should.. so i have see some big tits in my life.. and for somereason i dont like them… Her tits were just perfect.. tear doped and feam and oh so perkey..When they were free i started to suck on then hungerley.. when i started she let out a slow moan and pulled my face deaped into her chest. I started to swerl my toung around her nipple and softly bit it. With each passing minite her npples were geting harder and harder.

To be continued…. XP

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