The Meeting

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As the car pulled to a stop I could feel my heart racing. After all I was finally going to meet the man that i had been just typing back and forth over the internet, I was a little nervous as anyone would be, but I knew what I was doing was right. I had told my husband that I was going to visit some friends who had been having some hard times recently and he understood and sent me on my way. Which wasn’t really a lie… you had been having some hard times from our conversations in the past………… granted I caused them, but you didn’t seem to mind.

As I walked down the terminal I saw you standing there. You looked just as nervous as I was. You walked up to me and took my bags and gave me a hug. We had the normal friend talk how was the trip and so forth, but our eyes were saying so much more. We stopped by a local restaurant to grab a bite to eat and headed for my hotel.

You had some stuff you needed to take care of so you just dropped me off and told me that you would be back in about an hour. I checked into my room and decided to take a shower and get ready to go out. I had decided to dress a little sexy for the night so I put on tight black jeans with a white bustier top, my outfit really accented my features and when you got back I could tell you were pleased You just looked at me as if I was the only woman on earth when I asked you how I looked you stuttered a bit and said breathtaking after gaining your composure, you told me that you had big plans for us that night but it was a secret so I would just have to wait and see.

You blindfolded me and led me to the car after driving for a while the car stopped and you said were here. You had took me to a lake, the moon was full and it was beautiful. You grabbed a blanket from the trunk and laid it out by the waterside. We sat there talking a little while. I could tell you were still nervous just by the way you were smiling but I knew you were happy to be there with me .

It had started to get chilly so you wrapped your arms around me. It felt so good to be held by you . It felt safe and warm so comfortable just being there with you. You lifted my head up and gently moved my hair out of my face and asked can I kiss you. Yes, I whispered softly as your lips met mine. The kiss was so soft and gentle it sent chills up and down my spine. After about 5 minutes we finally broke the kiss to find ourselves rubbing each other.I started to stroke ur cock thru ur pants at first.Then i went down and unzipped the fly of ur pants and brought ur cock out into the night air to my lips.I kissed the tip so gently i could feel u breathe in heavily.I started to lick from shaft to tip and u lightly would moan.I then in one swift movement took you into my mouth and started to pleasure you.After a few minutes u could take no more u reached down and slid ur hands into my pants to find i wasnt wearing any panties.You started to play with my clit while i sucked on ur hard cock.Before long we both were cumming .After we gained our composure,we looked up at one another I could see it in your eyes you had longed to be with me . At about midnight we decided to head back to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel the roads were clear, so peaceful. You wrapped your arm around me to pull me closer. I rested my head on your shoulder as if we had done this a thousand times.

After arriving to the hotel we decided to listen to music while we talked. A slow song came on the radio and you asked me if I wanted to dance I laughed as you pulled me up from the bed and said sure. We kissed again but this time it was full of passion and lust. You wanted me and I was willing to give myself to you.

As we laid down on the bed you ran your hand along my thigh moving it up until you reached my breast. I wrapped my legs around your waist pulling you closer to me. I could feel your manliness growing and it excited me more. I knew you could tell as you began pressing into me. You lifted me up to undo my bustier and I pulled off your shirt. We laid back down and you began kissing my neck as ran my fingers thru your hair. You began kissing down my neck until you reached my nipples you nibbled and teased as you were caressing the other.

You had traveled further down now as you began kissing my tummy licking my belly ring as you were unbuttoning my jeans slowly pulling them down. You lift up and kiss my lips once before tasting my juices, you slowly licked up and down savoring the taste. It felt so good as you begin to go faster and faster moving your tongue like crazy, giving me feelings I had dreamed about. I rubbed my fingers thru your hair while thrusting my hips to allow your tongue to go further. You place my legs on your shoulders so can go deeper after getting me to point I can no longer stand you raise up as I begin to unbutton your pants revealing your manliness at it highest potential.

I have you lay down on the bed as I take him in my hands and slowly lick up and down your shaft while massaging your balls. I suck on the head while running my tongue ring around the rim, I take as much of him I can in my mouth while doing a crazy 8 right along your vain. I look up and notice you have you eyes closed enjoying every move I am making.

You open your eyes and grab my hips.I straddle above ur hard cock as i slowly ease down upon it feeling it go deeper and deeper until im all the way against you.Skin to skin. I gasp from the intensity. You begin to go slow with our bodies fitting perfectly together. You stare into my eyes while slowing moving in and out, I begin to thrust towards you with every motion you make and you gently kiss my lips, you move towards my ear slowly licking around the edge driving me wild. You begin to go faster and harder now. I throw my head back from pleasure. I scream out your name as a gushing orgasm and shivers run thru my body, I can feel your cum pumping inside of me now the feeling is amazing you keep thrusting into me deeper and deeper when you finally begin to tire you gently kiss my lips as we collapse together.

You slowly roll over on to your side and look into my eyes and smile and I ask with a big grin when can we do that again, you laugh and say tomorrow, my dear. As we drift asleep with you holding me in your arms

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  1. creameater

    very passionately done, wonderful description.

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