The Mysterious Lana (Chapter Three- 1st Date)

After a refreshing Shower, David anxiously left his suite and returned to the small coffee house in the 300 block of Chartres Street (French spelling). Knowing that his dinner reservations weren’t for another 45 minutes, he knew that he had time to spare. He ordered a cup of latte’ and found a seat at the counter.

Not 5 minutes later, Lana entered the room from the kitchen area. She was wearing the most “form fitting, all-in-one” red dress he had ever scene. He knew she had a nice body but he couldn’t have ever imagined that it was this majestic. Her hair was down with a slight wave and fell over her shoulders. It was obvious that she had her hair done today.

“Well good evening gorgeous!!”, was the only thing David could muster.

Lana gave out a slight giggle and replied, “Did I clean up good enough for you?”

“My Lady, you would far surpass any rose even if you were covered in mud”

“Your such a tease”, she said. “Well in preparation for tonight, I decided to leave work early and get my hair done, my nails done, and a few other girl type vices. You know clean my self up for ya. Benefits of being the Boss, I can leave early if I want to. After all I am your Guinevere, Sir Lancelot.”

“Well my lady, I only did what any red blooded man would do.”

After a few minutes of casual conversation, the two walked a few blocks to the Tortorici’s Italian Restaurant for a nice meal. Once dinner was completed, Lana suggested that they go to Pat O’Brien’s for a few Hurricanes. They talked about everything under the sun. By the end of the night, they were feeling really good. The hurricanes were definitely doing their job.

By 1 AM the French Quarter area was packed with people. So they decided to walked the Decatur Street area. They visited the Hard Rock Café and enjoyed the water front near Jefferson Square.

Knowing that Lana had to be at work in a few hours, David suggested that he walk her to her car. It was 6 blocks down and 4 blocks over towards Royal Street. When they reached Chartres Street again (one block shy of the Parking Garage), Lana commented that she just might get a hotel room in the French Quarter instead of driving all the way across town then back in the morning.

“Well you know I have a suite right here on Chartres Street at the Quarter House. You are more than welcome to sleep in the king size bed. I’ll take the couch in the living room of course.”

“Always the valiant one I see. Says a lot about your character. I like that in a man. That kind of man almost doesn’t exist anymore. Your certainly an angel, you know that?” without even waiting for a reply, she continued, “You came to my rescue once already, and here you are again trying to come to my rescue again.”

With all sort of deviate thoughts running amok in his head, David replied, “Well I can promise you I’m no angel. Especially with all the booze I have in me right now. But I promise that I’ll be at my best”. As he said it, he was waiting for her to reply with something to the effect that ‘he didn’t have to be’ or something like ‘she wanted to see just how good he was.’

Because, at present, he wanted nothing more than to dive head first into every part of this beauty. But much to his dismay, she didn’t even reply. Instead, she changed the subject.

This made him want her more. Her not replying told him a lot about her character. He got the distinct impression that she wasn’t a “tease” or one of those “Flirty women” that starts things that they never intend to complete.

After contemplating the idea of staying the night at his suite, she finally accepted. They entered the main lobby and then the elevator. Being the pervert that he is and feeling as horny as he was, he looked down at the mirrored floor was able to look right up her dress. Almost as if she knew he was looking, she moved her feet slightly apart. He could see right up between her legs. He couldn’t see her crotch but he was definitely trying hard.

His thoughts of those silky smooth thighs were interrupted when Lana looked at him and noticed he was staring at the floor. It was then that she realized what he was doing. She hadn’t noticed the mirrored floor before now.

“Be good”, she said “You promised to be at your best… remember?” she said with a chuckle.

Embarrassed, David was speechless. There was nothing he could think of in reply. When they reached his floor, the elevator stopped and the doors opened with a ding. Saved by the bell.

They walked over to his room and went inside. David showed Lana around then they sat in the living room. David went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of Canoe Ridge Merlot. Not the most expensive bottle of Merlot but definitely not a 2 dollar bottle either.

Of all the Merlots he has sample over the years, this was his favorite.

As they sipped their wine, they continued to talk about themselves and their lives. By now it was nearly 4 in the morning.

Lana leaned over and kissed David gently on the cheek. And said good night. David was left on the sofa while she was taking a shower. He had given her a shirt of his to wear since she didn’t have any clothes to change into. After her shower, she walked into the living room and sipped on another glass of wine.

As they continue to talk, David couldn’t help but remember his dream from the day before. Since she didn’t have any clothes to change into, he thought that it was very possible that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The thought was nearly too much. David had to continually say to himself, ‘be good, be good, she thinks you’re an angel so for god’s sake be good’.

It was then that David had enough. He finished the conversation and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After washing his hair and everything else, he purposely stayed under the hot flow of water to gather his thoughts. He knew that he was at the end of his rope so to speak. He had showed more restraint tonight than he had ever done before. He also knew that if she was still in the living room when he returned, there was no holding him back.

As he imagined what she was doing while he was in the shower gathering his thoughts, his questions were answered.

As he was standing under the shower, much to his surprise, he felt something touch his back. As he opened his eyes and turned around, there she was.

In all her naked glory Lana had come into the shower. Without even saying a word, he leaned over and they kissed. He felt her hands rub his ass as they became more passionately involved in the kiss. She felt so warm and soft. He could stay here for hours. His hands dropped and rubbed that glorious ass that he dreamt about. It was harder than he had imagined. It was obvious that she worked out religiously.

With his left hand on her ass, he moved his right hand and cupped her face but never broke the passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined as their kiss became nearly uncontrollable.

David broke their kiss and nibbled at her neck then down to her breast. Lana moaned in ecstasy as David squeezed and sucked her tits and rubbed her ass.

David reached over and soaped up his hands and rubbed them on her ass. The soapy lubrication added to the extra sexual sensations that she was feeling. He then turned her around so she was under the shower flow and rinsed of his hands. He then went for her womanhood.

David nearly came then and there when he reached her twat and discovered it was bare. It was completely shaven and silky smooth. As he ran his ringers onto her clitoris, her knees buckled. The more he rubbed, the more she moaned and gyrated.

Returning the favor Lana grabbed his rock hard penis. After several moments of playful rubbing, Lana bent down on her knees and took the entire length of his harden cock into her mouth at once. David was in awe of this magical woman and her abilities. The more he mo
aned, the deeper she took him into her mouth.

After several moments, he pulled her off of him and stood her up. He then turned
her around and took her from behind. He leaned her towards the wall where the shower head was located and she put her hands on the wall. The spray of water was hitting her lower back.

Holding her by the hips, David drove himself deep into her as hard and as fast as he could, the harder he fucked her the harder she wanted it. It didn’t take long before this drove her into an orgasmic state.

When David was about to come, she went down again. Working his penis with her mouth she told David to come on her face. If ever there was a “Money Shot”, this was it. David came so hard and so long that his knees buckled.

Lana didn’t lose a drop. She worked manhood like it was a blow pop. Taking in every drop and loving it.

Of course the night wasn’t over yet. Obviously this went on way past sunrise. They made love in every part of the suite and in every conceivable position on every piece of furniture that was there.

As the two laid in the middle of the king sized bed reflecting on the events that had transpired over the course of the last few hours, Lana was glad she took a time out to call the coffee shop telling the morning girl that she wasn’t coming in today.

She really liked being the boss and one day, she’ll show David how much.

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