The night my best friend fucked me

My name is Keira, I’m 26 years old, short brown hair, bright blue eyes and 32 b tits. I’m very small, only about 5″1 and 90 pounds. I’m here to tell you about the night my best friend fucked me.

I’ve known Rich since I was 13 years old. I know years ago he used to have a huge crush on me but nothing ever came of it and I never really saw him that way anyways. We’ve always hung out quite a bit and a lot more now since he bought his own house.

I spent a weekend there and we did normal things that we usually do together, watch movies, make dinner or play video games.

It was the Sunday night and I knew I would have to start getting my stuff together soon and packing up to go home. I kept noticing how Rich was watching me a lot. He looked like he had sex in his eyes. I felt slightly intrigued by this because my boyfriend and I had recently broken up and I won’t lie, I was horny.

I kept wondering if I was just imaging things, but also sort of hopeful Rich might make a move on me. “Well”, I said “I guess I should start getting my things together and go home.” I started to get off the couch when Rich grabbed my wrist and pulled me on top of him. I laughed sort of awkwardly and he smiled at me and began to kiss my neck and grab my ass. I was sort of feeling silly about the whole thing but I figured, Why not? And began kissing him. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and started to feel my breasts. I moaned softly, I was really starting to enjoy this.

We made out for probably 20 minutes, something I haven’t done since I was 16 years old. “Should we maybe go to your bedroom?” I asked him. I wasn’t feeling very comfortable fooling around with the large window in the family room over looking the street. “We will in a bit,” Rich answered as he unbuttoned my blouse. He changed positions with me so I was lying on his large leather couch and he was on top. He pulled my right breast from my cotton bra and began licking and sucking my nipple while using his hand to rub my pussy over my jeans. I was really starting to get wet now and a little bit anxious to take things further, but I figured there was no need to rush. He then grabbed both my writs with one hand and pinned them above my head. For some reason this really turned me on and I wondered why this was the first time we’d ever fooled around.

Rich pulled by blouse off and than un hooked my bra. He massaged and sucked my tits commenting on how nice my body was and making me blush. Then he stood up scooped me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.

He laid me down on his bed and immediately removed my jeans. My legs were shaking with anticipation as he pulled my underwear off. Right away he went in between my thighs and spread my throbbing pussy apart and started to lick and suck my tiny clit with such expertise I was pleasantly surprised. I moaned with pleasure and rocked my body against his tongue. He continued on this way for about 5 minutes. I was about to start begging him to fuck me when I felt his finger gently penetrating me, first one in my pussy and than another one in my tight little ass.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned “That feels so good.” By this point my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I could hear the blood rushing in my ears. He continued to eat me out and double penetrate me as I tugged and squeezed my tits, practically screaming now it felt so damn good.

“Rich,” I groaned, “I’m going to fucking cum,” Rich continued his assault on my pussy as I came all over his face and tongue, wave after wave of orgasms, he was moaning now too, “Fuck you’re so hot,” he murmured as he flipped me around so I was on all fours.

He pushed his rock hard cock into my clenched and dripping vagina and began fucking me as a deep, hard, and fast as he could go. I could barely hold myself up and I was still moaning with much abandon. He gently pushed his index finger into my virgin ass and left it in there as he fed me from behind.

“Does that feel good?” he panted.

“It feels amazing,” I was barely able to respond I felt as if I were in heaven.

He pulled out and came all over my asshole, which he was now gently fingering again. He collapsed beside me on the bed still massaging my tight ass.

“How was that,” he asked me as he kissed my neck gently.

“That was amazing,” I responded enjoying the way he was still playing with my ass.

“Next time we have to work this little ass a bit more because I would love to be the first to fuck it,” I could feel him insert another finger and continue molesting my tiny hole.

“I think I would like that,” I answered coyly.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the first time my best friend fucked me.

…. To be continued….

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