The Night time Is The Right time

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Lee Ann giggled as she tip-toed across the rug in the hallway, she would stop every few seconds to catch her breath and cover her mouth to mute her nervous tittering.

It was three am Saturday and she was horny as hell. She was wearing her see-thru tiny nighty with matching frilly panties. She was wearing her tropical flowers perfume oil and she was on a mission, a mission to finish off her seduction of her and her husband’s houseguest. She was sneaking off to Pierre’s bedroom, Pierre, 23 years old, a Parisian, and hot looking to boot. Lee Ann was nearing 50, but she looked maybe 30, if that, she was one of those incredibly blessed women that retained her youthful beauty and exquisite body both from proper nutrition and exercise and the occasional botox injection and plastic surgeries here and there, nothing major, just collegen injections in the lips, an eye lift and minor liposuction on her abs, everything else was hers and perfect.
She was finally at the far end of the house, far from her snoring, elderly, but extremely wealthy and generous to her husband, a man who at this point in his life found sex far too strenuous which made for a very horny and sexually frustrated Lee Ann.

She stood at the door breathing hard, she held her flat toned tummy and smoothed the lace of her nighty, her nipples were hard and pointed and sensitive.

“Tap. tap, tap.” she lightly knocked on Pierre’s door.

“Come in.” he said in his deep sexy French accent.

Lee Ann took a long deep breath and entered. Pierre was lying on the bed nude his erection sticking stright up, a big horny grin plastered on his face. She walked toward him and he motioned for her to stop. She did. He just stared at her, licking his lips, he looked at her long slender runner’s legs, so satiny shiny smooth and tan, he saw the crotch of her frilly panties the curls of ruffles hiding her little pussy, her pussy that was aching for him. He looked up her torso and through the sheerness of her nighty he saw her hips, so feminine and round, but small like a teen-age girl’s and her waist, that waist that curved in so femininely, just perfect for his hands to grab and caress, and he saw her breasts, those protruding, high, firm breasts, so perfect and large that they caused her nighty to stand out away from her body, those plump breasts were accented by her ruby red nipples that were stiff and looked like two tiny berries poking through the material. He looked up at her face, so feminine, so sweet, so sexy with that full pouty mouth and button like nose and high prominent cheekbones, such round cheekbones they mimiced the perfect roundness of her breasts and ass, and her eyes, shiny, dewy blue eyes topped off by her full arched brows, brows arched like a sex symbol starlet from the fifties or sixties. He just drank in her sexy beauty as he stroked his cock.

“Come here, get in bed with me.” he said.

Lee Ann got to the foot of the bed and crawled up to him over the length of that long bed, the whole time she stared in his coal black eyes. She stopped along the way to caress and massage his legs with her silky soft hands, she dragged her nails along the inside of his thighs up and down a few times causing him to tremble. When she got to his cock she spread her thighs over his knee, he could swear he felt the heat enimating from her lusty pussy, and looking at his cock she ran her tongue over her lips making them look fuller and wetter from the shine of her saliva, her mouth was watering for his cock, as was her pussy.

She knelt down and extended her tongue out of her mouth and pointed it, she flicked at his head, only the head, back and forth her tongue moved across that spongy head, they were short hard flicks, but quite effective in giving intense pleasure to both him and her. He watched her intently and just allowed himself to feel the exquisite sensation of her wet, warm, soft tongue dominate his cock. Without warning she held the base of his cock with her little soft, perfectly manicured hand and putting his cock in her mouth she swallowed it over and over, her throat was massaging his cock as it constricted rhytmically around it, just gulping on it, her big, puffy, soft, warm, moist lips were wrapped around the shaft. She slowly mouth fucked his cock, just feeling every single tiny bump and vein of his ramrod shaft, holding his cock in her mouth she slid up and down on it, her mouth was hungry for his cock. He caressed her silky curly hair, feeling it’s weight and softness in his hands while his cock was pleasured by her expert blow-job giving mouth. Over and over she sucked him and licked him, she released his wet from her and oh so stiff cock, the air seemed chilly compared to that toasty mouth of hers and she delicately nibbled his shaft like the way a kitten nibbles at a flea, firmly yet without too much pain, up and down she nibbled making sure that his main vien got a nice nibbling and a hard suck too. Then she finished her blowjob by just sucking on his head as she jerked his shaft, he came within seconds spewing his cum in between her lips, all over her tongue, teeth and gums. He watched as she swallowed and purred. He smiled like a very satisfied man.

“Now my turn.” he said as he moved around on the bed, he took off her nighty while rubbing her nipples with the material. He looked at those big, full, beautiful breasts and licked them, long big sloppy hungry, fat tongue licks, licks that felt intense and horny, he licked under her nipples but not on them, then at the bottoms of her breasts where they curved up and out from her ribs, in between her rounded breasts where there was cleavage since they were close together breasts, on top of them where they arched and finally on the nipples, he saved those for last, but before he worked on her nipples he leaned back and delicately pulled her ruffled panties down and off. He did it slow and deliberate, she loved feeling how they slid down over her hips and lower tummy and pussy and thighs all the way off, until he got to her ankles and he stopped, that drove her wild, she was nude except they were still near her bare feet. Her pussy was small and pink, it looked so innocent yet so raunchy. The lips were closed hiding her inner pussy which was red and saturated and hot. He kissed her pussy lips and smiled up at her, he rubbed his lips over them delicately, he took his tongue and outlined her slit up and down just barely getting in between her lips, then he wiggled his tongue inside those lips, feeling her satiny soft skin and found her clit, it was hard, nubby and sensitive, he played with it with his tongue, just slapping it and moving it back and forth, that teeny little button of womanly sexual pleasure delighted in his tongue’s attention, her pussy hole puckered and she released her lusty lotion, she felt it spreading throughout her hole and leaking around to her inner lips, she felt so incredibly feminine and super soft. He quickly moved up to her nipples, he pushed his knee tight up against her pussy and he proceeded to suck on her right nipple while he twirled her left between his thumb and index finger. She humped his kneecap saturating it with her juices and heating it up from her sexual warmth. He went back and forth between each nipple, sucking and twirling, her nipples were now on fire and so sensitive and he knew it, so he spanked her breasts lightly and rhythmically this caused her to orgasm because he was spanking her nipples that were now extended so far out that they were intensely sensitive, as he spanked her nipples they turned an even deeper shade of red that looked so erotic compared to her very pale breasts. This spanking caused her to orgasm. As she orgasmed her pussy lips had completely opened around his knee cap, they were spread apart, her pussy hole was pressed on his flesh, and it started doing sucking like motions on him, he moved so he could feel it on his thigh, this made his cock jump, knowing that not only he was controlling her sexual arousal, but that he was probably giving he
r the most intense orgasm she had ever e
xperienced, this he knew because she was screaming and writhing, she put the pillow corner in her mouth to drown out her voice.

Pierre stood up on the bed, wobbling slightly from the mattress and he rolled Lee Ann over, her ass was displayed for him, an ass that was too tight and too round to believe, her years of exercise sertainly paid off by that delicious ass she had. He smiled looking at her ass, those round cheeks, those sexy hips outlining that ass, the crack so perfectly centered, he saw how her waist was tiny above her ass. She arched her back showing him a different angle of her ass, how raunchy and naughty it looked. He laid on top of her and with his now very rock hard cock he slid it between her cheeks and humped in between her cheeks, up and down, up and down, their juices and sweat had moisturized inside of her ass cheeks so he was sliding easily up and down, he liked to look down as he leaned back to see his shaft nestled in her cheeks and his cock head right above her crack, just sticking up out of there, it looked so content and horny. He made sure his legs were covering the full length of hers and he humped her, pushing his dick in her crack, his groin on her ass and his legs on her legs, they were hot as hell and both were sweating profusely, his cock was slipping around in her ass crack from their perspiration. He laid heavy on her and he swept her hair back and nibbled her ear, his cock still nestled in her crack, she did butt cheek squeezes jerking off his cock, he had never felt anything like that, her ass cheeks were incredibly strong, it was turning him on like mad. He leaned back so he could see her ass jerk him off, but he wanted more. He got off of her and rolled her over her breasts jiggled as he did, he placed a pillow under her ass so that her pussy was angled up at him and he fucked her he slammed her pussy like a madman, like a crazed animal he wanted that pussy to react with lust for his thrusting cock and it did, her pussy tightened up like a wet, soft vise and clamped tight, he had never fucked a pussy so tight in his life his thrusts were making her breasts wiggle crazily, he was reaching his orgasm, she knew it by the way his body stiffened up and then he shot his goo deep in the hidden dark, wet, narrow tunnel of her pussy. He quickly leaned down and kissed her, his mouth was so wet and warm, his tongue so probing, they kissed passionately and she grabbed his ass from behind and squeezed his cheeks and pulled him tight against her by pulling on his ass. They kissed for a long time as her pussy held onto his cock for dear life. They pulled apart and just caressed each other, feeling each other’s warm soft flesh. Pierre looked at her and smiled and said, “America really is the land of opporuntity.” and he slapped her ass and hugged her yet again.

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