The Non-Vanilla Club Part 1 by Screw 3

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The Non-Vanilla Room by Screw3 copywrite August 15, 2004

Phillip had learned about Non-Vanilla from a friend, he just was not sure that he believed there was such a place. A club where couples, or singles like Phil, could go and practice a non-vanilla love style. His friend Gary gave him a note to show the man who opened the door. Theman at the gate could have been a professional wrestler since he was the largest, meanest looking man Phil had ever seen. He read the note, “The membership charge for one night is thirty dollars. That includes your first three drinks free and allows you to watch others for an hour. Are you into S & M or Domination?”
Phil gave him a ten and twenty. “I am into domination.””
“Okay, then when you get down the stairs go to your right. Did Gary tell you the other charges? It doesn’t matter, take this card and look it over.”
The rates were very simple a room to take a partner was $50.00 per hour if you brought your own partner. It was $20.00 per hour to watch after the first hour. A partner cost $200.00 per hour or three hours for $500.00. If you had a regular membership you received a forty percent discount. A one month membership was $500.00, six months was $1000,00, a year $1500.00, and a lifetime membership was $5000.00. Phil took a seat at the bar and reread the card.
“Hi, I’m Gina the bartender. I gather you are a newbie, welcome. You want me to give you some hints.”
Gina was an attractive well built young lady who was wearing a revealing outfit. She had at least a D cup and almost all of it was showing but the nipples and the red spandex shorts left nothing to the imagination. “No, I am not available.” Looking at his card, “The kind of hints was how to tell a dominatrix from a female sub. When you go up to her and ask for a dance just ask her if she is collared, if she says, ‘No, are you?’ Then she is a dom. If she says “Not now’ then she is a sub. Is that clear?”
“That is fairly simple. Is there any other way?”
“Yes, but you would have to buy a regular membership, at least a one month. The discount pays it off in just a few visits. Then beside this room you can go to the masked room. In there you can tell Doms from Subs by their masks. Snow White is always a sub and the wicked witch type mask is always a Dom.”
“What kind of mask should I get to show I am a Dom?”
Since Gina got ten percent from the sale of memberships and masks beside owning twenty percent of the club, “Here you can have your pick of the Pirate, Don Juan or a hangman’s hood. They cost fifty dollars and no discount on those. The hood is the easiest to carry. It folds up and fits in your pocket. They come in red, white or black.”
Phil pulled out his credit card and took the one month membership. “Phil, anytime in the next two weeks you can upgrade to a longer membership and receive full credit. Here sign the chit.”
It came to $554.00 including tax since only the hood price was taxable. “Phil, you can pick up the card in an hour or so. Thank you for your patronage. What would you like to drink?”
He ordered a Shanty-gaff, half Guiness and half ginger beer then walked past the bar wearing his white hood. Sitting at the end of the bar was his ex-wife. She had run off with an actor who was coming here to New York. Phil had just been promoted to Regional Sales Manager of the company that he worked for. Andrea was fifteen years younger than he was and still looked good. He thought it out she was now 29. “Are you collared?”
“No, I’m not. Would you like to try me out as a potential sub? I have been here for an hour and no one else has seemed interested. Will you buy me a drink first and sign up for a room?”
“Gina, would you give this young lady a drink. Whatever she has been having.”
“Here Andrea a Brandy Alexander and another Shaty-gaff for you hangman.”
“My ex-husband drank those sometimes, but he was such a stuck in the mud he would never be here.”
“What about you cureent husband, then.”
“Umpf, he never married me and he never got a job. I had to support him till I threw him out. Then I found this place, but I rarely get inside. Here I am considered either too old or too young. I should not be telling you this.”
Gina came back with a room key and Andrea showed Phil the way after getting his permission.
To be continued

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