The Non-Vanilla Club Part 4 by Screw

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The Not-Vanilla Club Part 4 by Screw3 Copy write August 16, 2004

We left the scene at the Club with Andrea sitting on Angela’s face though I mistyped in Part 2, lol. I guess the similarity of the women’s names confused me, or the memory of the event. Phil has just finished coming out of Angela’s previously virginal cunt after she had cum and now he stuck his cock into Andrea’s cunt over Angela’s tongue. “Suck my balls, slut.”
Angela was in no rush and his large cock head her tongue was caught between it and the walls of Andrea’s pussy. Eventually she licked her way out and sucked on his scrotum caressing the balls one by one with her tongue. This caused Phil to cum and released him to turn onto his side and lay down to rest. Angela lay with her ass against his cock while Andrea’s tits pressed against his back. Angela wiggled her ass against him but Phil was tired and lay there for about twenty minutes before he turned onto his back and his left hand started massaging Angela’s clit while his right did the same for Andrea. Slowly his flaccid cock started filling with blood and became harder and more erect. The women knocked their heads together as they both headed their mouths toward the rising phallus. Angela must have been slightly slower as the top of Andrea’s head hit her chin knocking her out momentarily. Angela’s lips descended onto his cock and her tongue started licking that shaft to its whole 8 1/2″ length. Then she positioned her cunt opening over his dick and lowered herself slowly as she found that it was a very tight fit. Finally she had all of that large cock inside her. Slowly she lifted herself up and down feeling him within her and aware of every motion. Phil wiggled his prick inside her driving her up closer to an orgasm. Andrea had recovered and watched for a few minutes then began sucking on Angelas tits. This was too much pleasure for the young Angela to take and she felt as if she had exploded into many pieces. Angela had cum, but she wanted more. She and Andrea started wrestling when a bell rang getting their attention as Angela’s mother entered the room.
“I didn’t pay you to have her eat another woman’s cunt. She has been doing that for years. You can leave here now, Angela.”
“Bitch, shut your mouth before you get into more trouble than you already are. Angela you can leave if I tell you, not this bitch. She has also been very disrespectful and that is a serious nono. You two strip this bitch and attach the chains to her wrists.”
“Yes, master. I will do as you say.”
Andrea also agreed thinking this is fun. All of her other partners were cowed by a woman who claimed to be a sub refused to give up her high handed ways. This woman was worth a lot of bucks, hundreds of millions to be a little more exact and most Doms were lost in that thought.
“Do you know who I am little man?”
“You are a lowly slut who has paid to be dominated and disciplined and thinks that if you are bitchy enough you can overcome my authority in this room.”
Momma thought, at last there is someone who will give me the punishment I deserve and not like the other two that I was able to browbeat and bribe. “Okay, you win mister. I will give you a million to stop this nonsense and just fuck me. How should I make out the check?”
Phil broke out laughing. “Andrea and Angela get her stripped now. I want to see this nasty skinny bitch naked now.”
Two yes master echoed in momma’s ears. Andrea unzippered the dress and Angela pulled it down to reveal that she had nothing on underneath. “For an old bitch you are in pretty good shape, I’ll say that for you. Get her shackled.”
Phil looked up and saw that the rod the chains were attached to were on a track. Momma was now chained. “Andrea, is that a working track and how do I activate it?”
“Yes, master, it is worked by these buttons. The green one moves it over toward the mirror, and the black one moves it back to this wall. The red one disengages the brake and you can move the subject by hand. Is that the information you wanted, master.”
Since Momma was both a voyeur and exhibitionist this was not a threat. The thought of being whipped was making her excited. She felt that this thought was like an hour of foreplay. The others had paddled her but they were like love taps not like the way momma had watched him beat Andrea.
Phil walked over to the panel and pushed the green button after winching her up so her feet were off the floor. The rod stopped so that she was hanging two feet in front of the window and Phil lowered her till her toes and the ball of her feet or her heels could reach the floor, but not the whole foot. Then he went to the closet and took out three implements that he found there.
“Bitch do you have anything you wish to say to ameliorate your sentence?”
“No, master. I am honored to be punished by you, sir.”
This bitch is up to something and I think she wants to be hit. That would not be a real punishment then. She wins if I had taken her money and if I beat her. Phil went over to Angela and asked her a question in a very low voice. “She hates that.” Phil walked back to the closet and chose another tool.
Phil sat down beside Momma Bitch and raised her leg and administered the tool on the soul of her foot. Bitch started to giggle, “Don’t do that, sir. Please don’t do that, master.”
Phil released her leg and then ran his fingers around the outside of her hips looking for other places to use the feather. He used the feather in her left armpit and she started giggling again and gyrating as she hung there. Phil moved and started tickling her with the feather under the right armpit. Bitch started laughing and moving her body to try to escape what to her was a hideous punishment. Phil motioned to Angela to start tickling her feet at the same time he was working on her tits now with the feather. Momma was so ticklish now anywhere on her skin he touched the feather she broke into louder and louder laughter. The bitch was laughing so her hard and kicking her legs out that she had her legs flush against the mirror. The watchers maneuvered to get a better view of her exposed cunt, but momma had no thought of the watchers as she just wanted to escape the feather and breathe. Phil had Andrea lower the chains and he threw her on the bed with her wrists still attached.
“Angela eat your mother’s pussy till she is wet.”
The bitch thought he is really cruel. Angela had a big grin on her face because her mother was so against her eating a woman’s pussy now she would get momma’s pussy in her mouth. The bitch tried to resist reacting to her daughters tongue, but it was useless. “She is ready, master.”
“Turn her on her stomach by moving the chains, one at a time.”
He is going to take me doggy style and I like that, the bitch thought. Phil put his right hand to her pussy and got it wet with her juices. He then kept playing with her clit with his left hand while the right middle finger pushed into her asshole which was much tighter than her cunt. He then added his index finger inside her ass and separated the fingers then brought them back together. He then moved them around her ass expanding and contracting the sphincter. Now the ring finger entered her asshole. All this while the fingers of his left hand were all inside her cunt with no problem whatever. He took all his fingers out from within her and slid his dick into her pussy.
“Yes master, fuck me good.”
Phil slid his now slippery cock out from the front hole and slipped it into her rear hole. “You son of a bitch, that hurts.”
Phil signaled the other two women who began using the feather on the Bitch. This caused her to buck and give Phil the best fuck of his life and momma the largest orgasm of her life.

To be continued

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