The Not-Vanilla Club Part 5 by Screw3

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The Not-Vanilla Club Part 5by Screw 3 copy write aug17,2004

It is the day following the events reported in the first 4 parts. Andrea has just unlocked the stairs leading down from the chocolate confectioners that they owned above the club. It was early, but she had to catch up on book work. She knew she would have to stand up if the ring she had bought at the drug store did not alleviate the pain resounding from her ass when it touched something. The senior partner of the accounting firm where she was a partner was surprised when she announced she was taking the afternoon off as a sick day. She opened the office door and blew up the ring and got out the folders of paperwork that demanded her attention.
An hour and a half later she stood up to stretch and was surprised to see Gina sitting on the couch. “How long have you been sitting there?”
“I am not sure, but not long maybe five minutes or so.”
“And, how long did you intend to sit there quietly until you noticed me.”
“I am glad that you are here. I made you a promise and then I broke it.”
“Yes and no. I did not feel that you broke it, under the circumstances, Andy.” Gina stood up. “Do you intend to honor that promise since I won’t hold you to it. You never expected to find that out about yourself.”
Andrea did not say a word but walked over to Gina wrapped her arms around her and kissed her on her lips inserting her tongue into Gina’s mouth. Gina responded and followed Andrea’s retreating tongue into Andrea’s mouth. Gina stepped back and removed her clothes, one be one except for her stockings. As Andrea had started to remove hers Gina shook her head no. Then she came over and removed Andrea’s blouse licking the area around her clavicle. Andrea felt that Gina’s tongue felt so good. The she lowered the straps on Andrea’s bra and licked the lines where they had been. Andy, as Gina called her, felt the moisture coming from her pussy at her partner’s wise openings and in anticipation. Gina then undid the hooks holding the bra in place at the front her fingers lightly touching the sides of Andy’s tits. The bra fell to the ground and Gina moved back and stood on tiptoe to kiss Andy again and their tits were rubbing against one another and all four nipples began to harden. Their mouths separated and they stood there with Andy crouching a little so they could just touch and rub nipple to nipple while Gina undid Andy’s skirt which fell to the ground. Neither of them had worn any panties so they stood there naked except for their nylons.
Silently they went to the couch and their lips sought the others. Then their hands went to the others pussy and they began to play each with the other. Gina broke the kiss and knelt between Andy’s legs and lowered her head and her long tongue started licking her clit and then delved into Andy’s cunt and made rotating moves driving Andy wild. She added her fingers to the movements inside until Andy came and gushed her pussy juices onto Gina’s tongue and she swallowed as much as she could.
Then it was Andy’s turn to service Gina and she wanted to try something else. She turned Gina on her stomach and started licking and kissing her thighs. Then she moved up to Gina’s glutes and kept licking then her tongue penetrated her partner’s anus and she began licking the inside of her asshole while her fingers played with her clit and pussy. Then she slid her whole hand into her cunt and massaged inside Gina’s cunt. “Do you like this Gina? Am I doing it right?”
All Gina could do was groan as she was going over the mountain in a violent orgasm that had her gasping for breath. When Andy finally stopped Gina turned, “You have been a very naughty girl and need to be punished.”
Andy was larger than Gina, but was as used to taking orders as Gina was in giving them. “Lay across my lap and I shall now spank you. Remember to say thank you mistress as you count.
“Oh mistress my ass is so sore. I was birched for 30 strokes yesterday and I am sore.”
“If you want to wear my collar then you will not complain so much, serf.”
Gina hit her ten times on each butt cheek and Andy’s ass was bright red and sore. “Ok, serf that will be enough for now. As a reward you may eat my pussy.”
Andrea was happy to oblige.

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