The Perfect Business Trip Part 11

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Monday Night – Evening’s Finale
Without a word Jeff followed my directions, he straddled Tim’s hips and lowered his ass toward the throbbing cock below him. Reaching down he grasped the hard member and slid it along his ass crack as he tried to line his asshole up with Tim’s meat. Janet had positioned herself behind them so she could tape all of the action. Finally, Jeff had himself lined up and dropped his ass a couple of inches allowing Tim’s cock head to pop in.
“Damn, he’s really going to try it,” Beth gasped, “He’s actually going to try to fuck Tim’s prick.”
“Of course, I told him to do it,” I responded, “As my slave his job is only to obey.”
Jeff slowly slid down the hard cock penetrating his ass. The stretching he had received from Bobby earlier in the day had helped. He did not seem to be having any problems with Tim’s cock. Tim sighed in pleasure as his prick slipped into Jeff. Soon, Jeff paused with about 3 inches of Tim’s prick still visible.
“Master, I think this is my limit,” he reported, “I can’t handle any more.”
“Very well, fuck what you have,” I told him.
Jeff began easing up and down the hard cock in his ass. Sliding slowly up, he would leave only the head buried out of sight before he began his descent onto Tim’s pleasure pole.
“Tim, how is it baby? Do you like the boy’s ass?” Beth asked.
“Oh god, yes,” Tim moaned, “It’s fantastic, so hot and tight. Damn this feels good.”
“You better enjoy, it will probably be the only piece of ass you’ll ever get. I told you that nobody could take the whole thing,” Beth told him.
“You said that about deep-throating my cock too,” Tim retorted, “You were wrong about that.”
“Oh shut up and enjoy what you’re getting,” Beth snapped.
Throughout this exchange, Jeff had continued to fuck himself on Tim’s cock. He didn’t appear to be in a hurry. He set a steady rhythm and worked the prick with his ass. Beth and I could see his own hard cock bouncing in front of him as he pumped that shaft.
“Faster, boy,” Tim demanded, “Fuck me faster, I going to cum soon.”
Jeff didn’t change his rhythm at all as he answered, “Lie still and enjoy it Master Tim. If I speed up, your pleasure will end sooner.” Jeff continued his steady stroking of Tim’s cock with his ass, even managing to get another inch or so of cock up his ass.
It didn’t take much longer before Tim moaned, “Oh shit, I’m cumming, Ohhhh, damn that’s good.” At those words, Jeff began to rapidly pump himself onto Tim’s cock, milking Tim’s seed into his colon. He continued until Tim’s cock deflated and slipped from his ass.
“Very good, boy,” I told Jeff, “You need a reward. Why don’t you fuck Tim’s face? He owes you at least that for introducing his prick to the pleasures of ass. Tim, suck off the boy for taking your cock’s asshole virginity.”
Jeff didn’t wait for Tim to answer. He quickly slid forward and stuffed his prick into Tim’s mouth. As he humped that warm, wet orifice, Beth and I saw Tim’s spunk drip from Jeff’s asshole to splatter on Tim’s throat. Tim didn’t mind, he was busy sucking the hard dick in his mouth. It didn’t take long before Jeff’s hips thrust forward and he emptied his balls down Tim’s throat.
“That was wild,” Beth said. “The boy almost got Tim’s entire cock up his ass. I wouldn’t have thought he would get that much of it in him.”
“I’m sure that with patience and practice, the boy could handle it all,” I told her, “Speaking of handling it all, would you like to handle mine? I need some relief.”
“If you don’t mind, please let someone else take care of that for you. My pussy is pretty tender right now.” Beth answered, “Would you really mind fucking one of the slaves, maybe Tim? I’d enjoy seeing that again”
“It’s not a problem for me,” I said, “I have plenty of holes to choose from, but the idea of fucking Tim again has its appeal. Your boyfriend did have a really sweet ass. Thanks for the offer.”
Standing I told Jeff to join me. “Boy, use your mouth to lube my cock. I’m going to fuck Tim again.” Jeff immediately dropped to his knees and deep-throated my prick. In a couple of strokes, he had it coated with saliva. Pulling away, I moved toward Tim.
“Master, you’ll have to release me if you want to fuck me. I can’t roll over onto my knees,” Tim said.
“That’s not a problem,” I told him, “I’ll just have to do a good belly-rubbing fuck.”
Reaching down, I lifted the spreader bar and forced Tim’s knees back toward his chest. Directing Jeff to hold Tim’s legs and knees back for me, I leaned forward and placed my hard cock at the entrance to Tim’s ass. With a quick flex of my hips, I popped the head of my prick into his ass. Reaching between Jeff’s thighs and grasping the sides of the table, I humped forward and slowly buried the length of my shaft completely into that welcoming tunnel.
“Tim, you really do have a great ass for fucking,” I told him as I slid my cock forward. Soon my chest was pressed against the spreader bar holding his ankles apart. After a couple of strokes, I decided the bar would have to go. Pulling back, I paused and directed Jeff to unfasten Tim’s ankles and to remove the bar. With his calves resting against my biceps, I then pressed forward until my balls rested against Tim’s ass cheeks. I could feel his limp, lubed and cum-slick cock and now empty balls pressed against my abdomen.
“Thank you, Master,” Tim said, “The bar was uncomfortable when your weight was pushing against it.”
“Well, it was more for my pleasure than yours,” I answered, “Having it gone lets me really get my cock up your ass. It also lets me get in your face as my prick fucks your ass.” With that, I proceeded to ream Tim’s ass in a steady rhythm. I used long strokes, pulling completely back until only the tip of my cock remained buried in the hot hole then shoving forward until my balls slapped against Tim’s ass. Tim grunted each time I drove my shaft deep into his rectum.
“Oh yeah, fuck him, Master,” Beth encouraged me, “Use his ass good. Shoot his butt with a load of cum.”
I needed no urging to fuck Tim. My cock was rock hard from watching Beth and Janet’s lesbian romp followed by Jeff and Tim’s hot homosexual tryst. I pounded my prick repeatedly into Tim’s ass. Looking down, I saw that his eyes were closed and his eyebrows bunched together each time the tip of my cock thrust deep into his clinging rectum. It didn’t take long. Soon I was humping rapidly as my need to cum grew greater. With a sudden deep lunge, I slammed forward and felt the hot streams of semen spray from my nuts, coating Tim’s colon with my spunk. With short hard strokes, I filled his ass with my seed. After my orgasm ended, I rested on Tim’s stomach and chest as my cock slowly deflated and the contractions of his bowels forced it to slip from his asshole.
Standing I said, “Tim, you’re a really good fuck. I’d be glad to fill your ass anytime. Between you and the boy, I’ve decided that plugging a man’s ass is a pretty good way to get off. Thanks for the ride.”
“You’re welcome Master. Feel free to fuck my ass anytime you want to,” Tim answered, “Can you release me now?”
“Maybe after I’ve cleaned up,” I responded, “Who knows someone else may want to use you before I let you go.” With that I went to the bathroom and washed my well used cock.
When I returned, I noticed that Jeff had grown a new erection. I guess watching me ass fuck Tim had turned him on again. I decided to let him have some more fun while Tim was ready for anyone’s use.
“Boy, you look like your prick is ready for some more play,” I stated, “Do you think you’d like to get a piece of Tim’s tail?”
“Yes, Master, I would enjoy fucking Master Tim just like you and he have fucked me. May I please enjoy his ass?”
“Why not?” I answered, “He’s not going anywhere until I release him. Of course you must ask Mistress Beth’s permission. She controls the use of Tim’s pleasures when I don’t require them.”
“Mistress Beth,” Jeff pleaded, “May I fuck your slave? I allowed him to fuck me for your pleasure and would like to please you by fucking him in your presence. My cock is small but it should please you to watch it using your man.”
Beth smiled and responded, “I think I would enjoy that. Yes boy, you may fuck my slave. Shove your small cock up his ass and fill him with your cum. Maybe if his ass is sore enough, he’ll quit asking to fuck mine. Slam your dick in him if you want to. He probably will enjoy it.”
Jeff needed no further encouragement. He moved over to Tim and dropped into place between his thighs. Lifting Tim’s calves with his forearms, he lined his prick up against Tim’s asshole and speared his cock forward. His dick slipped out of sight in Tim’s cum-slicked man-cunt.
Tim wasn’t complaining about this turn of events either. He egged Jeff on verbally by telling him, “Fuck my ass boy. Shove that cock in there. I can make you cum better than any pussy you’ve ever had. You thought my mouth was good; just wait until you’ve had a piece of this ass.”
Jeff was determined to get some of that ass. He had cum just minutes earlier but was ready to try for another orgasm. He pumped steadily as Beth and I watched and Janet filmed the action.
“Damn, I think I’m getting horny again,” Betty said, “I might just have to join the fun. My pussy’s too sore for a fuck but it could definitely use some tongue action.” With that statement, she rose and straddled Tim’s face and lowered her pussy to his lips.
“Lick me sweetheart. Show me how you can make me cum as much as you can make these guys cum,” she told Tim, “Suck my clit like you sucked their cocks.”
I watched Tim’s tongue flick upward at the sweet pussy he was being offered. Beth had settled herself on Tim’s mouth facing Jeff so she was able to watch his cock pound her boyfriend’s ass. I watched and listened as the three of them used each other for their own pleasure. Beth soon came from Tim’s tongue action and quietly returned to join me on the couch. Jeff continued to pump his prick into Tim’s well-fucked and loose asshole as he tried to get his nut off. Surprisingly, I was soon feeling the urge to join the scene in front of me; my cock had somehow managed to revive itself and was standing ready to indulge in hole whatever was available. Beth reached over and stroked it a couple of times before telling me, “I think you better fuck somebody.”
“Are you interested?” I asked, thinking that I’d really enjoy another piece of her before the evening ended.
“Sorry, my pussy really is sore from that big dildo,” she replied, “But I think there are plenty of options available for you to cum. Just pick one.”
Smiling, I told her, “Okay but I was really hoping to have another shot at your pussy this evening. However, I understand the problem so I’ll just have to find somewhere else to plant my cock. You can just sit back and enjoy the show.”
Standing I walked over to the table, stepped across it and straddled Tim’s chest facing Jeff. Waving my hard prick in front of him I demanded, “Suck it.”
Jeff readily obeyed, leaning forward and slipping his lips over and down the length of my dick. He didn’t allow my cock to interfere with his enjoyment of Tim’s ass, continuing to pound his still hard shaft into the cum-slicked ass he was enjoying. I enjoyed Jeff’s efforts for a couple of minutes before the added pleasure of the cock-sucking submission caused him to slam his cock forward and moan as he emptied his load into Tim’s rear entrance. Pulling back, I allowed Jeff to collapse onto Tim’s chest as he shot the final spurts of his sex-juice into that ass.
I stepped over the table and moved behind Jeff as he recovered on top of Tim, his prick still crammed hard into Tim’s butt. Kneeling, I lined my saliva covered cock up to his asshole and shoved forward. The head of my prick speared into Jeff’s asshole, slipping past the sphincter to burrow deep into the warm orifice awaiting me. Jeff yelped in surprise more than pain as I drove my love muscle deep into his ass. Finally buried completely, I relaxed a moment before I began to take what my need demanded.
Jeff remained lying on Tim as I began to pound my cock repeatedly in and out of his ass. He was soon grunting as I slammed forward, pulling back only to again drive my cock deep with my balls slamming against the back his as I took what I needed. I looked down to see Tim’s eyes watching me as I fucked the man that had just fucked him.
I realized that we were almost three of a kind; all of us were willing to use another man for our pleasure. Two of us were willing to submit to another man’s demands to be pleasured. However, I was the pure Alpha male, the one that would demand and accept the others’ submission. Pumping my prick up Jeff’s ass, I decided that I didn’t have a problem with any of that. If someone had to be on top, I was determined that someone would be me. I figure it’s better to fuck than be fucked and right then I planned on fucking the hell out of Jeff. Janet had already accepted her husband’s submission and was busy filming his current ass-reaming. Beth didn’t appear to have a problem with it either. She had watched her husband be used by me and Jeff and was now totally involved in watching me sodomize Jeff; even cheering me on.
“Oh yeah, fuck that boy. Give him that dick just like he fucked my Tim,” Beth said, “He needs it just like Tim thinks I need it up my ass. Hell, fuck ’em both. Pop it in Tim’s ass too.”
That sounded like a good idea to me. Sliding my cock out of Jeff, I moved him up and forward on Tim, causing his now deflated prick to pop out of Tim’s rectum. I then shifted his knees up and around Tim’s waist so that he now straddled Tim. Now both of their assholes were within range of my hard-worked prick. A moment later, I lifted Tim’s legs and slid my throbbing shaft up his ass, still slippery with Jeff’s cum. Looking down, I could see Jeff’s balls lying over Tim’s cock as my dick slid into Tim’s ass. Jeff’s stretched asshole seemed to be beckoning to be filled again. Five or six strokes later I slipped out and shifted up and forward to slam my hot meat back into Jeff’s man-cunt. About the third or fourth time I repeated this enjoyable shift I noticed that Tim’s cock had stiffened and was now standing trapped between us, rubbing against my abdomen as it pointed upward looking for a hole to fuck. I reached down and guided the tip of it into Jeff’s ass as I slid my cock back into Tim’s. Humping the asshole I was buried in, I fucked Tim solidly until I suddenly drove deep and shot my load of cum into his ass.
Sated, I rose from the two men lying on the table beneath me. My limp cock dangled as I watched Tim try to hump upward to fuck more of his prick into Jeff’s asshole. I reached down and pulled the inch or so of dick that he had embedded loose from Jeff’s ass.
“Beth, your slave Tim is trying to fuck the boy’s ass again. If you wish, I’ll let him. If not he can wait until you decide how he can use his cock,” I said.
“Let him finish,” Beth answered, “Otherwise, he’s going to want to fuck me again when we get home and I think I’m fucked out for tonight.”
Hearing her response, I plugged the tip of Tim’s cock back into Jeff’s ass. He immediately drove upward trying to seat more of his shaft into Jeff’s well used hole. Initially, Jeff just lay there allowing Tim to try to get more of his dick into his ass. Before long though, he began to hump backward against Tim’s thrusts, allowing a couple of more inches of prick to slip into his ass. Tim was steadily humping about 4 inches of his cock into Jeff.
“Oh, shit, I’m going to cum,” Tim whispered, “Fuck me boy, please fuck me.”
Jeff decided to help Tim out. Shifting back he allowed another couple of inches of Tim’s cock to slide into his ass. He then began to work his hips slowly as he fucked the cock probing his colon.
Thrusting upward as far as possible Tim said, “Oh, god. I’m cumming!”
Jeff pumped his ass along Tim’s shaft as cum surged upward into him. Beth and I could see the visible half of Tim’s shaft pulse as his balls emptied their load. Jeff began to clench and release his ass cheeks as he fucked the cock he was riding, milking the jism from it. Tim moaned in pleasure as he slowly spent his load and began to relax. Jeff stopped humping but continued to tighten and relax his ass cheeks until Tim’s cock finally deflated and slipped free from the hole that had just satisfied him. A moment later Jeff rose and assumed the position at the side of the table in front of Beth and I.
“Damn, that was hot,” Beth said, “I wish we could do this more often.”
“I agree,” I told her, “Unfortunately, the boy and girl have to leave tomorrow. You and Tim are welcome to spend the night though. Who knows what may pop up before morning?”
“I wish we could but I have a couple of interviews tomorrow on my thesis and Tim has classes and work. We really have to go soon,” Beth responded.
“Well, if you’re sure,” I answered, “Boy, release Tim from the restraints. I’m sure he needs to clean up a little. ”
As Jeff complied, I could see the jism Tim and I had pumped into his asshole slowly leaking out to run down his thighs. He would need a good clean up as well before we hit the bed for the evening.
“Jeff, go with Tim and the two of you get cleaned up. When you return, bring a wash cloth to clean me as well,” I directed. The two men headed down the hall to the bath.
“Well, I’ve really enjoyed myself tonight but we really have to go”, Beth said as she watched Jeff and her fiancée go down the hallway, “Maybe we could all get together again later this week? Tim and I would really enjoy it.”
“Unfortunately,” I answered as Beth retrieved her clothes and began dressing, “the boy and girl are leaving tomorrow afternoon on a cruise. I’ll be taking them to the port around 4 PM. It’s too bad that we all couldn’t get together. I think everyone had a great time tonight. I know I certainly did.”
Beth frowned as she replied, “Damn, I was really hoping that we could do some more of this. I discovered sensations tonight that I never imagined. I never thought that I’d get so turned on seeing Tim being used be a guy, especially two guys at once. That was so hot I almost came just watching. I wanted to see some more of that. Do you leave tomorrow as well?”
“No, I’ll be here for at least the rest of the week,” I told her with a smile, “So if you and Tim are really interested in a get together with just the three of us, I’m sure we can work something out. It will have to be during the day though. I’ll be working each night for my client’s business.”
“Well, I’m free at least part of most days but Tim has a tighter schedule with work and classes. I guess we’ll have to see if we can make our schedules match up at least once,” Beth sighed.
Picking up a pen and notepad from beside the phone, I quickly wrote my cell phone number and room number on it. Tearing off the page I handed it to Beth and said, “Here are my phone number and room number for the rest of the week. My schedule will probably run from around 8 PM until 5 AM each night. If you want to get together just give me a call. If Tim is available, great, if not, maybe you’d like to have me show you where I bought the toys we used tonight. You seemed to enjoy using the strap on. I’d bet you like to have one around to use on Tim when the mood strikes.”
With a grin Beth replied as see finished dressing, “That’s a great idea. I’ll be sure to give you a call one day this week for that if nothing else.” She slipped the folded paper into her pocket.
Jeff and Tim returned shortly afterwards. Jeff immediately knelt before me and began washing my cock and balls with a warm washcloth. Tim quickly dressed and with a final thanks for a great time, he and Beth left. I directed Janet to go clean up and to meet Jeff and me in the bedroom.
All of us were quickly sound asleep almost as soon as we hit the bed. It had been a long, satisfying but tiring day.

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