The Perfect Business Trip Part 12

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Tuesday Morning
Waking about 5:30 on Tuesday morning, I slid from the bed to take a leak. As I pissed I thought about the fact that Jeff and Janet would be leaving that day. I would miss the two sexy slaves that had introduced me to so many new pleasures. The coming week could be a long dry period for sex unless I could hook up with Beth and Tim for some fun. Of course, I still had Bobby’s number if he was willing to just provide a blow job without any return favors and I had the guy’s card from the porno shop video booth. He had offered, practically begged, to furnish me with some head, ass or both. He might be worth a call if I got really hard up. The big issue this morning was how to finish up my weekend with Jeff and Janet. As I returned to the bedroom, my cock had risen to half-mast in anticipation of the nasty sex I was planning for my slaves.
“Wake up slaves!” I demanded, “It is time for you to enter your final day of service to your Master. I expect to be fully satisfied by both of you before you depart my service.”
Jeff and Janet both scrambled from the bed and assumed the position on the floor before me. Stepping forward, I fed my semi-hard prick into Janet’s mouth. After a couple of minutes, I stepped to the side and stuffed the growing organ into Jeff’s oral orifice. When it grew fully erect, I pulled away and told them, “Go take care of you toilet needs and return here to satisfy my carnal ones.”
They quickly hurried off to the master bath and within a few minutes had returned to their position in front of me.
“I have decided that I wish to start the day with my prick erupting in a tight pussy,” I informed them, “That means you’re up first, girl, so get on the bed. Boy, you will lick the girl’s pussy to get it hot and ready for me. Get busy.”
Jeff and Janet scrambled onto the bed. Janet laid down and spread her legs as Jeff moved between them to plant his mouth on her pussy. I slowly stroked my hard cock as I watched them obey my commands. Soon Janet was beginning to moan as she humped her cunt against Jeff’s burrowing tongue.
“Enough boy, I think the girl is ready now,” I said, “Move out of the way so I can fuck her. You may lick my balls and ass while I do so. I may find it enjoyable.”
As soon as Jeff was clear I moved between Janet’s thighs and buried my cock into her hot hole. I began to stroke my hard shaft in and out of her sweet pussy and commented, “Very good boy, she is wet and willing. Now lick my balls and ass while I fuck.”
A moment later I felt Jeff’s tongue slide down the crack of my ass as he moved toward my balls, my ass bumping against his face as I humped his wife. Jeff soon found that he couldn’t give my constantly moving balls as much attention as he wanted so he concentrated on tonguing my ass. Occasionally, I felt it flick lightly over my asshole as he moved up along the length of my crack. Feeling my orgasm approaching, I ordered, “Boy that feels good. Spread my cheeks and rim my asshole. Treat just like you treat the girl’s pussy. Lick it good.”
Jeff hurried to obey and I soon felt his oral digit sliding and probing steadily against my sphincter. It was great. My orgasm rushed over me and I slammed my cock deep as the cum burst from me to coat Janet’s vaginal chute. Janet suddenly shuddered as her own orgasm swept over her. I fucked her with short fast thrusts as my balls emptied, Jeff’s tongue still tickling my asshole. Sated, I collapsed on Janet as I continued to enjoy Jeff’s attention to my booty. A couple of minutes later I pushed up and away.
“Very good girl, your cunt was extremely satisfying to my cock. Boy, you are a pretty good ass-licker. I should have had you doing that sooner. It added quite well to my enjoyment of the girl’s pussy,” I complimented them, “Now let’s get a shower and order some breakfast.”
We had a quick shower, dressed and ordered breakfast from room service. Unfortunately Tim wasn’t on duty so our waiter dropped off the food and departed quickly. As soon as he departed, we stripped off our robes and sat naked at the table to eat. After our meal, we moved to the living room and I issued my instructions for the morning as I sat on the couch.
“I know you have to leave my service today so I must try to use you as best I can before your departure. I have an appointment to copy the tapes of your service to me in about an hour so that I can enjoy them at a later time. Boy, you will remain here to pack while the girl accompanies me to my appointment. Girl, you will wear a skirt without panties in case I need to sample you again before we return. To keep you from being upset, I will allow you to suck my cock before we leave. Now come here and make my prick feel better. Girl, you may film the boy’s desire to suck a cock.”
Janet grabbed the camera as Jeff scrambled over and dropped to his knees between my thighs. Within seconds, he had my semi-rigid dick between his lips as he worked to service my needs. I could feel my cock growing harder and longer as Janet moved to film her husband worshipping my throbbing member. I watched as Jeff’s lips slid up and down my shaft, the head slipping easily down his throat. Soon my hips were flexing upward to drive it deeper into that warm, wet tunnel. My excitement climbed until I grasped his head, threw my legs around his back and thrust my cock deep into his throat. Pulling his head tight to my groin, I stuffed my cock deep as the hot cum surged from my balls. Humping his face, I crammed as much of my meat as possible down Jeff’s throat as I enjoyed the muscles rippling as they pulled the jism from my prick. Sated, I released Jeff’s head and relaxed.
“Damn, Boy you are one hell of a cocksucker,” I sighed, “I’m going to miss that sweet throat of yours when you leave. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy the memories.”
“I am only here to please you Master,” Jeff responded, “I hope to have you come to upgrade my company in the future so that the girl and I may again serve you. If my company agrees to contract with you, we would prefer you to stay with us at our home so that your every need is met.”
“That is a contract I will look forward to. By staying with you and the girl, I can keep the cost to your company lower. However, you need to understand that I may bring an assistant that requires the same level of service from one or both of you. Is that agreeable?”
“Yes, Master,” they answered, almost in unison.
“Good,” I told them, “Now, girl, we need to get ready to go. Gather all the tapes from this weekend to take with us. When you have done that, get dressed. I’ll be getting dressed now.”
Janet and I were ready to go within about 30 minutes. As we prepared to leave I informed the boy, “Be sure everything is ready to go when we return. However, lay out your clothes and remain naked in case I need your services when I return.”
“Yes Master, Jeff responded as Janet and I left the apartment.
Arriving at the video reproduction store about a half hour before opening, I knocked and a young attendant about 18 to 20 years old answered. I asked if we could start early and he agreed after a $20 tip. The kid quickly determined what I needed and showed us to a private room to do the duplication I wanted. With a quick upload of all the tapes to a hard drive, I made 3 quick DVD copies of all the recorded data. I then began to do edited versions of the weekend’s activities. As every scene rushed by in high speed, I located and marked the areas I wanted to split out. First I did a full copy of all the tapes, a copy without the scenes with Bobby, then began to create a couple of copies of a separate version of just Bobby with Jeff but including Bobby sucking me, and I planned to do a couple of copies of just our adventures with Tim and Beth. Halfway through the Bobby sessions, I developed a raging hard-on.
“Girl, get under the table and suck my cock. Watching the boy get his ass fucked has given me a boner that needs immediate attention,” I demanded.
As Janet crawled under the table, I stood and dropped my trousers and briefs to allow her access to my cock. Soon I felt her sweet warm lips engulfing my prick. In moments, I was pumping my dick down her throat as I watched Bobby stuff his cock up Jeff’s ass. Just as Bobby shoved deep to spray his cum in Jeff’s tight ass, I lifted my hips to reward Janet with a load of my cum down her throat.
Finishing up the copies of Bobby’s pleasures, I started on the Tim and Beth session. About halfway into the copy, I heard a knock on the door of the booth. I allowed the copy to continue as I closed the screen and secured my pants. Janet returned to her seat as I opened the door. The store clerk asked to speak with me and I stepped outside to see what he needed.
“Sir, I hate to bother you but I have a problem. We do random monitoring of the recordings being made in the event someone is copying or producing child pornography,” he said.
“I’m not doing any child porn,” I told him, “Just converting some home movies to DVD.”
“I understand, I saw some of the tape you’re copying,” he mumbled, “But I did see the lady and you on the screen and she was giving you a hell of a blow job. I saw some other stuff as well. That’s the problem.”
“Why is that a problem? We’re all adults and whatever we decide to do is legal” I answered, “What is your problem?”
“Well, the problem is that all of our monitoring is recorded until deleted after review,” he answered, “My boss may be watching this later unless I delete it.”
“Well, just delete it,” I told him.
“I would except I now have a problem,” he said, “Most of it in my pants.”
Glancing down, I noticed a definite bulge in the kid’s pants. Whatever he’d seen had had a noticeable effect on him. “Well, how do you think we can resolve this?” I asked.
“I guess th, th, that if the lady could help me out,” he stammered, “I could delete the file. I, I, I mean if you don’t mind.”
“So what you’re saying is that if I can get her to blow you, you’ll make this go away?” I asked.
“Y, y, yeah I guess that’s what I mean,” he answered.
“Okay, I can handle that but after we’re finished doing our dupes I’ll watch you delete all the info on the system,” I told him, “Do you agree?”
“Yes sir, that’s fine with me,” he said.
“Alright, lock up and join us in the booth,” I told him as I went back into the booth. I took a small digital camera from Janet’s purse and set it to video to record what was about to happen.
A couple of moments later the kid entered and said, “The doors are locked just like you asked. Now what?”
“I think you need to drop your pants and have a seat,” I told him, “Girl, our friend here needs a good blow job. Suck him off please.”
The kid had a nice solid 5″– 6″ prick standing tall as he sat in the chair. Within seconds, it had disappeared in Janet’s mouth. His eyes closed as he savored the pleasure Janet was giving him and he had no idea I was filming him. I set the camera to film him without me having to hold it and went back to work. It didn’t take long before my talented slave had brought the young man to the brink.
“Oh shit, I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed.
“Please do,” I said, ‘She loves to swallow.”
I watched as the kid bucked in the chair as he emptied his nuts into Janet’s throat. After he finished, I asked, “Think you can do that again? I still have editing to do.”
“Dude, give me 5 minutes and I’ll be ready to do anything you need for another blow job like that,” the kid said, “This lady is absolutely fantastic. She can suck my dick anytime.”
“I’ll remember that,” I said, “Now relax while I finish up. Girl, keep our friend entertained while I work.”
“Yes master,” Janet replied as she began to lick at the soft cock lying in the kid’s lap.
As I finished up my editing, I was sporting another hard-on and the kid was moaning in pleasure from Janet’s talented manipulations of his cock. I figured he was ready for the second round.
“Hey kid, you ready to get another one of those BJs?” I asked.
“Oh hell yeah dude,” he answered, “She’s been licking at my dick and balls long enough. I need to get off soon.”
“So do I,” I told him, “but first I need your help.”
“Sure, whatever,” the kid said, “I’ll help you with anything as long as she goes down on me soon.”
“Not a problem, if you give me a little help,” I answered, “You’re going to be fucking her mouth so I’m going to need a little lube to let me work another hole. Can you handle that?”
“Well, I haven’t got any lube on me,” the kid said, “I don’t know how I can help.”
I pulled my hard cock from my pants and stepped over next to him. Nodding at Janet, she deep-throated him before returning to lick at his throbbing prick.
“See how slick and shiny the girl left your dick? That’s lube,” I told him, “Now I can let her suck you off as I stick my cock in one of her other holes or I can have her blow me while you watch. All you need to do is lube me up and you get your dick sucked. Use your mouth to get my cock all wet and ready. Remember I told you I’d need a favor before you got another blow job.”
“What! You want me to suck your dick?” the kid exclaimed, “Man I don’t do that shit.”
“No, I don’t want you to suck my cock,” I responded, “I just need you to get my cock good and slick so I can fuck a drier hole and you can get a blow job.”
Janet helped reinforce the offer by deep throating the kid’s prick as he listened to my offer.
“Oh shit,” he moaned, “Dude, just let her suck me off and then she can do you. I really need to blow this load.”
“No, she’s only giving one more BJ. It’s either you or me, “I said, “Your choice. You can get sucked off or you can watch me get sucked off.”
“Oh man, why me?” he pleaded, “I don’t want to do this shit. I just want to get off.”
“You can, you just have to give a little to get a lot,” I told him, “But hurry up or your chance will be gone.” Janet ran her tongue up the length of his cock as I spoke.
“Alright I’ll do it. Nobody but us will know. I need her to suck my cock.
What do you want me to do? Let’s get this over with,” he decided.
Stepping forward, I laid my cock against his lips. “Just open up and suck my cock,” I told him, “Just get it good and wet from tip to tail. Then I’ll use it on the girl while she blows you.”
The kid opened his mouth and slipped his lips over the head of my cock.
“That’s a good start but you need to work it a little deeper. It’s got to be slick for me to fuck a dry hole,” I told him.
He worked at it and soon had a little over half of my prick into his mouth. I noticed he was also beginning to suck at it as he went, maybe in conjunction with the actions Janet was performing on his cock or maybe because he was enjoying it.
“Work it with your tongue,” I told him, “It has to be slick all the way around. Get it good and wet. Relax and let it go deep.”
He began working at getting more of my prick into his mouth. The kid was trying hard and I was enjoying his efforts but I soon realized that I needed to move on to fucking Janet. I decided to give the kid some help so as he dipped down to slide half of my prick into his throat; I grasped the back of his head and shoved my cock deep. As he gagged, I could feel his throat convulsing around my shaft as he tried to pull away. After more two quick deep thrusts, I pulled out just in time to see him hump upward as his dick began to spray cum across Janet’s face. She immediately captured his pulsing member in her mouth and proceeded to drain his balls.
I quickly moved behind her and flipped her skirt up over her back. Reaching down, I spread her cheeks with one hand as I guided my cock to her delectable asshole with the other. My spit-slicked prick pushed quickly past her sphincter and slid slowly up her anal canal. When my cock was fully inserted into Janet’s ass, I looked down at the kid and told him, “You did a good job of lubing my prick. It slipped straight up the girl’s ass. Of course the way you blew your load, I think you enjoyed giving that lube job.”
I began plowing Janet’s ass as he responded, “No, dude, I didn’t enjoy it. You insisted on it so she’d blow me. You didn’t have to shove it down my throat, I almost choked.”
“Say what you want,” I answered, “but when I stuffed my cock down your throat, you blew your load. Now just relax, while I get me some of this sweet ass.”
The kid shut up and watched as I fucked Janet’s asshole. I drove her hard and deep on each stroke and soon felt my nuts begin to flex as the hot cum began to spew forth. Holding her hips tight to my groin, I pumped her with short hard strokes as my balls emptied into her hot colon. As my cock softened and slipped from her ass, the kid said, “Damn, that was hot. I’d really like to try it.”
“I bet you would,” I answered, “but first, the girl and I are going to get cleaned up a little and then you and I are going to erase all of our data you’ve been copying. Where’s your restroom?”
The kid showed us the restrooms and Janet and I quickly cleaned up from our recent sexcapades in the video store. Returning to the store, I told the kid, “Now where are your hard drives with the monitoring? I plan to personally remove any of my data.”
The kid showed me and I had him log in so I could remove the data. He expected me to just delete it but instead I did the deletion and inserted my flash drive into a USB port. Pulling up one of my programs, I located all the video and photo data stored on the system. I then proceeded to triple overwrite of all of that data on the system. I then did a regedit and uploaded a protected program that would prevent any further monitoring from being stored on the system.
“Wait! What are you doing?” the kid demanded.
“Actually, keeping your ass out of jail,” I told him, “the monitoring and recording your boss has you doing is a felony in this and several other states. He can’t take any of it to the cops and I expect he just uses it for his own enjoyment. He may even be selling some of it as amateur porn. He could just blame it all on you if anyone complains.”
“Oh shit, man, I’m going to get fired,” he complained.
“Well, if that happens,” I told him, “at least you won’t be Bubba’s bitch in the state pen. Take care, we’ve got to go.”
“Wait, I thought you said I could get a piece of that ass,” he complained.
“No, I never said that,” I answered as I gather up my DVDs and tapes, “You assumed it. If we had time, I’d let you earn a piece of the girl’s ass. You’d have to suck my cock until I filled your throat with cum and after you fucked the girl’s ass I’d fuck yours. I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”
As Janet and I left the store, I noticed a disappointed look on the young man’s face. Was he disappointed he didn’t get to butt fuck Janet or because he didn’t get to sample my cock in full? Probably the former but who knows?
When Janet and I returned to the hotel, we stopped by my room and I downloaded the video from the store to my laptop. We watched the scenes of Janet servicing the kid and him getting his first taste of my cock before it plugged Janet’s ass. It was enough to get me wanting some relief for my balls. Leaving most of the DVDs in my room we returned to find Jeff awaiting us in the suite ready to go. By ready, I mean he had everything packed but was also just inside the door, naked and in the position I expected from my slaves. I decided how to handle the urges I was feeling.
“Girl, you may go shower and get ready for your trip. The boy and I have some business to conduct,” I said as I stepped forward to straddle Jeff’s thighs. Janet left the room as I unfastened my trousers and allowed them and my briefs to drop to catch at my knees. Lifting Jeff’s chin, I presented him with my hard cock and demanded, “Suck it boy. Get it good and wet.”
Jeff sank his lips over my prick and quickly deep-throated my shaft. I allowed him to suck me for a few minutes and then pulled away.
“Bend over,” I ordered as I stepped behind him and dropped to my knees, “Lift your ass and spread those cheeks, I need some of that boy pussy of yours.”
Jeff responded rapidly and soon I was aiming my cock as his asshole. I placed the tip of my spit-slick dick against his sphincter and pressed forward. He grunted as it popped in and began a slow slide into his anal depths. A moment later, I began a slow steady stroking of his hot ass. I pounded him steadily as we knelt in front of the entryway to the suite. His un-lubed ass was tight and warm, his face pressed into the carpet and my cock pumped steadily as I sought my pleasure. It only took minutes. Suddenly, I grasped Jeff’s hips and slammed deep. Waves of ecstasy rolled over me as my balls sprayed their fluids forth. I took what I wanted and soon had satisfied my desire. Pulling away, I heard a pop as Jeff’s ass released my slowly shrinking cock.
“Boy, you’re a damn good fuck to be an amateur,” I told him as I stood, “let’s get cleaned up and let you get dressed. We’ll have to leave soon to get you and the girl to the port.”
Thirty minutes later, the bellhop had loaded my car with their luggage and we were having lunch in the dining room. Tim wasn’t our waiter but stopped by to tell Jeff and Janet goodbye. Within an hour we were on our way to the port. I had Jeff driving so I could enjoy Janet’s mouth one last time. I figured I might as well end their weekend the way it began.
On the way to the port, Janet and I were in the backseat. I had her remove my cock from my slacks and begin to suck me as we went down the highway. Her performance earned us one honk of the horn and a thumb up from a trucker that was passing us. He managed to stay alongside until we had to exit for the port. Just before we arrived, I shoved Janet’s head down and lifted my hips to give her my load. By the time we arrived, she had my cock drained and tucked away back into my pants.
Jeff and Janet checked in and we spent several minutes saying our goodbyes. I presented them with the a few of the edited DVDs of their weekend adventures, the original tapes we had made and a few of the toys we had played. “Enjoy the videos and use them to help you relive your belated honeymoon,” I said, “I expect to hear from you soon after you return and hope to come visit as I help Jeff’s company resolve its IT problems. Just so you don’t get out of shape, I’ve sent a few of our toys along for your trip. Girl, you’ll find a strap-on in the bag. Don’t let the boy forget how to suck a cock or let his ass get too tight for me to enjoy when I come to visit. Boy, be sure to keep all the girl’s holes ready for my use as well. I loved training the both of you so be sure to continue your lessons together until we meet again.”
“Yes master,” they answered, “We want to see you again soon and will try to be ready when you arrive. Thank you for being so understanding this weekend. You have made our honeymoon a very special one.”
With one last long hug, where I managed to grab a good feel of both their asses, we parted ways and they boarded their liner for the cruise.

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  1. Blue_Brown_Iris

    I’m so fukcking sad this story is over. PLEASE, PLEASE write some more. I’ve literally read this story about 6 times and had probably about 72 orgasms from it.

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    • masterhank

      Blue_Brown_Iris, Thanks for the note. It’s always great to hear that someone is reading and enjoying the story. I hope you came at least once to all 12 chapters. I plan to write more in the future since there is still a week to go on my business trip. Maybe I’ll get a session or two with Beth and Tim and there is always Bobby to suck on my cock. Who knows? I might even give Chuck, from the video booth, a call since he did offer to repay me for Janet’s blowjob with either some head or some ass. My cock is pretty worn out from the farewell morning with my slaves but I’m sure it will soon awaken and renew its quest for a hot tight hole to enjoy.

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