The Physiotherapist

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I went to the physiotherapist because of a nagging back problem and now my right leg was cramping up along the hamstring and down into the calf muscle.
Luckily the physio was open late so I took the last appointment available. i arrived and most of the medical centre was closed. The receptionist had left for the day when I walked into the office but David was there (the physio). As was sort of a regular he sorted out the account before going through.
As we were settling the account David started to quiz me on what was happening and what I felt I needed. I told him about the back and the leg cramping. He asked if I had been doing any heavy lifting or hard work and I did mention that I was working on a particularly tricky bit of construction at work. He said I probably needed a good deep tissue massage and motioned me toward one of the end cubicles. Just then there was a loud “Clunk” and David looked at the ceiling. “Bugger, sounds like the aircon just went again. Looks like it might get a little warm in here this evening. Sorry.” He shrugged his shoulders but gave me a sly grin at the same time.
On the way to the cubicle a saw a young woman come into the corridor and David introduced her as Sue, a student intern, and she would be observing and possibly assisting. She smiled at me but I admit to having a hard time looking at her face as her full and scantily clad bosom was directing my attention elsewhere.
David asked me to disrobe and handed me gown. “Is that really necessary?” I asked, seeing as I knew as part of the massage it would get in the way and he’d take it off anyway.
David winked, “We have to offer them you know. All part of the deal.” I agreed, “Not that I’m all that bashful.” But the thought of having Sue’s hands on me did make my cock stir a little.
I walked into the cubicle and got out of my clothes and lay face down on the bed. Sue came in and placed a warm towel over my butt. I heard David call out for Sue to start a gentle rubbing routine startng from my mid-back.
She grabbed some oil and warmed it in her hands then started on my back. Her hands were warm amd firm and I could feel immediately that she meant business with the solid strokes down into the lumbar region.
David re-appeared and asked me again to describe the problems I had been experiencing. I told him about the tightness in the lower back and how it seemed to spread from my right butt cheek and down through my right leg. Sue’s hands shifted and she pulled the towel up on to my back and she started to massage my butt and upper thigh.
She told David that she could feel the muscles being bunched and tight through the area as she worked. David told her to stop and then started to massge my right leg and moved down toward my feet. He asked me to spread my legs a little so he could get a better feel for the full leg muscles from thigh to foot.
He reached out and his strong hands spanned my leg and as he pushed toward the top of my leg to just under my right butt cheek his firm grip brushed agains my balls giving me a bit of a shiver. He pulled against my leg as he massaged down the full length then returned, again brushing my ball sack making me adjust my position on the table so my cock was flat and pointing back down the table.
David’s firm hamds moved up my butt, he grabbed both cheeks spreading them apart, pushing them back together several times, then moved up to my lower back before descending again, and again brushing my cock and balls. I wasn’t sure if it was deliberate, but it was starting to get my cock to spring to life and in the position it was getting a little uncomfortable.
With his hands on my upper thigh he stopped his movement and said, “You’re right Sue, there is a definite difference in the muscle tightness. I think if you work on the buttock and lower back, I’ll help relieve the leg muscles.”
I then could feel both pairs of hands working on my back, butt and leg. Laying face down I couldn’t see much but I was beginning to feel something with each movement of the hands. As Sue moved down to my butt she would spread both butt cheeks and then pull upwards causing me to lift slightly from the table and almost lifting me into her full breasts. I was not sure and I could have imagined that her nipples were getting hard and dragging across my butt and back with each pass she made.
At the same time, I could feel David pull and roll my leg toward him so my leg was moving against his groin. I could definitely feel it was his groin because there was something growing in his pants everytime my leg touched him.
“Hmmm….getting a little dry.” I heard David say, “Can you give a little more oil please Sue?” I felt Sue stop and hand the oil to David. “I think you could use some more as well.” As Sue moved over my lower back, grabbed and spread my butt cheeks I could feel the oil dripping over my butt and down my crack.
That really got my cock’s attention as I could feel the oil ooze down my crack, between my legs and over my balls.
Both Sue and David continued massaging for a few more minutes, all the while I could feel Sue’s hands on my back and butt and I was no longer imagining things, becasue her tits were definitely being rubbed across my butt and back as she applied her strokes. David was definitely getting aroused as his groin was lingering longer and longer against my leg to the point it almost felt like he was rubbing his hard cock against me.
“It sure is warming up in here.” I heard David say. “Not for me.” I responded. “Yeah, you’re on the receiving end here. Sue and I are doing all of the work.” I heard some movement and rustling of cloth then saw a shirt drop into my line of sight. It was the shirt that Sue had been wearing. My cock went into raging hard-on mode at that point and there wasn’t much I could do about it. The massage continued with my starting to fantasize about those great tits being rubbed over me.
Then David stopped his movement and said, “You’re not really relaxing enough. I’ve got a new aroma therapy to help relaxation.” He went over to a cupboard and pulled something out. I heard him open a box and heard some ampoules rattling.
David leaned into me, I could feel his hard cock pressing through his pants onto my supple flesh. “I’ll snap one of these under your nose and you’ll need to inhale deeply.” I saw David’s large hand come into my view then I saw him snap the ampoule and an aroma like perfumed resin erupted into my nose. Immediately I felt my heart rate increase a little but at the same time I felt a rush of cool serenity wash over me.
David returned to his ministrations and started gently repeating, “Yes, that’s more like it.” while his hands started to be a little more eager in easing tension in my upper thigh and I could feel Sue spreading my butt cheeks for what felt like longer and longer periods. I then felt a searching hand caress down my crack and linger over my hole and gently squeeze my balls. My muscles were so supple my skin felt like butter in their hands. Each caress of the massage was now deliberately stroking my cock and searching out my ring.
“Sue, please continue.” I heard David say. I was almost in a dream state then I heard another couple of ampoules snap in quick succession, then another one snapped under my nose. Again that rush of coolness with the resin scent. I heard more clothes movements and a metallic click of a belt buckle as it hit the hard floor.
The massaging became more insistent around my butt, butt hole and my balls were definitely in for a lot of attention. I felt like I was melting and heard David coo, “Oh yes gorgeous, yes, you really like that don’t you.” I thought about Sue and her tits and the hands rubbing over me and my balls. I felt a hand reach under me and I raised my pelvis a little to give the hands access to my throbbing cock. I almost came at the first touch and I could feel pre-cum oozing and making the table wet beneath me.
Another hand gently teased my butt hole and I was so relaxed the finger seemed to slip inside. Then another and another going in and out my hole and David repeating, “Mmmm, yeah, mmmm, you like that don’t you Paul.” Feeling the fingers pull out and the hand massaging my cock rubbing with greater confidence and insistence. The aroma in the room was relaxing me but raising my heart rate at the same time.
I felt David move my legs apart then suddenly I was full of his hard cock sliding into my arse.
“Oh My God!!” I yelled out and lifted my head to see Sue naked in front of me, her tits eager to be sucked. I didn’t wait and launched my open mouth and latched onto her big juicy nipples.
David was pumping into my hole and i was pushing back feeling his full length slide in and out arousing my prostate with each thrust. Has slippery hand reached around and massaged my cock and balls.
I ran my hand down Sue’s smooth body wanting to lose my fingers in her hot hole. When I reached her groin, my hand met her smooth lips and I could feel her hot wetness. I played with her clit with each thrust of my hand.
I then lifted my hand and licked her slippery juices from my fingers. i looked into her eyes to see her envious of my treatment.
David saw the look as well and we quickly swapped around so David’s cock and mine were filling her holes. She squealed at the double penetration, “Fuck yes, fuck me hard with those hard fucking cocks, fuck yeah”. We all were grunting like rutting animals, fucking hot holes and seeing juices dripping.
I couldn’t control myself and pulled out of Sue’s dripping cunt and stroked my hard member twice before jetting hot jism over Sue’s belly and up over her tits. David followed suit with another long string of cum shooting out over Sue and me both.
I smiled and looked at them and stated, “Now that’s what I call muscle therapy!”

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