The PokeHer Party

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The PokeHer Party

My boyfriend and I were invited to this exclusive poker party. He told me I had to go with him because there were all these rich and important people he needed for his new business venture. He said my big ass and tits would help him drum up some business.

So although I had planned on going shopping with my girlfriends, I let him convince me to go his poker party with him.

We got to this really ritzy house and had a butler show us in. I was really impressed. There were waitresses dressed in skimpy clothing serving champagne to all.

My boyfriend goes, “Honey, take a couple of glasses. They’re free; you might as well enjoy yourself tonight.” I shrugged and agreed. “Might as well have free booze while I could” I thought to myself.

I noted in passing that there weren’t any other women other than the waitresses, but the champagne and caviar and the other hors d’ouvers kept me occupied enough for me to not think too much about it.

An hour or so later, after I had consumed about 6 or 7 big glasses of champagne, we all went into the poker room, complete with a Las Vegas style poker table. We all took our places and were given $10,000 in chips. The rules they told me were simple enough. You tried not to lose any hands. If you thought you would lose, you didn’t play any chips at all. But, if you put chips on the table and you lost or folded your hand afterwards, you had to take off something.

I looked to my boyfriend. I wasn’t sure I was hearing the host right. I asked him, “Honey, does this mean what I think it does?” He smiled and pretended he didn’t hear me. So I asked again, this time being bolder. “Honey, are they saying we’re playing strip poker?”

He said, “uh, yeah sweetheart. You’re playing strip poker. If I lose a hand or you lose a hand, you have to take something off. But, if I win, or you win, we get a $1000 from each of the other eight men on the table. Just think, baby, you and I win enough hands, we will be rich and I can start my business finally. Isn’t that what you want?”

I have always wanted him to succeed with his own business. He had a great idea and we had always just lacked cash, being young and from the other side of the tracks from where these people lived to ever be able to make his idea a reality, so I agreed.

After all, I thought, what do I have to lose? Most likely I’d only have to get down to my bra and panties. Now, I’m petite, only 5 foot tall, but I do have big 36C tits and a nice big and round ass. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give these old geezers a bit of a show. So I agreed and the poker game began.

My boyfriend won the first four hands and soon we had $32,000. This was going to be real easy I thought. I won’t even have to take off any clothes and in a few more hands; we’d have the $100,000 we were looking for.

Then I started losing what seemed to be really good hands in which I’d bet and even when I’d folded after the initial bet, I had technically lost, so I had to keep my end of the bargain. The first time I lost, I took off my black pointy 5 inch stilettos. As I made a big show of taking each shoe off slowly and showing it to all the men on the table, I got lots of oohs and ahhs as I inadvertently showed off my long legs too.

My boyfriend won the next couple of hands and I had folded right away before I had bet anything so I got to relax a bit. Then I got pocket aces and I was sure we would win this one so I bet some chips. Little did I know that one of the men would have a flush and so my aces lost. I had to take off pantyhose for this loss.

My boyfriend lost a hand next so I had to take off my shirt. Now I am sitting at the table with nine men staring at my lacy black bra with half my tits falling out of it. I got a bit nervous at this and tried to cover myself up with my hands. The host of the party told me to keep my hands away from my boobs otherwise my boyfriend would lose a $1000.

Of course, since I didn’t want him to lose any money we’d worked so hard to win, I did as I was told. My boyfriend lost another hand and my skirt was the next thing to come off. I was told to kneel in my chair so all the men could see me in just my black lacy bra and my lacy see thru black thong. I was told to turn around so they could see my bare ass. Of course as we could lose the nearly $50,000 we’d won so far, I naturally obliged and turned around to show all the men my ass.

I was saved from further embarrassment for a time as my boyfriend won another $20,000. I was not allowed to play anymore since I wasn’t fully dressed anymore. It was all up to my boyfriend to keep me from losing any more clothing.

His win streak didn’t last long though. He lost a hand and off came my bra. Now the men all ogled my big tits and as the breeze from the air conditioning vent hit me, my nipples got hard, real hard and they all watched my tits for about 2 minutes before they went back to playing again.

My boyfriend had hit upon a really bad losing streak now as he lost again and the man next to me took off my panties. I was made to stand on top of the poker table so everyone could see my shaved pussy and my big tits.

I thought that now I was completely naked and all the men had seen me, we would be allowed to take the $70,000 and leave, but I was in for another surprise. The eight executives at the table decided that they could go double or nothing. If my boyfriend put up the $70000 we had won so far and he won, they’d give us $140,000. If he lost, I would have to give the winner a blow job.

Before I could protest, my boyfriend agreed to the bet. He was getting greedy for the money. I was still standing on top of the table with everyone watching me. All those eyes on me were starting to take their effect on me and my pussy started getting wet. I was getting so hot I didn’t even really mind if I had to suck a cock. I was getting to the point I wanted to suck and fuck every guy in the room. I was so wet that it was hard for me to control myself from spreading my pussy lips and fingering myself.

Well, I didn’t have to wait long to suck my first cock of the night. My boyfriend lost all his money on the very next hand. The host of the party was the guy who won so I crawled across the table on all fours to him. He stood up and took his pants off and shoved a nine inch cock in my face. He said “Suck it bitch. Suck it like a pro. I want you to swallow all of my cum.”

So I did. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it. I licked his head first and then started to take more of his cock in my mouth. As I started to suck him, he grabbed my head and pushed my mouth completely on his cock. He put his cock all the way into my throat. I almost gagged, but I managed to take it all in. He started to fuck my mouth harder and faster and my head bobbed harder and faster on his cock. The other men around him had taken their pants off too I noticed. They were all stroking their cocks as they watched me suck this big cock, waiting for their turn.

After a few minutes, the cock in my mouth spasmed and spewed out his cum. I was told once again “Swallow bitch, swallow it all or your boyfriend will lose all his money.” So I swallowed. Once, twice, three times he jerked in my mouth and I swallowed all his cum. I also licked the little bit that snuck out of my mouth and then I licked his cock up and down to make sure I had gotten all his cum.

I was then allowed to crawl back across the table to where my boyfriend’s seat was. I was told to stay on all fours though, awaiting further instructions.

They resumed their play and my boyfriend lost again. This time to a balding old man with a fat gut. I knew my role by now so as soon as he collected his chips from the middle of the table, I crawled over to him. He made me sit on the edge of the table and spread my leg
s. He stared at my fully exposed pussy and licked his lips. He then pulled my legs with his hand up
in the air. He had already taken his pants off and his cock was hard and ready—all nine inches of him.

He let me lay down on the table with my legs up in the air still. The other eight men including my boyfriend all came around behind him to watch. They all saw as he pulled my pussy lips apart and exposed my clit. My cunt was on fire now. I was all wet and all the men in the room could see my glistening cunt as I couldn’t wait to get fucked.

“What do you want bitch?” he asked me in a rough voice. I looked around me to all the men staring at my cunt. “I want to be fucked sir.” I said. “You want to be fucked slut?” he asked me. “I said yes sir, fuck me hard please.” The men all snickered. “Yeah, fuck her hard.” They said.
He turned around to face them, still holding my legs up in the air. “Oh, I’m planning to. This slut is gonna get fucked real hard. But first, we’re going to make her give you a show.”

I was wondering what he was talking about since I was already giving them quite a show with my legs up in the air and my shaved pussy and cunt totally exposed to their view.

I soon found out what he meant. He put one finger on my clit and started rubbing it. This got me wetter than I thought was possible. Then he shoved two fingers in my cunt and started finger fucking me. The men around the table all started stroking their cocks again, masturbating as they watched me get finger fucked. The finger on my clit started stroking it harder as the two fingers in my cunt joined into the rhythm. I was on the edge now and was moaning loudly as I got finger fucked. I was close to cumming, so close that I started yelling and moaning “oh please, make me cum, I’m going to cum. Oh please, make me cum. I’m going to cum so hard. Please, don’t stop. Make me cum, oh make me cum so hard.”

Suddenly he took away his hand from my pussy. I was so close to cumming and suddenly the fingers giving me pleasure were gone. I looked around to the other men and they were all laughing. “Good one, dude, good one. Now what is she going to do?” One guy asked.

For answer, the man holding my legs took an ice cube from his drink and stuck it in my cunt. “This.” He said as I gasped at the sudden coldness of the ice cube being stuck in my flaming hot pussy. “Watch it melt and then watch as I give this slut the fucking she deserves.”

The ice cube didn’t take long to melt in my hot cunt. I was feeling a bit numb there and didn’t feel anything right away when his finger started rubbing my clit again. But soon enough, I was moaning with pleasure again as he rubbed my clit harder. Then suddenly, I felt a huge cock enter my cunt. He was stretching me really wide because not only was his cock 9 or 10 inches long, it was at least 3 inches wide. I was stretched as never before and he was not being gentle. He was shoving that thick long cock in my cunt as fast and hard as he could.

As I gasped from the shock of that hot cock going into my now frozen and numb cunt, he started moving inside me. In and out of me he went, shoving all 10 inches of his cock inside my cunt and then pulling it out almost completely and then shoving it back into my little cunt again. As he kept fucking me, I started to get hot and wet again. I was now enjoying this big, fat cock going in and out of me. I started moaning again and said. “Fuck me harder, oh, please fuck me harder. I want to cum. Fuck me hard.” I brought one of my hands to my clit and started rubbing it with my fingers. Round and round I fingered my clit as that big cock kept on going in and out of my cunt. He picked up his pace and started pounding my pussy hard. My fingers on my clit moved faster to match his rhythm. Soon I was screaming again and moving my head back and forth “I’m cumming, oh, I’m cumming. Please fuck me harder, I’m cumming. I’m cumming” I cried out.

With that the big cock inside me shuddered and spurted his cum into my little cunt. He kept squirting in me, two, three, four more times before he was all done. I had a river of his cum leaking out of my very well used cunt. I moved my fingers on my clit faster and soon I was stiffening up as my cunt started to convulse and I came with my juices mingling with his cum and leaking out even faster from my cunt. There were nine men watching me cum but I didn’t care any more. It had felt too good for me to care who saw me cum.

Soon the poker game resumed and as my boyfriend lost another hand, I crawled over to the next winner. For him, I turned around and faced the middle of the table on all fours. He said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Again, all the remaining men stroked their cocks as they watched my ass being spread wide. The guy who was going to fuck me in the ass was kind though. He first fucked my cunt and got his cock all wet with the cum from the first guy that was still sloshing around in my cunt. He then pushed one and then two fingers in my ass to start stretching it out and getting it ready for his 7 inches. After he had greased my asshole a bit with the cum from my cunt, he stuck his cock inside my asshole. He pushed hard until he got it all in and then started to move inside me. One of the other men came around and started fingering my clit for me. He kept fingering me while the winner kept fucking my ass. I was soon ready to cum hard again. How could I not? I had a big cock in my ass fucking me hard and fingers rubbing my clit. I told them to fuck me harder I was going to cum again.

They obliged and I came hard again. But they didn’t stop with me cumming. The cock in my asshole was still going strong. The man who had been fingering my clit took his fingers away and stuck them in my gaping cunt. I was so full of cum, they went in and out so slick and smooth that I was barely feeling them. He rolled them around in my cunt for a few minutes and then stuck his own cock in it. He matched his in and out motion to that of the cock in my ass. Now I was getting fucked in two of my holes both going at the same rhythm. I was really moaning out loud now and screaming “Oh, yes, oh yes, fuck both my holes, oh yes, fuck me like that. Yeah, that’s it, that’s it, fuck me harder. I wanna cum again. Fuck me hard in both my holes.”

My boyfriend decided he was going to shut me up then. He climbed up on the poker table and kneeled in front of me. I looked up at him and noticed he too had taken his pants off. His 10 inch cock was staring me in the face. I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth and started sucking his cock as the other two cocks fucked me. Up and down my head bobbed, in and out of my mouth his cock went. I adjusted my sucking rhythm to that of the two cocks fucking my ass and cunt. Now all four of us were moving in the same rhythm and giving the other men quite a show. My boyfriend started squeezing my tits and that set me off even more. I couldn’t scream out since I had my mouth full of his cock but I started rocking harder to give all three of the men fucking me the signal that I wanted to be fucked even harder.

They obliged and before I knew it, I was swallowing my boyfriends cum, and had the two cocks in my cunt and asshole squirting their cum into me. One of them was kind enough to oblige me and rubbed my clit until I too came.

We stopped playing poker then and the remaining men took their turns with me. Before the night was over, I had been fucked by all nine men in both my cunt and my asshole and I had sucked all nine cocks.

The host of the party gave my boyfriend $200,000 on one condition. That I was not to clean myself up from all the cum running out of my cunt and asshole and down my legs until I was at home. I was to let everyone I met before I got home see that I was a slut who’d fuck anyone anywhere.

I grinned. I certainly didn’t have a problem with that as all nine men had fucked me in all three of my holes already. Plus, now that we had all the money we needed for my boyfri
end to start his business, they could fuck me again for all I care
d. I was going to be rich soon enough. I told my boyfriend as we walked home that once he got established as a businessman, I wanted us to host PokeHer parties of our own. He could help another young couple such as us get established in a business of their own.

I told him, who knows, I may participate again too. Then the men would have two women to fuck as many times as they wanted. He grinned and said that it was a great idea. We would certainly have many PokeHer parties at our new house.

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