the session,part 1

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`Are you paying attention at all,boy??!!!`
You would think I was concentrating on what was happening. After all,there I was,stark naked and secured to a St.Andrew`s cross.Claudia had been whipping me with her cat-o-nine tails for at least ten minutes,and I still couldn`t keep the count straight. My mind kept wandering back to how much time I had left on the meter.
`You need some serious shock therapy,boy`.
I half heartedly agreed. I always played along in these sessions,that`s the whole game.
I heard her walk to her phone and punch out a number.Then,a short conversation,which she disguised by closing the door to the dungeon where she,ahh,entertained guests.
`You think that you`re tough,and that I bore you,right ? Well,we`ll soon see. Meantime,let`s get you off that cross and onto,,,,that!`
She pointed to the saw-horse,which she usually had me ride like a jockey while enthusiastically whipping my ass.She would also try to fist me,but I couldn`t take that much up there.
We engaged in a little small talk-she`s pretty intelligent- while she would occasionally remind me of why I was thereby caressing my butt,and then rounding on it with her paddle.
It couldn`t have been more than twenty minutes when her buzzer went off. She answered,and let in her visitor. My pulse started to race,as we never had any spectators in these sessions.
The door opened,and in walked a guy. Not just any guy,but somebody who obviously knew her and had worked with her. They talked a little,and then entered the dungeon.
I was still on the horse,with claudia in front,where I could see her,and her visitor somewhere off to the side.
`Now,my litt-tle slave,we`ll see how tough you are,and how you can improve your concentration. You will now receive 30 smacks from my favorite tool-the thin paddle,you know-and then we wil pause and start a game.
She tapped lightly on my ass-once–twice,,thr
`SMACK I yellped in pain. She had never hit me so hard.
`WWhhhhhack!` This landed almost on top,of the first,and I was in a world of agony. But I held on.
They stripes added up.5,10 At fifteen,I could take no more.
`Please,mistress, no more.`
`Ready for penance,are we ? But the game has changed. I have grought my friend here,and he`s counting on some entertainment.`
`You see,George here–call him George he has a taste for boys like you-all bent over,all smooth hairless ass-he just loves it. Oh,and the way you cute litte slave boys suck cock,he finds just delightful. What do you say,slave ?`
`Please,Mistress,I`ve never done this.`
`All the more reason to try. Besides we both know how you just love getting my butt plug up you ass,and how you suck with such love on a dildo. Now,you can get the real thing.`
`If you need some encouragment,,`
She let loose with four wicked cracks of her paddle that left me in agony agin,and then ran her fingernails across the welts.
`I think you understand your position,don`t you?`
`Yy-y-yes, Mistress,I do.
`Good,I thought so. Now,George,If you will?`
George stepped to the front of the saw-horse,and I found my face at eye level with his crotch.
`Begin,boys. George,let him see what he has to do`.
George,slowly un-did his belt,sliding it out of his pants,and let his pants slide to the floor. He kept his belt in his hands,and came within inches of my face.

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  1. masterhank1

    Cool story. I think Sal needs to come over and get himself some head and a piece of ass.

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  2. mastehank1

    In case you are wondering, I read part 1 and 2 before I commented.

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