The Spa – Part 3

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I closed the door behind me with a grin spread across my face, which was still wet. I had to get back to work, and after a start like that I knew I had a long day ahead. I stopped by my own room to freshen up quickly but didn’t brush my teeth; I wanted to savour the lingering taste of pussy on my tongue for as long as possible. When I finally reached the reception desk and resumed my post it was like nothing had happened, I had just taken an extended bathroom break, got a colleague to cover for me and fucked an attractive stranger. I giggled at the thought, getting an odd look from the customers who had just arrived. I couldn’t care less though, I was far too busy daydreaming about my earlier encounter. I hadn’t lied to the girl about not wearing any underwear, I stopped putting any on shortly after I started working here. A hazard of my job was that the gorgeous people wandering around semi-naked had me almost always horny. I couldn’t walk past the pool without feeling a twitch from my nether regions, let alone any of the sauna or steam rooms. And it wasn’t just me that got excited by it all, the two I had watched having sex in the pool last night for example. That kind of thing happened quite often, so I always made sure to walk past after dark, in hope of catching the action.

The day did indeed drag on slowly, and in between greeting guests and taking bookings for various spa treatments I looked through the room list. It turns out that the girl I had ‘visited’ that morning was called Sofia and it was the first time she had been here. My mind drifted back to the note I had given her, and what happened afterwards. I did really want to see her again, and when I told her I did massages I was telling the truth. Actually I was no masseuse, but the massages I gave always seemed to end in the same way; with a very happy customer who couldn’t wait to book themselves another stay at the spa, which in turn got me much praise from the boss. I enjoyed them as well, today however my thoughts were elsewhere and so when a colleague told me that I had one to do at 3pm I didn’t jump at the chance.
“Are you sure there’s nobody else that can do it?”
“Sorry Sarah, we’ve got two girls on holiday and the rest are all booked up.” The woman shrugged her shoulders and gave me an apologetic look. I didn’t argue, I knew we were understaffed at the moment. Maybe it would even take my mind off Sofia.

I waited until 3 o’clock passed until heading over to the treatment rooms so that the customer had time to undress and get ready. When I walked in I noticed someone already lying on the massage table, and although facing away I could tell it was a fairly well-built guy.
“Sorry if I kept you waiting.” I said absent-mindedly. As he turned his head my eyes widened. I had seen that face before and I spent a moment trying to place it.
“Is there a problem?” As he spoke I suddenly realised I had been staring in silence. Then it hit me, it was the guy who had been in the pool last night. The guy who fucked the same girl as I had done, now laying just a few feet away and naked but for a towel draped across his buttocks.
“Nothing Sir, I’m all yours. My name’s Sarah by the way.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m David.” I was now glad to have been given this booking and my head filled with dirty thoughts as I washed my hands. I folded the towel that was covering him so that now only a thin strip lay on his ass before dipping my hands in the bowl of warm oil next to me. I let the oil drip slowly over the tanned skin of the man’s back, then laying my palms on his shoulders I delicately spread the oil. Within only a few strokes up and down his back I could feel my own body tingle with heat, I knew his would soon feel the same. My strokes became gradually firmer as I kneaded the soft skin and I paid particular attention to his broad shoulders and upper arms. Seeing my client had engrossed himself in the massage and closed his eyes I took an opportunity to touch my own body. With one hand still roaming across David’s back I let the other drift silently under my uniform, cupping my wanton pussy. I immediately felt the warmth on my palm and with a soft touch I felt the wetness too. I almost sighed out loud as my fingers explored my moist crotch, seeking out the pools of liquid that hid in the folds of my lips. A movement from David forced me to retract my hand, reuniting it my other on his back and rubbing my juice onto his body. He surely could smell the scent of sex now, filling the room and making my own mind reel with desire. Even if he didn’t my intentions would soon become clear enough.

After spending time on his back I moved down to his legs, dipping my hands in the bowl of oil again before working my fingers up each one. I moved very slowly, making myself as horny as I could and enjoying the tingle I felt as our skin touched. With each passage of my hands up the man’s leg my fingertips edged closer to the towel, daring to reach it and stroke the skin underneath. He raised his head slightly as I did so, sensing that the massage was becoming more intimate.
“Could you turn over onto your back now David.”
“What?!” This was the usual response of newcomers; they soon learned what a massage meant here though. I had my sweet voice ready to respond.
“You booked a deluxe massage didn’t you? That means I do your back and your front.” He shot me a confused look but began to turn over anyway, holding the towel in place as he did so. I nodded in thanks and prepared to give the same treatment to his chest; dribbling oil all over then rubbing my hands over his slick skin. I felt his nipples harden to my touch and I began stroking his firm body. My fingertips roamed across his chest and passed down over his stomach, again finding the edge of the towel, but this time burying themselves under it immediately. They touched rough hair and I felt the man breathe in sharply, but he didn’t move. I couldn’t yet tell how the man under my fingers was feeling but the massage had begun to have the desired effect on me; the wetness from my crotch dribbling down my thighs. I resisted the temptation to jump on top of him right there and then, pushing my fingertips even further under the towel until I felt the smoothness of David’s cock begin. It felt long and thick, and as my oily fingers searched every inch I sensed it becoming rigid. At first I let my fingers play over the soft skin, sliding up and down its length, gently massaging my customer’s dick. I imagined myself as Sofia, thinking how she must have touched him, her long fingers in the same place as mine. I pulled the towel off of David and at the exposure he laid his hands underneath his head. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, oiled up and hardening in my grasp.
As I began to slowly pump up and down I heard his breathing deepen, mixing with the noise of slick skin rubbing together. Now with a cock ready in my hand I felt my pussy ache with desire; the inside of my legs soaked down to my knees. I speeded up my stroking and my fingers slid easily on his shaft.
“It’s not the first time I’ve seen your cock.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“I saw you and your friend in the pool last night.” David blushed and in an instant I brought my face to the head of his erection, taking it in my mouth and letting my tongue play softly across its hard surface. The oil tasted slightly of vanilla (one of the first things I requested when I joined was edible massage oil) as I took more of his length between my lips, all the while feeling my cunt tingle in anticipation. I pushed my lips down further along the shaft, managing to fit only just over half in before my mouth felt full. I pulled my head back up and sucked on the end of David’s cock as it left my lips; strings of saliva dangling between us. My tongue found the base of his erection and I licked slowly up the shaft, only letting my tongue leave his skin when it reached the top. When I could bear it no longer I took his thick cock away from my mouth and lifted myself up onto the table, then for the se
cond time that day undid the buttons on
my uniform. I didn’t take it off my shoulders this time but let it hang loose, exposing my tits and dripping pussy to David. His eyes lit up at the view and a surge ran through his waiting dick. It didn’t have to wait long though as I positioned myself over his hips and, taking it between my fingers, I placed the head of his dick between my wet lips, running it slowly up and down my slit and feeling my juice begin to coat it. He moaned at the feeling. Lowering myself down, I watched as the length of his shaft disappeared inside me, each inch gliding into my pussy until I reached its base. Although inside I was screaming with pleasure I had taught myself to keep quiet during these massage sessions. The rooms were private but only a thin curtain was in the place of a door. My breathing quickened as I lifted myself on my knees and again let my pussy swallow David’s oiled cock. With increasing speed I fucked him, our bodies sliding against each other with every movement and my hands grasping at my breasts whilst my cunt was filled. In a moment I ripped the tunic from my body and fell forward, hands clasped onto the edge of the table by David’s head. Moaning under my breath and with my ass in the air I pumped my hips in rhythm, each thrust pushed the cock I was riding further inside me. Our bodies now pressed and rubbed together, the oil I had massaged into David’s firm chest now spreading onto my own. The guy’s moaning was getting louder, as was the sound of slapping skin. Then David took me by surprise, wrapping an arm around me and in one fluid motion we swapped places; I now lay on my back, his cock still pounding into me. He grabbed hold of my legs, using them to drive himself deeper into my cunt. With one hand I held tight to the table, the other one fell to my clit and began rubbing furiously, my hips bucking at the touch. I soon felt my muscles stiffen and the walls of my pussy tighten around the invading dick. David felt it too and as I strained to keep the screams of my orgasm from escaping my lips he withdrew his cock and took it in his hand. As I squirmed beneath him David reached his own orgasm and with one last rub his cock exploded, spraying cum all up my body. I spread his semen with my hands and massaged it into my skin, collecting the drops that had landed on my face and then licking my fingers. David was kneeling in between my legs, cum still dripping from his spent cock onto my cunt.

After the shaking of my orgasm subsided we both got up in silence and I gathered my uniform from the floor and got dressed whilst David wrapped the towel around his waist.
“I never expected that this weekend I would have fucked two amazing girls in the space of two days.” I responded with a smile but my mind was elsewhere; the comment had sent my thoughts racing and a plan had begun to form in my mind.

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