The Sultry Sultan and the Nagging Nun

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Caro didn’t have to try hard to seduce Alexander. He resisted at first but his body (with the help of Caro’s skillful hands or teasing mouth) rebelled.

He no longer called for the harem girls preferring to use Caro instead, and Caro was happy to be used. For Alexander, the man, Caro knew very little about him other than his sexual capability. She wasn’t in love with him, but with his cock–that beautiful appendage that he used so well.

Weeks passed in this sexual haze and slowly, Caro drifted away believing that she may never get home. She spared little thought for her former life with its pressures. Agatha was no longer her sister–but the sultan’s cocubine; a faceless harem girl often replaced and made to serve the new favorite.

“Maybe the real world never existed,” Caro muttered to herself.

Alexander stilled in his languid sponging of her back in the great tub in his room. It had been his idea to bathe, but instead of Caro bathing him, he preferred to wash her skin.

“What did you say?”
Caro sighed in relaxation. “I really don’t remember what life was like before this. Do you?”


The tone of his voice was a bit too harsh; a bit too quick. Due to her overwhelming laziness Caro preferred not to analyze it.

“Then maybe that world never existed.”

“Do you not wish to return to your home?”

“Why?” she asked him. “I enjoy it here. I have no worries. I’m well-fucked. Why would I ever leave?”

She turned to face him, causing the rose petal laden water to shift. Gently pressing the tips of her tits into Alexander’s chiseled torso, she smiled. “Are you getting tired of me?”

“I could never get tired of you,” he answered, lifting her on to his throbbing cock. “But one day you will get tired of this. One day,” he began to raise her up and down on his cock, “when you’re in our nice quiet bed next to your snoring husband, this will all be a dream.”

“Dream” was punctuated with a hard thrust.

Caro put her arms around his neck. “I don’t want to ever stop fucking you.”

His hands snaked up and cupped her jiggling breasts. Taking an errant rose petal, he caressed her beaded nipple with it.

“Oh, Alexander,” she cried as the sensations welled up in her.

The other hand plunged beneath the petal covered water and flicked her clit.

Caro’s movements became frantic as she rode him all the way to her orgasm, screaming and howling his name. Alexander kept plunging deep inside her until he came deep inside her, catching her lips for a long kiss.

He lifted her from the bath water and carried her to the bed and Caro’s last waking thought was how much she loved this life.

“She’s opening her eyes!”

Caro blinked several times rapidly. She recognized a hospital even thought it was poorly constructed..

“W-Wh-Where am I?”

“You and your sister were in a terrible car accident. You’ve been in a coma for a week. Thank God, a man found you and brought you here.”


“He didn’t leave a name. Rest now. You’re awake, be thankful.”

Caro did rest, but she couldn’t shake what the doctors told her was a dream. She’d been traveling with her sister’s convent when the car wrecked.. Only Agatha and Caro survived. They had been missing for three weeks and would have died had a passerby not stopped and rescued them. Two long weeks across the desert to the hospital and finally a week later, Caro could talk. There was no sultan or palace. The whole story was a figment of her imagination that she’s concocted during the coma.

Agatha came to visit, she didn’t mention anything out of the ordinary. She wore a habit that didn’t fit well. She was somber and quiet.

Caro tried to move on. Soon she was well enough to travel and they flew back to America. Life seemed to go on even though Caro could never really get the harem experience out of her head. She went back to work, her work was in high demand since her disappearance and her photos looked better than ever.

At night she would dream about Alexander and her hands would slip down to her throbbing pussy where she would take care of the ache as best she could. Flicking her clit, she would pretend that it was his tongue. She would ride her fingers and imagine that it was his throbbing cock deep inside her. She would come screaming the name of someone who probably didn’t even exist.

No man how the same effect on her that Alexander had. She’d gone out on dates and even tried to fuck a guy from a photoshoot. He had exploded drenching her tits and her stomach in cum while Caro lay there unmoved.

One night after a long day, Caro returned to her apartment with the intention of going straight to bed. She barely managed to strip naked and crawl between the covers. In the fuzzy place between sleep and consciousness, sensation began to weave its way into Caro’s mind. She felt the skillful touch of Alexander.

She moaned as his hands kneaded the tension and then slipped ot massage her tits. She felt his mouth close around a taunt nipple. He sucked gently causing Caro’s back to arch. She tried to touch her mystery lover but her hands were quickly caught to her sides. Instead, she had to cope with his tongue bathing her tits.

She sighed carefully keeping her eyes closed. If this was a dream, she didn’t want to wake up. She needed this.

As if by habit, Caro’s hips sought his. She was gratified by the feeling of his hand cock. She tired to thrust on to him but failed when he moved away.

His mouth had lowered from her breasts to her sensitive flesh. His tongue snaked out and licked her clit once. Just once. Caro groaned and arched completely off the bed. This time he tenderly sucked her, not releasing her clit as she humped his mouth, aided by his her hands threaded through his hair holding him there. He spread her legs wider and Caro pressed his face further into her wet pussy.

Suddenly her thighs tightened and her gooey cum shot out and drenched his face. Caro’s scream erupted deep within her. Now, she was ready for a thick cock to press into her throbbing vagina, but it never happened. She opened her eyes and found herself completely alone. Still with just his tongue, her mystery lover had fulfilled her and she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next day she was called in on a special shoot. It was at a loft in the city. She found the address and rang the bell. No sooner than she entered she was pinned up against the door as her mouth was claimed with such savagery she had to catch her breath. Her shirt was ripped away from her and a cock was thrust into her unsuspecting pussy.

Caro groaned loudly. Her body was pinned while she was fucked hard. She managed to wrap her legs around his waist and brace herself on his shoulders. He drilled into her and Caro bounced happily on his cock.

He exploded in a tidal wave of cum that covered Caro completely. She smiled. “Long time, no see.”

Alexander smiled. “You have no idea.”


“And cut!” the director called loudly. “That’s great! I believe that’s a wrap on The Sultry Sultan and the Nagging Nun.”

“Caro” was let down as “Alexander” pulled out of her. Immediately two assistants came to wash him off while someone brought “Caro” her silk robe.

“Can I have a towel?” she asked. “That kid is a cum machine.”

Hearing that the actor playing Alexander blushed. “I’m sorry, Ms. Jameson.”

Jenna shucked her Caro wig. “Call me Jenna.”


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  1. nonanonymous

    I’ve loved this series and the finale was at turns sexy and funny – I really chuckled at the 2nd deus ex machina and though a little cheesy, it really worked well to tie up the story and worked well in context.

    You really have a gift for writing! It seems like you probably do a lot of non-porn-story writing. Is that right?

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  2. LustyLady1

    Thanks for the comment…and I do write a little on the side for the non-porn audience…I’d like to become a novelist so I’m getting all the practice I can! I’m glad you liked the story!

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  3. akshata

    hey… dat was awesome…well written n a gr8 idea!:)

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  4. akshata

    the end was totally unexpected…m actually pretty speechless…it was wow!!!

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