The Time has come

It has been 19 years since I lost the love of my life to the Navy. Since then, we have gone our own ways. We have both been married and divorced and have our own kids now. We are both married to other people who we love, but is it as deep as the love we still hold for each other?

For our 20th Anniversary of our graduation, our school did the high school reunion thing. He swore he would never attend and would never set foot in the state he left so long ago. Things have changed though since I have come back into his life. We only spoke on the phone and emailed when we could, but the emotion was there. I knew it was. Even after our spouses found out, we still kept contact. The day comes and we are here.

The reunion was held at the school, which usually is not the case where we are from. The graduating class dispersed around the country voted and felt it would be a blast to visit our old stomping grounds for an evening of fun. I walk into the front entrance of the school and I feel like I did as a teen. My first order of business was to find my love. Wearing a red dress and silver heels, I walk through to the cafeteria where we would eat and then down the hall later for dancing. When I walk in, I turn the heads of several guys I knew back in high school. They smile but know where I am heading. I walk over to the man I fell in love with at 14 years old. He smiles and loves the way I am dressed. I am heavier now but it fills in where I did not have anything back then. He looks like he did in high school, I always loved his smile. He wraps his arms around me and everyone else melts away. It has been too long.

We walk around the school and catch up while remembering the good times we had here. There was just one thing missing. We never did have sex back then. I did not let anyone touch me for fear of pregnancy and he respected that. We finally had our one and only night together while I was away at college before he left for the Navy. Now after all our past experiences, we turn to the one person that each of us was longing for since that night.

We walk out on campus and the moon is full above us. The lights are out on campus but it is lit enough for us to walk like we did before. He sits down on the granite bench and I sit on his lap since it is too cold to sit on in my dress. He adjusts me in his lap and slips his hand accidentally up my dress to reveal that I am not wearing anything under the dress. You are a naughty little girl aren’t you, he says. Only for you, I respond. He kisses me and slips his hand up my dress again to sink two fingers into my wet pussy. He lets me suck on them when he takes them out. I straddle him so he has easy access to play with my pussy as he kisses me and he slips my dress down in front to reveal my tits. He pinches them and bites them playfully. When I cant take much more teasing, I kneel down in front of him and take his cock in my mouth. In an instant he is hard. I start to pull his cock down my throat and he loves the way I suck his cock. It has obviously been a while and not done as well before now. I would love to have him shoot all over me but now is not the time for that since we have no where to clean up and we have a party to attend. I straddle him once more and ride him. He kisses me and plays with my tits. He kisses my neck and when he starts to moan and pull me closer, I know he is about to cum all inside me. I tighten my pussy around his cock and we both explode together in an amazing orgasm.

We both are happy that we left the spouses home and got to spend this time together. We plan to get together again before heading home.

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