The Vampire Damion

In medeval England around 1663 I was a King of this wonderful village, the villagers worshipped me as a God because I was a vampire. I was the last of my kind although, most of us were killed during the vampire wars between werewolves and vampires. My land was fairly large with lots of farms and huts and the villagers were very kind. Now I was turned into a vampoire when I turned 25 by a woman in a whore house and so I lived for 300 years as this young, sex hungry vampire.
I stood 6’3, black hair, yellow eyes and my pupils were black slits like a cats eyes, strong build, and I was brought here from my homeland, Africa so I was black. Forget what you read in stories or saw in movies, garlic, crosses, holy water, stakes through the heart, and the sunlight do not kill me, only weaken me. Fire is my greatest enemy and so I didn’t have alot of fire around the village. In my castle I had an equal number of slaves, 26 female slaves and about 10 male slaves. The female slaves were my toys, I would use them whenever I wanted and treated them like family, the males were just there to be my friends. I had numerous enemies though, distant lands who hated me for my land, one of my most dangerous enemies was King Barrock III. I had killed almost his entire village when I was hungry for blood. Anyways enough about that. My favorite slave in the entire castle was this girl named Secile, she stood at about 5’6, long red hair, green eyes, tanned skin and had the most perfect rack I’ve seen, she was probably a D cup but back then size of the breasts didn’t matter. Her family was killed by some lycans (werewolves) and she had ran to my kingdom so I took her in and my slaves trained her to be a perfect slave. One night in my kingdom I had requested for Secile to come up to my room so I could have sex with her, daily routine kind of thing nothing new really.
“Hello sire.” I heard Secile say. I was staring out the window looking over my land, it was raining and thunder and lightning struck the skies.
“Hello slave, sit down you know what to do.” I told her.
“Yes sire.”
I watched Secile get on my silk bed and she took the blanket which was wrapped around her naked body off of her. Her body was nice and smooth and she just had the smallest bit of red hair on her pussy. Secile laid on her back and spread her legs wide then rubbed her index finger up and down her slit, moaning softly, her pussy began to get wet from her slight rubbing and she looked at me with her nice eyes. I took off my silk pants and shirt and stood before her, slowly i began to stroke my long thick cock getting it hard at first then aiming it just right at her opening I slide my hard organ inside of Secile’s awaiting pussy slowly at first, hearing her moan just slightly. As I moved towards Secile my cock inched slowly inside of her pussy, until all of it was inside of her she let out low moans of pleasure, by now I increased in speed, my ball sack making low slapping sounds as it hit Seciles’ pussy which sent her into overdrive. I wrapped my arms around Secile and felt her legs wrap around my hips, I moved my cock in and out of Secile faster and harder, going up and down, I looked down into Seciles’ eyes, they were shut tight and her low moans became high moans of intensed pleasure. Our bodies rubbed against each other and I let my cock only escape from Seciles’ pussy about 3inchs then I rammed it back inside of her with full force. Seciles’ breasts were pressed against my hard chest and I leaned in close to her neck and softly nuzzled on her smooth skin. She smelled of strawberries. I felt my cock stiffen and I shot my load inside of her pussy, I felt Seciles’ juices squirt all over my cock and on our legs. When I took my entire cock out of her pussy and stood up Secile got on her knees in front of me and licked my cock up and down the shaft, cleaning it up. When she was done she put her blanket back on and left, bowing as she did. I went to sleep. In the middle of the night I was awaken by the sounds of metal hitting against metal and shouting of pain. Quickly I got dressed in my silk shirt and pants and ran into the main hall, I saw blood and dead bodies everywhere, most of my slaves were dead, some were fighting, my bodyguards were no where in sight and my knights were fighting other knights who had the symbol of the sun, Barroks’ knights. I felt a sword be thrust into my stomach and saw one of Barroks’ knights in front of me, grinning.
“Foolish mortal!” I shouted then took the sword out of me, my wound healed in a few short seconds and I thrust the sword into the knights stomach, he went down. In minutes the fight was over, I was covered in my enemies blood and I heard people retreating. I scanned the entire village, lots of people died and very few were alive. Most of my slaves had been captured, Secil was one of them.
I got on my horse, a black stallion, and rode quickly to Barroks’ kingdom. It was still raining so the rain landed over my entire body, my shirt sticking to my chest.
I was nearing my enemies castle when I felt a net or something like it land on me, trapping me down on the mud. I was weak from blood loss and the net seemed to be made from more than rope probably leather. My horse raced back through the forest and the men who had cast the nets were my bodyguards, all of them.
“Traitors, I shall kill you all for this!!!” I shouted.
They just laughed and kicked me. I was sent to barroks’ room where I stood there as he raped Secile and my other female slaves. The very next day I was burned at the stake and my body turned to ash, but I didnt feel dead, I felt…

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